Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Report: BC vs GT Ireland game back on

The on again, off again nature of BC's return to Ireland is on again. Or at least it is according to Irish media. Official announcement is expected Thursday. The game would be the opening weekend of college football in 2016 and played in Aviva Stadium. There are a few hedges in the report and I don't know how it could be this quiet on this side of the Atlantic. Presumably Brad Bates and Georgia Tech AD Mike Bobinski would be in Ireland for the press conference. There would have been some whispers somewhere about their travels.

Getting to this game has been messy, so we shouldn't be that surprised. If it is another false alarm, time might be running out on the trip. 2016 is not that far off from a logistical standpoint. Both BC and Georgia Tech would have to do some unique planning with regards to practices, travel and logistics. If this game is going to happen, we will know soon.


Big Jack Krack said...

Count the BJKs in! I have already booked Spain and Portugal for that time, but will change it on Thursday. :-)

JBQ said...

Since the BJKs were at USC and met the Rettigs, I am wondering if they have a permanent home. Christopher Columbus couldn't have travelled much more. Ever to Excel.