Monday, October 19, 2015

Slight delay

The late return from Clemson kept me from doing my review until late. I apologize. It will be up Monday.


John said...

Well, I guess you'll say we got thumped pretty good. If Spazadoozie Dufus had given up 420 yards passing, we'd be going crazy. 532 yards to 246 yards. TOP 32 minutes Clemson, 28 minutes BC.

And yet, I feel as though we did the best we could with this scheme. We challenged Watson and company mano-a-mano, and came out on the short end - aided by some horrendous penalty calls. Horrendous!

I think the future looks bright with this learning experience. So much better than the 10 yard cushion, zone defense IMHO. Our players will mature, and we should be able to get better at our tight coverage. We still got 2 INTs, and that's good.

We won the punting game within the game for sure. Too bad Howell had to punt 10 times, but he played a great game in his home state.

I'm not giving up on these guys. They never quit and that's what makes me proud and encouraged for our future. Especially once we can expand the offensive playbook.

This year was always a maybe year - and so let's root for our team and watch for incremental improvements. And let's shock Clemson next year in Boston, when they will once again be heavily favored, and headed toward the College Playoffs. We can do it!

Go BC.

John said...

John = BJK