Monday, October 12, 2015

Addazio will pick one QB

Nothing is settled, but it will be. Addazio promises.

Picking a guy is the right first step. Building a gameplan around that one guy is the second step. Scoring a point is the final step.

The bigger question is will Addazio really ride with one guy if things go wrong?


BC fan since the 1960s said...

This from ESPN

"Boston College became the first team to lose back-to-back games while allowing nine points or fewer in each since 1989 -- when Boston College also did it. (Nobody knows offensive futility quite like BC!)"

mod34b said...

Silly. Fiddling while Rome burns

This matters little in view of the horrible OL play (no push) , non-existent TE/WR blocking, pointless play calling and wrong offensive philosophy for this team . Plus. Whichever guy is picked will be a very bad Frosh QB

There is a 3rd option: nosovitch He was a much much better HS QB then "off target" and "way off target"

Clemson will demolish our O. Probably expose our D too

Danny Boy said...

One of the coaching curiosities that we've all lamented this year was the two-QB shuffle. It isn't worth nothing that we're making progress here.

A single QB, regardless of who it is, should help alleviate the false-starts, and perhaps even some delay of game calls. This offense needs all the help it can get, and just by removing these 5yd penalties, it gives our guys a big boost.

It also helps Daz and Fitch narrow down the play calling. The scheme should get more focused, and there is more time in practices to hone the details (WR/TE blocking) rather than getting 2 guys first-team snaps.

After the bloodlust has settled down from Saturday, I'm not saying Daz is the long-term answer, and I'm real worried about his coaching habits. But there is no way to be angry about this news.

JBQ said...

You have to pick one. It has to be Smith for this offense or lack thereof. However, he is not ready. As a point of note, there is another quarterback on scholarship who is a redshirt junior on campus. Yes, Christian Suntrup is still around and scheduled to graduate in May with one year of eligibility remaining. According to BJK on this site, he left the program on a medical scholarship. A very good coach will coach according to his personnel. The "one size fits all" philosophy jettisoned Suntrup and then brought in a clone in Flutie. Obviously, Addazio is hired to run his system. However, just why would you bring in a pro style quarterback in Flutie when he doesn't fit your scheme? When Smith made a mistake last week, Addazio put his arm around him. When Flutie made a mistake, he was met with stares, screams, and yells. I saw Smith do a very nice thing after the Flutie fumble. He went up to Flutie who had his head way down and patted him on the back of the helmet. Nevertheless, Smith just isn't ready and the rest of the season will be a disaster. A comment on this site also stated that Addazio was given a two year extension through 2020 with 13 million yet due. If this be true, then is this Halloween or what? Chestnut Hill has turned into Elm Street.

eagle1331 said...

Why not let the true freshman from NJ be the QB. Are Flute and Smith really the future? They don't look promising.

Let Robinson play this year out while Wade recovers. If he thrives, great. If he struggles, red shirt him next year. Worst case scenario we have a qb with in game, tough opponent experience for the next 4 years.

mod34b said...

A BC Quiz

BC has the highly dubious distinction of being the ONLY FBS level team to have 1 and ONLY 1 success in the redone this year against FBS teams (yes, leaving out FCS opponents( ?

Q: Can you name that occasion?

BC also has the lowest in FBS RedZone conversion rate at 20%

Q; can you identify the other 4 times (the 80% failures) that BC got to the Redzone and whiffed.

BC has played 12 Quarters of ACC play

Q: How many times did BC even get to the redzone against ACC opponents?

really Daz... 1 redZone success against FBS opponents for a ground and pound ball control team..Start over. Current O could not SUCK worse

CT said...

How many times are you going to say the same thing over and over? Just wondering. Think we get it. We watch

Knucklehead said...

Ryan Day will be available in a few weeks when Chippy-poo gets canned from Philadelphia. The right play would be to get him back on the staff ASAP.

mod34b said...
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ccw said...

Chip isn't going anywhere.

Knucklehead said...

hahahahahahaha. He is gone. Ask Sal.

CT said...

You're the same as the "play Flutie" crowd. Over and over. Nobody knows what we have. Ok. You think Daz stinks. Great. Can we expect another 12 comments tomorrow to support your case? What's your nom de guerre on BCI?

CT said...

Chip Kelly is Sarkisian's bartender.

It's all coming together for Chip. Because his genius just isn't so on Sundays.

Knucklehead said...

Riley Cooper = Woody Harrelson
Addazio= Rhea Pearlman

Bravesbill said...

Spurrier just retired. Can we get Daz to apply at USC? Their frosh QB is everything Daz wished Smith was.

mod34b said...
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The Boston Series said...

Dazzle has already settled on his quarterback. He has decided that he wants a run type offense. Smith fits the bill

It is no mystery that Dazzle felt to be a true at league guy he had to give Flutie a shot and hope he failed. He could not have the offense he wanted with him. So say goodbye to the two quarterback situation. That's what everyone wanted. Now sit back and watch Smith grow as the future quarterback for BC's run offense.
It is, of course, a huge mistake. Dazzle wants to return to the single wing or Four Horsemen type football that fell out of fashion 35 years ago with the advent of the skilled quarterback. or seven games a year but they will

I hope I'm wrong because I think what BC needs is a passing quarterback like Flutie. If Flutie gets benched he should move on to another school because Dazzle will never play him. Doug should have recognized this situation and told him to go elsewhere.

