Saturday, October 03, 2015

Feeling blue in Durham

I do think Duke is decent but BC could have and probably should have won that game. Even with QB confusion, really bad Special Teams and bad ref calls, BC had chances to win in the 4th. I am very frustrated.

I will have my grades and second thoughts late Sunday.


BCDoubleEagle said...

If we had any offense whatsoever, we'd be 5-0 and ranked comfortably in the top 25. I feel bad for our defense.

Hoib said...

Al McGuire said, "Freshmen, the best thing about them is they become sophomores". I think the refs were freshmen too!

Heydad said...

Another game BC should have won. Need to find an answer on offense.

Bravesbill said...

Stop blaming the refs for the loss. That wasn't a touchdown according to the rules (it was basically a Calvin Johnson play). The rule sucks, which isn't the refs' fault.

70sGuy said...


Year 3 and the Sgt. Slaughter routine is getting old when you can't complete a pass, have zero kicking game, are adverse to trick plays and are playing a rush only offense that will never make you a Top 20 program.

Least interesting regime in 20 years and no hope. Daz should retire to ESPN 3 broadcasting glory.

blockparty said...

special teams were an F- today.

offense, D+.

Defense, A.

what a waste. winnable game that never actually felt close. playing for a 40+ yard field goal was classic BC. throwing on 3rd/4th and 2 with a running QB was laughable. The 4th down route that was 2 yards short of the first down... dana bible-esque.

its tough to watch this team.

Bravesbill said...

And a run based offense wouldn't be that bad if there was some variety. Constantly running the ball up the middle doesn't cut it.

mod34b said...

1st and 10 at 50
Tyler Rouse run for 7 yds to the Duke 43
2nd and 3 at DUKE 43
Troy Flutie run for 1 yd to the Duke 42
3rd and 2 at DUKE 42
Jeff Smith pass incomplete to David Dudeck
4th and 2 at DUKE 42
Jeff Smith pass complete to David Dudeck for a loss of 1 yard to the Duke 43

Benjamin said...

Before everyone starts calling for Daz's job based on a knee jerk reaction to a bad loss, can you please do an objective analysis of the talent on the offensive side of the ball?

I am so tired of our freaking fan base. This is nowhere close to the Duke loss four years ago. We lost an incredible amount of talent from last year on offense, and we lost an incredible amount of offense this year due to injury. Calling for a coach to be fired because a team loses is so incredibly stupid, especially in light of the job he has done the past two years.

I don't buy the whole doom and gloom bit. People need to come down off their expectations, and look at this season realistically.

ccw said...

It's year 3. If you don't like the takent then whose fault is that?

mod34b said...

You can honestly say that Daz did put us in a postion to win.

In 4Q, there was a makable FG shanked by a poorly coached nervous freshman. Likewise, in the first half, if mr hands Swiggert did not space out and paid attention he could have placed the football for another FG. Either play leads to a win. But both plays failed due to poor Special teams coaching/practice.

Given last year's fiasco with the kicking game, how is the place kicking game not fixed, fixed, fixed by now? That's on you sp-D-az

Still we had a chance. The Daz philosophy is wear down the opponents and run over them in 4Q. You could see that was working. in 4Q, the OL was starting to move Duke DL. 2nd and 3 at 43, Daz/Fitch cannot figure out how to get 3 yards? Wow.

Yes, i agree with block party grades: defense gets a A, offense a D and Special teams an F.

Wake will be tough next week too.

mod34b said...

is Flutie seriously hurt? bonehead play to not slide and instead challenge a DB

Bravesbill said...

It's the loser approach and game plan that irks people the most. If you play not to lose you're never going to win. BC played by to lose against FSU and Duke and didn't win. Coaches need to put their players in position to win. Daz has yet to do that.

Hoib said...


I'm w/ u. During the game they mentioned Cutliffe's record at Duke. He still has a losing record after 8 years, but I think he's done a great job. In this game we were completly outgunned but managed to stay in it on pure heart. That comes from the HC. The young guys who made the losing plays today will soon be making winning plays because of the experience they are gaining. It would have been nice to win it, but the fact that they didn't quit after the muffed punt, and made a game of it showed me allot.

