Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The QB in Addazio's system

While QB remains the unknown about this year, I am very optimistic. If Addazio proved anything over the first two years, it is that he can take the talent he has and plug it into his system and philosophy. He wants power rushing with spread concepts and varied formations. If he has a Rettig-Williams-Amidon collection of talent, it will be a lot of running to set up play action. If he has Tyler Murphy and collection of young RBs, it will be runs from anyone, anywhere and a few passes to keep teams honest. As long as the Offensive Line is decent (and I think they will be) and Todd Fitch connects with Addazio like Day did, we will adapt this year too. Here are how I see the possibilities.

Scenario 1: Wade is a decent runner and decent passer but not great at either
This is ultimately what I expect. Our last two QBs were Seniors with clear skills. Wade is a true sophomore with minimal experience. But his mix will bring a different dynamic to our attack. When Murphy was forced to throw we were limited. Likewise when Rettig wouldn't/couldn't take advantage of the huge holes that were there for him in our option calls. I assume we will run Wade a bit early. He probably won't be as explosive as Murphy, but any success with his feet will have opponents crowding our line again. If that happens and he can make a pass, there will be big plays through the air.

Scenario 2: he can't run and the passing game is stagnant
Let's say Wade is a bit stiff and more comfortable passing but our collective pass catchers (WRs, TEs, RBs) suck. Say they can't catch, can't get open and can't make anything happen after the catch. This would be a problem. If we are one dimensional with our only positive offense coming from runnings backs, then things could get bogged down. Teams will crowd the box as usual, but there will be fewer game breaking plays.

Scenario 3: Wade is not good and one of the other guys has to step up
I don't really fear this, but it could happen. There have been plenty of guys who have looked one way in practice but can't put it together when the games count. If this happens, I still am not totally worried. We have plenty of young guys who we can throw out there. It wouldn't be pretty at first but someone competent would emerge. At worst we can always break glass and use Willis (a high school QB) in a bastardized option spread attack.

There are plenty of "Ifs" in this post. If the OL clicks, if Fitch is as good as Day, and if the schemes stay the same. Assuming al those ifs don't become the issue, I don't think QB will. As long as we can keep opponents honest with the occasional QB keep, we should be okay.


Hoib said...

I expect scenario 1 based on Daz's track record, but I really have no idea about Wade. Look forward to seeing him in game action along w/ his young online. It's right around the corner, very exciting!

EagleOutDere said...
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EagleOutDere said...

If we do end up in a quarterback melee, I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeff Smith emerging as the winner. He is faster than Murphy, and he is having a good camp, getting more PT than fellow freshman Elaijah Robinson. The only down side is that he might be a bit fragile for a big, ACC, running-QB game. Murphy was built like a tank. Smith might not yet be there.

Knucklehead said...

Need three back sets with them running, blocking and running routes(preferably wheels). Our stable of RB's is as varied, dynamic and just plain good as any group in the country. Getting them on the field at the same time doing different things would be fun to see and productive.

At a minimum Outlaw needs to put at WR.

EL MIZ said...

i think when all is said and done Wade will be a better passer than he is a runner. that said, i think he'll be able to run our scheme very effectively. this year i'm guessing its #1, but the Wade we see in games 1-2-3 will be a lot different, i would think/hope, than the Wade we see against ND and Syracuse.

agree with Knucklehead - the talent at RB is so strong (Addazio has said a few times this preseason its the best RB stable in the conference) that we need to figure out a way to use more than 1 at the same time. i like how they have made Wilson (a HS RB) into the FB. hopefully we'll see some shotgun with 2 RB, maybe even some wishbone sort of like what Oregon has incorporated into their playbook:

having Hilliman as the dive back with Outlow or Alston or even Gowins as the back going wide for the pitch, man that would be tough to defend.

NEDofSavinHill said...

One of the QBs should emerge as effective. With a shut down defense( 2nd in the country in rushing last year)that has been upgraded this team could be a contender soon. Would one prefer experience which is lacking in some areas but not all or talent and depth? This years team has more talent and depth than last year. After September the inexperience issue will be negated. A solid QB performance could lead to double digit wins. Take all the national predictions with a grain of salt. CBS located in NYC has a huge contract with the SEC. ABC located in NYC has a huge contract with the SEC. NBC located in NYC has a contract with ND. They all have dogs in the fight. None of their reporting is objective. They have a very narrow perspective and all their claims should be discounted. An air head on ESPN was asked to rank the top five conferences. Of course he ranked the SEC first and the ACC last. He didn't mention that the ACC was 5-3 vs. the SEC last year. He proclaimed that the ACC had only one standout program FSU. This is a deliberate falsehood. Bama the top team in the SEC lost it's last two bowl games to Oklahoma and Ohio St. Clemson in it's last three bowls defeated LSU, Ohio St. and Oklahoma. Why isn't Clemson a quality program? Georgia Tech won 11 last year and beat Georgia and Miss. St in their last two games. One gets an avalanche of hype and an ocean of propaganda from the media. Don't fall for the disinformation campaign.

CT said...

My degree gets diminished yet again

CT said...

Thanks Oba...wait, Ned.

EagleOutDere said...
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