Dazzle is a.bad coach. Good coaches get better as time passes, Dazzle is staying pat or getting worse. If his performance this year does not convince you of that all I can say is suffer in silence.

eagleboston said...

The Cubs scored more runs today than the Eagles have scored points in the last 2 games. Ouch!

CT said...

Ha. Not bitchy at all. Just incredulous that you think we don't get/see it. You have an agenda now. Cool. Good for you. Better to reside in the extreme than have a long-term view, I presume you're thinking.

I just won't fall for it. You don't rebuild a program after a few bad games. If anyone, you're the one being "bitchy." Irony however was a student loan I'm still paying off, so I may not get your nuance.

CT said...

Beerfart. Ha. Makes sense. FIRE EVERYBODY. Fantasy football has killed wisdom.

mod34b said...

"we" yuk yuk.. Statesman CT

very funny role playing

Daz could make things better. sure I'll wait a few more games, but have low low expectations

It is not really the W/L, but more fundamental: Daz cannot move the ball!

Daz cannot sustain drives. He can't move the chains too easily. His 3rd down conversion rate is pathetic. his yards per rush are the worst in ACC and will get worse the next two games.

Sure maybe Daz had some bad luck this year, but look at the fundamentals on display: he created an offense that DOES NOT work and cannot move the football. he does not know how to fix it either. that is bad coaching.

I am surpassed you like him. why?

GP11 said...

At this point in the season, any shot of backdooring into the ACC championship is over. Clemson/FSU haven't taken the big step back necessary for that to happen.

At this point in the season a bowl game is unlikely. Say what you want, but I think everyone reading/commenting on this blog, including the WHO CARES ABOUT MEDIOCRE BOWLS people would agree that it's fun seeing the team play one more game in December. On top of that, it's good for the kids, allows the staff some extra practices, and a positive for the program.

I'm as frustrated as anyone. This team should be 5-1 with a realistic chance to finish 10-2 (in the world where we won both games, a decent offensive game plan would have come together and one of the QBs would have shown enough to set himself apart from the other). It sucks. This is the best BC defense I can remember, and it's getting absolutely wasted. If we could find a way to score 17 points a game from here on out, I think we lose 1 game max. That's a huge if.

But let's relax a bit. The move to one QB is a good start. Let the staff take the next 3 games to prep one guy, put together one game plan, and see if they can figure this out. All we need is average. I believe they can do that. If they don't, they can make a switch for the final 3 games of the season, and try again. That said, it's clear neither of these guys are starting week 1 next year without a MASSIVE leap forward. It's disappointing, it's frustrating, but all is not lost. Next year is still the target for challenging for the division. You may say we have no chance, but we do. It will take improvement from coaches and players. Let's look for signs of that in the second half of the year.

Hoib said...

I hope he goes w/ Smith and sticks w/ him, but no matter what he does he needs to get Anthony Brown in for spring ball. It's also time to put Lich. on the bench and give Knoll another shot. Please, please find someone in the U.S.A. who can kick a football for next year. Inspite of the FUBAR QB situation, if we had a quality PK, we'd probably be 5-1.

Unknown said...

I believe it's already been announced the Brown is enrolling in the spring.

CT said...

I think he was the right salesman at the right time. I think je and Day got as much as could be expected with Williams and a marginal QB and then again last year with a QB who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn and tried to catch on as a WR in the NFL.

You probably didn't like Day, either.

I am optimistic that the talent he's bringing in will pay off down the road. Hopefully we'll see.

Knucklehead said...

Urban Meyers phone ought to be ringing off the hook. Any quarterback scraps left over?

Hoib said...


Thanks, good news.


What Mod34 says about Daz is mild compared to what he said about Day. Thought you were around for those rants.

mod34b said...

Hoib - you still Happy, Happy Hoib with Daz?

in hindsight, I think the Day complaints, were really just implied Daz complaints. While Day is clearly way overrated (and God help us if he comes back as HC), Daz tied his hands pretty good last year.

CT said...

How exactly did Daz tie his hands? Tyler Murphy couldn't throw. I get the FG thing, but with Murphy? Really? Come on.

CT said...

In hindsight, you're still wrong.

mod34b said...

CT, given your history of contrarian posts, hard to take your comment seriously.

we were .500 last year. plenty of room for improvement, unless u were a "well .500 ball is good enough for me"

CT said...

Mod, contrarian? I would agree. Largely because you post two-thirds of the comments on here. Guilty.

xx said...

Let not the invariable year after year wishful thinking, because an extended contract has been signed, deter BC from the correct move. Addazio must be chalked up to experience and excised at once. Anemic offense is not just a personnel issue. This season has become unsatisfactory and must be written off to clear the air for the next hire, who should be equipped with a deliberate, measured attitude and delivered hungry on a performance based compensation model.

Remember what sentiment and pollyanna optimism brought following the initial failure of the Chlebek era, more and wider failure sinking to sub-mediocrity. Mediocrity must be torn out at the roots to prepare the soil for a rebirth of abundance.

Unless BC is willing to push in all the chips and truly recruit on a national basis, or to court a Myer or Saban as an overt act of Catholicism [a strategy that merits serious reflection in this time of Islamic resurgence], it may be time to decide whether the try is run and football as an aspiration should recede to a regional consideration for a once ambitious Heights.

Meanwhile, Addazio may go in peace to contemplate enlightenment, deeper faith and discipline and perhaps the comforts of familiar foods, family and agita. Every star has its arc, there is no shame in that Bambina.

Ever to Excel.