70sGuy said...

Here not to win. Atrocious constant conservative game plan and we continue to see you reap what you sow.

Year 3 and injuries happen to everybody. The point is I do not even want to see what year 5 or 6 is under Daz.

Recruit multiple QBs and an HC who can and want to throw the ball.

Does anyone really think this lunch pail BS is going to return us to relevancy in 2016?

What program is winning conference championships with a goal of 10-17 points a game?


Hoib said...

70s Guy

I don't know what u mean by relevancy, but I expect us to win 8 or 9 next year, and the seeds are being sewn for that right now by playing all the young guys.

Big Jack Krack said...

Look - I didn't expect this to be a great season record-wise, because we have some glaring lack of depth in some spots due to the last of Spazadoozie recruiting. Those who remain are very valuable, but not enough numbers.

So, we are young with much upside.

Here is my problem. The coaches have the wrong player packages in critical situations. That's what probably cost us the game.

We are thin at wide receiver, but we have #1 Robinson, #3 Jackson, #6 Alson, #10 Swigert, #18 T. Smith, #24 Nosovitch, #26 Dudek, #80 Barksdale, #83 Callinan.

Our freshman are hurt - or redshirted. I'm probably forgetting someone.

Here is my question - why was #26 on the field for our last offensive series - last 3 plays, maybe all 4? We needed 3 bigger guys to receive or block - #26 can not get open and he's too small. Callinan, Nosovitch and Jackson; Callinan, Smith, Swigert - I don't care. Do not insert #26.

This is not a personal attack - it's an attack on the coaches.

I am really mad at them. Who is responsible for player rotation. That coach needs to be demoted.

Call Paul Peterson.

Big Jack Krack said...

We have scored 7 points in 2 ACC games.

24 points total our 3 real games.


eagleboston said...

Big Jack makes some great points.

Spaz put BC in a huge roster gap and I could see going in this would be a step-back year. Add in the fact that BC has lost the starting tight end, the starting center, the starting QB and the starting running back (plus their most experienced running back in Willis) and you have the recipe for a struggling offense. You can say injuries are part of the game, but this is a major hit for a team already lacking depth and experience.

I think when all is said and done, Duke is going to be the Coastal Division Champion. So, our 2 losses are to Duke and Florida State, likely the 2 division leaders. I am frustrated that our quarterbacks cannot get the team into the endzone, but they are freshmen. Matt Ryan was pretty horrific his redshirt freshman year.

The defense, however, is phenomenal. They will keep BC in every game except for Clemson. Most will return next year, so this team is really set up for years 4 and 5 under Daz. If he cannot get us to a bowl in those 2 years, then you can call for his head.

I must confess that I long for the days when Peterson, St. Pierre and Ryan were chucking the ball all over the field. We consistently won 8 or 9 games and yet the BC fan base was still not satisfied. I would like for BC to be more creative and open things up but that does not seem to be Addazio's style. Further, I don't think he currently has the players to execute a more open style and that may be why he is so conservative. There are definitely some things to complain about Addazio's game strategy and decisions, but you can say that about 98% of coaches.

Benjamin said...

BJK, don't get me wrong - I am not saying we have issues right now. I am advocating is that this language of firing Daz is ludicrous.

We have a crisis right now on offense. I don't believe that it is an identity crisis, but rather a personnel crisis. Daz has proven he can win with the right pieces in place, and getting the most out players. Losing Wade hurt. Losing our starting center hurt. Losing our TEs hurt. Losing our top RB hurt.

70s Guy - you say that Daz should have recruited more qbs so we are not this mess? The products of his first true classes are starting right now. Spaz did not leave a capable team on offense. You can't argue those facts. What I agree with is that Daz and Co need to figure out special teams. That is a controllable disaster that has to be worked out.

