Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dabo tempts fate with Clemsoning rant

After the week we just had, BC could use some football karma to come our way. Could it be Dabo Swinney provided it with his rant about "Clemsoning" (above)? For Dabo's sake, he should have just brushed it off, but coaches are so thinskinned, he had to make a point about it. Please, oh please, Football Gods, please let this sort of rant come back to bite him this weekend. The little Catholic school in Boston would greatly appreciate it.

The reality is that Clemson is great right now. They are doing everything right and taking care of business. I have never been more wrong about a coach than I was about Swinney and still think Addazio should use Swinney as his role model.

I hope is a few years we are where Clemson is, but this weekend, I hope for a full on Clemsoning.


eagleboston said...

Tempting fate? Dabo just fired up his troops big time. It could get ugly early on Saturday.

Herry Johnson said...
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Unknown said...
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Hoib said...


I'd say though probably not planned, I agree it'll be a motivator to help them deal w/ a WTF type game for them.

Big Jack Krack said...

The guy has been growing on me - and Dabo wouldn't quit/retire on his team in mid-season like the self-centered puke down the highway in the midlands (of SC).

So beating Clemson is a big deal, and we don't have much chance - but we have some chance.

I thought Dabo shouted out some respect, in that losing to BC is losing to a tough opponent. Not because it's some stupid, outdated and disrespectful thing called "Clemsoning".

Have we ever beaten a Dabo-coached Tigers Team?

Go BC - shock Clemson 7 to 6 😊.

Actually, if we can hold them to 21 or 24, the Defense will have done its job.