Thursday, October 15, 2015

BC-Clemson preview

I'm trying to talk myself into a BC win this week, but I just don't know Addazio yet. With TOB and Spaz, as fans we all knew them as coaches better than they knew themselves. We could feel when things were going wrong or when BC really had a chance. I want to believe. I want Addazio to pull one out and turn the season around. But can he?

The other problem here is that I don't know who he is starting at QB. Speculation is that it is Smith. I am writing the preview as if it is going to be Smith. If it is not, I don't know if anything below will still be relevant.

Some might argue the confusion plays to BC's advantage. I don't. Clemson is better than BC in nearly every way. The element of surprise from a QB won't throw them off. However, yo-yo-ing on our part just keeps us from reaching our potential.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
The QB issues won't end this week. Next year, Wade will be back facing off against whoever gets the most snaps this fall, plus this fall's backup, plus incoming recruit Anthony Brown. Let's hope for our sake and Addazio's that someone steps up and becomes the clear QB.

Three Simple Keys
1. Control the clock. Addazio's time of possession theories are too inflexible. But this week keeping the ball for long stretches works. This is also why I think Smith starts. The running game is more effective with him on the field.
2. Score early. I know I am getting picky. At this point scoring at any time would be a blessing. If we score early though, I think it will give our defense a boost and might make Clemson press a bit.
3. Better WR and Tight End blocking. As I keep writing in my second viewing thoughts, the drop off from blocking by WRs and TEs is killing our offense. If these guys don't get the second level LBs, or don't stop the DBs, there are no big plays.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 6-6 on the road as BC's coach
-- BC has lost three straight at Clemson
-- Addazio is 7-6 after a loss as BC's coach
The current line is BC+16

This has been mentioned numerous times, but it is too good a factoid to ignore.

BC finished 2-9 that season.

Scoreboard Watching
I am curious to see the Michigan-Michigan State game. Michigan's Defense has been all over the news the past week and in each article them seem to make reference to our defense. Under different offensive circumstances, we might have a shutout streak going too.

I hope to see...
A bounce back for Jordan Gowins. He looked good and the fumble really wasn't his fault (the Wake kid's helmet hit him perfectly). I would hate to see him buried on the bench when we need him the most.

BC is in trouble if...
We are rotating two QBs again. I believe Addazio is going to start one guy, but if he starts switching again, it means that BC's in a bad place.

Bottom Line
We can beat Clemson. The Defense is good enough. Can the rest of the rest of the team do their part? I am voting yes. I think BC wins a low scoring game with a field goal miss coming back to haunt Clemson.
Final Score: BC 14, Clemson 13


Lally said...

I mean, you could change "score early" to just "score."

mod34b said...

I am expecting a bad game for BC. Hope I am wrong.

BC has had ZERO successful drives against any ACC opponent leading to a score from the RedZone. Zero. We have only been to the RedZone twice and missed 2 FGs. This is pathetic for a run, ball control team. BC cannot run the ball. It cannot sustain drives. BC lacks a real ACC level offense. OL won't get 'push" RB wont go anywhere

BC has had the ball for 27 series against ACC opponents: 19 punts, 1 TD (where defender fell down), 3 fumbles, 3 missed FG and 3 turnover on downs.

Clemson has a better run defense than FSU, Wake or Duke. yikes

Smith has no speed advantage against Clemson. He will not be running to the edge and turning the corner. Clemson will catch him.

So if BC was 100% inept against FSU, Duke and Wake, what reason is there to think we can be effective in any measure against Clemson, #6 in USA? Coaching??? ha ha ha

We hope the BC D starts causing turn overs.
We hope Clemson does that Clemsoning thing.

Just hope. no real expectation of success. And that is BC football 3 years into the Daz Dream job.

35 - 7 Clemson (BC gets a pic 6)

mod34b said...

oh no. Clemson want to prove that its defense is better than ours. They want to mall our poor lads on offense.

"They're number one in a lot of categories. It's definitely going to be a task for us and a task for our offense," Clemson safety Jayron Kearse said Tuesday. "We want to go out there and show that we are the better defense on the field."

mod34b said...


C. Scanz said...

you sure you have that missed field goal for the wrong team?

Thomas said...

Don't know how anyone sees Clemson scoring 35 on us. Is that assuming 2 or 3 defensive scores for them? FSU 47th in YPG, Clemson 48th. FSU averages almost a yard more per play. Oh, and that's after they've faced us. Clemson 13, BC 0

JBQ said...


Bravesbill said...

Clemson 24, BC 0. Game will be over after the 1st quarter.

CT said...

Well, BC's defense doesn't play BC's offense so that one-upmanship thing is stupid. Like comparing starting pitchers in a game. Silly Jayron.

Man, I just don't see a way without the defense scoring twice.

Knucklehead said...

Like I said last week. Make Smith the QB full time and see what happens.

Mark it down. The starting Boston College QB in this game is not going to finish the game on account of injury.

My hope is that the offensive line stands up for the RB's, WR's and QB's. The Boston College skilled position players in this game are going to get their clocks cleaned. It ought to be a chippy game. However, anyone who watched the Wake game , Wake played vey dirty in the 2nd half, knows that we are not going to fight back; which sucks.

Knucklehead said...

Final Score: Clemson 26-0

EL MIZ said...

picking BC is insane. Clemson 21-0

Hoib said...

i expect us to be in the game in the 4th quarter. only once in the last 2 years we haven't been. We probably lose because of our PK.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

Our defense is good but they will be on the field a lot. No one can compare this Clemson game to prior Clemson games because it is the first time in 40 years that we don't a quarterback. Literally, this is the worst QB situation the school has had in decades. I cannot think of a worse situation.

This game will be ugly.

eagleboston said...

I wish I could share ATL's optimism, but if you can't beat Wake at home, you have no prayer versus Clemson on the road. This could be a massacre. I just hope the defense can make it look respectable.

dixieagle said...

Sadly, I can't see any way (barring a couple of pick 6s) that we win this. I don't think we can count on Clemson for any Clemsoning this time around.