For those clamoring for ouster, we are not a system team, yet. We are not at the level where we reload like Alabama, FSU,heck even Duke. If you're going to argue that this loss was terrible, you know nothing of the program Cutcliffe has built. I trust that Addazio is building the right system. Mods's comment suggested that Daz's identity of wearing teams out in the fourth quarter was working.

Lenny Sienko said...

If you wondered why the Florida folks wanted Daz to go, you're starting to see the reason. Das is stubborn. Sometimes thats good. You need to stick to your guns and wear'm down. Being stubborn can also be bad; e.g., run it into the middle three (3) times in a row, fooling no one, least of all the defense.

I have to agree with BJK: somebody is not getting the personnel packages on the field to match the situation. Asking Smith to pass on third and short, when he has shown no evidence of understanding how to put a little touch on his passes.


WINTER DISASTER ALERT: The BC men's hockey team got skunked by UNB Reds 5-2. It was not pretty. Its going to be a long winter.

eagleboston said...

I wish we had a back-up quarterback as good as Notre Dame's. That guy is gutsy.

70sGuy said...


My comment about QBs is about a post Daz future.

I was just as excited about the Daz enthusiasm as any Super Fan but at some point you realize this charismatic guy believes in a service academy 1950s offensive scheme.

For a brief glimmer of time we had Jagz and Logan airing it out and playing to win on a National level. I am not in any way a Jagz apologist but it was the fun to have a coach for once not managing to average expectations.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Biggest problem is play calling which is horrific.

A few more passes on first downs in that game and they would have won.

Play not to lose rather than play to win mentality obvious every week.

In 4th quarter he actually played for a field goal twice. OK to do if Adam Vinatieri is on the sideline but BC has had one of the worst Division 1 field goal teams the last few years. Why hasn't a kicker been a top recruiting priority? There are many better kickers in Division 1-AA that would have loved to play in the ACC. After the kid missed the first field goal yesterday and BC got ball back Adazzio quoted in today's Boston Globe that he just wanted to get a few more yards on final possession to try another field goal.

Horrified by a quote from Adazzio after the Northern Illinois game. When commenting on Flutie's interception on a first down pass he said that he blamed himself. Said he should have just run the ball a few times and played for the field goal. Play not to lose. VERY SCARY. Not the guy you want calling the shots. Look at scores the past few years and see how many close games they have lost.

Adazzio successful as offensive coordinator at Florida running this offense. But there you had Urban Meyer calling the shots. You also had Tebow at QB and a slew of 5 start recruits playing with him. That will never be the case at BC. Have to realize that offense won't work here.

Smith a good runner but not great and passing wise he makes Tyler Murphy look like Tom Brady. You can't win in the ACC without a passing game.

Flutie not as good of a runner as Smith but Smith not nearly a good enough runner such that he should play the majority of snaps. You need the threat of a pass to have a chance AND you need to throw more on first downs and a few obvious running downs.

If I was Flutie I would transfer to a different school that has a more balanced attack.

Adazzio very lucky that no one cares about BC football in Boston. He avoids the harsh treatment from the press that the pro sports teams get or that you would get in Columbus Ohio or Tallahassee Florida and other places where college football is #1

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Benjamin and all: While I am frustrated for our players, I am not and have not engaged in any ouster language. I really like Addazio and most of what he has done at BC.

But I am frustrated with the player rotation, getting the plays in late, play calling, etc. In mentioning the name Paul Peterson, I mean for Offensive Coordinator. Someone who understands the ground and pound, but who also understands scrambling and passing and excitement and the old college try and keeping the defense off balance and all of that. And not burning timeouts.

I think we have a bright future, but we need to reassess our attitude to play for the close win, to play not to lose, to play with an NFL mentality when you have 18 and 19 year old students who are brand new to the pressures, etc.

We can still do this with Addazio's philosophy, but we need to play college football as well.

Let's get some of this straightened out on the offensive coaching side. Yes, coaches - step up to the challenge.

Big Jack Krack said...

How would you like to be Georgia right now, highly ranked and blown out on their own field in the pouring rain, or UCLA or Notre Dame, with a coach going for 2 points early on when he didn't have to and burning a timeout to boot - probably knocking you out of the playoffs. What a comeback by the Fighting French, only to fall short by a coaching blunder. And the last call wasn't the best either. Clemson was lucky to survive.

