Thursday, June 11, 2015

More verbals for Addazio

The coach keeps collecting commitments. Thursday brought news that Georgia LB Max Richardson verballed to BC. Richardson's best offers are from Duke and South Florida, but there is plenty of interest from other Power 5 programs. My regional bias aside, I do like the inroads Addazio is making here in Georgia (with Al Washington doing a lot of the heavy lifting). Although every southern school recruits in Metro Atlanta, there is so much talent depth in a relatively small space, that BC can still find under-appreciated kids or late bloomers.

Earlier in the week, New York DT prospect Adam Korutz verballed. He's a big kid who is expected to get bigger. Yet he moves well for his size. If Richardson plays in a deep talent pool, Korutz plays in a shallow pool. He dominates his local, upstate New York peers, so BC will be a step up for him. However, our staff has traditionally done a good job of evaluating guys who can make the jump in competition.


Big Jack Krack said...

We need all the defense we can get. Go for it, BC.

LBs and DTs - way to go.

Kash86 said...

NCSU offer for Richardson as well

CT said...

Richardson went to Woodward? Kinda figures. Private school here in Atlanta. Not an academic risk one would think. Not a big classification but like ATL said, Washington is showing work here in Atlanta. Nice job.