This is the nature of college football.

Our yeahs outweigh our nays at BC - and we are moving forward.

Go BC - implement the perpetual quality improvement plan for our players. And please don't show us the same sh#@y tendencies on offense again next week and going forward. Our players deserve better.

EL MIZ said...

such a disappointing finish. really felt like we were going to take it in the 4th.

on the second to last possession we were moving the ball well, the line was creating holes, and then the most senior guy on the team (williams) false starts on 1st down, and then later BC needs to burn a time out because they play call literally went into the huddle with 7 seconds left on the play clock. i didn't feel like we were playing for the FG there, but still a disappointing lack of execution.

the final drive was also bizarre. smith has struggled throwing, so on 4th and 3 with the game on the line you roll him out to the left and make him throw into the flat across his body? who thought of that one? 3rd down we passed as well. the play action had worked really well - why not go with that, or just go with smith's bread and butter and run him. on the final drive and the drive before it, we had runs of 15, 7, 9 and 7, with a play action to wolford for 10 yards. we run all game to set that stuff up and it was working, why are we running pass plays to dudeck with the game on the line. head scratching stuff. the loss is on the coaching staff, in my opinion.

any news on Flutie? Cash popped him pretty good on that last play. why Flutie was running is beyond me, he had two guys that were wide open right in front of him and it looks like he's moving in slo-mo out there. hopefully he is okay, but i will reiterate that i think we'd be better off just committing to one guy (my choice is Smith since what he does well fits better with how team is built as a power run team), giving that guy the reps, and getting that guy in the rhythm of the game full time.

Duke is 4-1 now, was 9-4 last year and went 10-4 the year before that (making the ACC CG) - they are a well-coached, solid program. that was a winnable game and in a season like this you can't let those games slip through the cracks. next week at home against Wake is a must-win if we still plan on going bowling this year. we need 4 more wins - all of the home games (Wake, VA Tech, NC State) are winnable, and then we need to find one more W from @ Cuse, @ Louisville, vs. ND, @ Clemson.

mod34b said...

Agree El Miz that it looked like the Daz plan was actually coming together in 4Q.....then....

i watched Clemson vs ND last night, as i am sure many you also did. Wow. Such a better football game to watch than whatever it is BC that is playing. BC's offensive is such an amateur affair. Games are no fun to watch.

it was nice that BC finally connected on a long ball, but how many times are they going to try this play? it must have failed another 9 times this year.

how about some "dink and dunk" passing from BC? a few short out routes, and few quick over the middle, and wheel routes out of back field.? where are those plays?

This may be awful to say, but is Daz actually a dumb coach? He is so dumb about clock management and so dumb about play calling. And he is especially dumb in that he does not know enough to delegate clock management and play calling to others. Look at the defense? that seem to be 100% Brown and Brown is succeeding. Why does he insist in ruining the offense?

His only strength to date is creating a good climate at BC football. He is not (as touted) a great recruiter, and he is terrible in game.

EL MIZ said...

mod 34B - funny comment about the Clemson/ND game. i thought the same thing while watching it. our Defense can hang with those guys for sure, and has exotic blitz looks and the athletes and just the look of a top 25 program. but offensively comparing BC to clemson or ND is embarrassing - we have like 5 plays out of a total of 3 different formations, far too many of our WRs look like D2 players.

i like Daz as the figure head. i think the recruiting has been solid - most of the defense was recruited by Addazio. we landed guys like Landry and Hilliman who had legit offers from other programs. i do worry about the X's and O's - the 2-minute drills are routinely head-scratchingly awful (one play its like we're running down the clock, then we decide we actually want to score, then we go back to running out the clock), and the individual game management is also just inexplicable at times.

two weeks ago with the game on the line we ran an option with flutie. flutie has exhibited zero speed and in fact it looks like he's jogging as opposed to running. i don't think he's made one guy miss all season, why are we running the option with him?

this week with the game on the line we ran a roll out to the left side for Smith - did we forget that Wade (a lefty) was not playing? why would you force a freshman who had major passing issues to throw across his body? why is he even passing? just run the same play we did at FSU but with Smith instead. its times like that where you seriously wonder what Addazio is thinking.

Walter said...

A few thoughts:

1) Hate the play calling at the third and three to throw twice after the run game (finally) had been successful.

2) Daz philosophy can be too conservative at times, but calls for him to go are ridiculous. We've been in every game we've played and that's not something you could say in the very recent past.

3) I think it's time to stick with one of the qb's and just force, maybe even burn, a full game. This in an out stuff is disruptive for any consistency and doesn't feel like the way forward. That said, people do need to remember that both of these guys weren't our first choice. There's bound to be growing pains.

Hoib said...

Well, let's just say that I don't agree w/ the consensus here on Daz. That being said I think we will see more of Smith going forward, and I hope I'm right. Daz' offense needs a running QB who can throw some not the other way around. As much as Flutie seems to be a gamer he just hasn't shown the running ability. The only way we can see if Smith can develope as a thrower is to play him, and I think that's what we will see. If we're down 2 TDS Going into the 4th then you bring in Flutie, otherwise stick w/ Jeff and let him learn. I think teams are going to throw more on us, because you just can't run on us. If Brown's on w/ his blitz calls we might be able to create more turnovers, which would really help the struggling O allot. As to the special teams issues the guys have to execute. Daz can't snap the ball for them or kick it either. These guys have to get it done. Every point is precious to our team, you just can't give them away.

JBQ said...

Very frustrating with the play calling. Obviously, BJK hit the nail on the head. Flutie rolls out and is hurt on a clean hit from Cash. Third and three and Smith goes in. It's a run right? Nope, two inept passes. I was also very surprised at the play of Swigert. He dropped an open pass. He is also the holder and bobbled the snap on the first fg. I would not be surprised to view the film on the hook to find that Swigert screwed up that one also. I saw him put down the hold straight up. You are supposed to lean the hold dependent on the circumstances of left, right, or straight. It sure looks like a coaching problem. Addazio makes 2.6 million per. He deserves criticism. If things don't come together fast, then he deserves more than that.

Bravesbill said...

It's like Daz didn't watch that Steelers game on Thursday night when he called the third and fourth down passes. Didn't work for the Steelers (who have the same type of QB as BC now) and didn't work for BC. Didn't work for Rex Ryan either today (with another QB in the same mold who can pass little better). Not sure if you want to be lumped in with Rex Ryan.

CT said...

Backup Qbs in the NFL stink. Look, Daz deserves criticism for allowing those calls but reducing the entire game down to two plays is simplistic.

I'd be much more concerned about next season when they'll have almost zero experience at QB yet again, provided Flutie or Smith don't turn into something. Maybe they will, who knows? But I would guess a transfer is coming.

Wake is winnable. The over-reaction to a loss, in my opinion, is short-sighted, given how the staff adapted to the first two seasons.

I could be wrong. But, you know, big picture.

Hoib said...


I've yet to hear of anyone make the wrong call after the play has been run. I watched the Jints game also. I had to laugh when Moose Johnson said after the Bills were stopped that they should have kicked the field goal. How about some balls and saying so on 4th down before the play is run. I'm sure if it had worked he would have been going on about how courageous Rex was. W. Churchill, "victory has a thousand fathers and defeats an orphan"

Bravesbill said...


I was referring to passing on second and third and goal from the 3 yard line, before the ill-conceived QB rollout. Much like the Steelers passing on 3rd and 4th and short, which also failed. Rex was absolutely correct though that the Bills should have gone on it on 4th down.

Hoib said...

My answer would still be the same. I have to give you credit though, you were right about Hanlan and I was wrong. Sometimes I lead w/ my Eagle heart instead of my head. O was the only positive of the diasaster that I'll call the Onahue regime so that probably lead me to over estimate him. What can I say, I'm a BC guy all the way.