Saturday, November 28, 2015


During the offseason Steve Addazio will surely talk about injuries and bad luck. This team was also young. And next year things will get better. More games close games will break BC's way. Young players will improve. New players will emerge. But none of that excuses how bad this season went, including Saturday. Total offensive ineptitude, haphazard execution, questionable 3rd decisions, stupid penalties, and wasting huge opportunities.

This was BC's first winless conference season. The longest losing streak since 1978. The W-L record is masked by two wins that BC bought against FCS cupcakes.

Addazio has a lot to fix this year. When the offense is this bad, it is not purely a talent or age issue. The whole approach and the coaching shares the blame.

I will have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday.


eagleboston said...

I hate firing people, but every time I have done so, the A player's ask me "What took you so long?" Every single time I have fired someone, the replacement has been better. Addazio needs to be a leader and fire Fitch and Frye. New blood and new thinking needs to be brought in. Trust me, the results will be markedly better.

Big Jack Krack said...

I agree that changes need to be made, and Fitch and Frye certainly under performed this year.

Let's see how our Head Coach handles his staff decisions.

Something has to give. We have the worst offense in all of college football, worst stadium experience, give our players the lowest cost of attendance stipend, and we are at the bottom on several other things.

Something has to give. Addazio and Bates are officially on the clock and both are on the hot seat now.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bates needs to really do something drastic to get fans back into the seats.

Reduce student fees.

Reduce $ DBS.

Reduce parking fees.

Open up lower Brighton for tailgating - $40 to park and free tailgating. Fans should do it anyway.

All other parking and tailgating radically reduced.

On and on.

Picnic tailgating anywhere on campus.

notfadeaway said...

How about starting with firing Daz. This is his offense boys. That may help, because no one is going to pay to see a Daz coached team lose week in a week out the way we do. This guy is not the answer at BC. He failed. He made a lot of money. Time to move on.

notfadeaway said...

I don't know what's going to take so long to post grades. Offense F-. Coaching F-. Defense B. Special Teams B. Matt Milano, Justin Simmons, Stephen Daniels, Connor Strachan A.

The Boston Series said...

You all don't understand BC. The school is not about you, the student or alumni, but about them, those who run it. The whole experience of going to a game is made onerous and unfriendly. They're always trying to squeeze the last penny. The idea of penalizing long term ticket holders by imposing seat fees and the high cost of parking and tailgating was an attempt to extort the loyal fans without giving them anything in return. It worked when the team was in the top 25; now that they have a person as a coach who is truly horrible and a team no quality player would want to be on and a losing record, the experience is bleak. Even Syracuse in the pits on NY state, a dismal team, and pathetic coach has more fan involvement. The future is bleak.

Joseph said...

"Bates needs to really do something drastic to get fans back into the seats.

Reduce student fees.

Reduce $ DBS.

Reduce parking fees.

Open up lower Brighton for tailgating - $40 to park and free tailgating. Fans should do it anyway.

All other parking and tailgating radically reduced.

On and on.

Picnic tailgating anywhere on campus."

Normally I would agree with most of that which BJK posts, but not this time. If I know a restaurant serves bad food with indifferent staff, I won't go. Until we have a team that can give us some justified expectations of excellence, we won't go. The product this year was terrible. I won't pass judgement on the coaching at this point since the players are very suspect in their ability to perform. Yes, they were recruited by the coaches and yes they were taught by the coaches but the best teacher in the world could not have made into a poet or artist. Until I feel otherwise I see a recruiting problem first. Smith is NOT a division one QB. Sure he can run ok, but passing and decision making, not at all. Robinson is only a freshman but dropped a couple of passes that I probably could have caught. The team is bad because the offensive line and QB are terrible. Next year? Probably not much improvement. Wade did not excite me either. We are in for a long period of frustration that won't be easily solved.

Unknown said...

Thank God this is over. Very little improvement over the course of the season... That alone should make a $2 MIL. man fireable... Athletics overall at BC have really fallen off the map. We don't have the facilities nor the will to keep up. I would like to hear from administration that this state of affairs is unacceptable, otherwise this is how they want it and we should all just get over it. They may just want to collect their fair share of ACC money, and if we are dead last in everything and everyone's fodder so be it.

Guido said...

Last , but not least, Gentlemen - have you glanced at the incoming class and the ratings by the various services ?? If Addazio is known for recruiting ,it has not been evident for the past two years. I believe the incoming class is ranked about # 55 by a MAJOR rating group I am seriously thinking of dropping my season tickets and only going to games that interest me. It isn't just the wins and losses , but the total below par performance by the coaching staff (except for Don Brown).Is it true that a school from NY (Wagner) is going to be on our home game schedule next year ??? If that is true , that clinches my decision on renewing the season tickets.

JBQ said...

@Henry K: With Addazio's 3 year extension, BC is on the hook for 5 more years at 2.6 mill per for 13 mill. That is why Bates should be on the hot seat. This goes with the internet rumor that if Harbaugh wasn't hired at Michigan that Bates would return and bring Addazio with him. What a disaster that would have been for the Maze and Blue.

Hoib said...


Did the Maze and Blue get their 5mm per year worth today? The only game they care about, they were dusted.

If Daz is or is not the answer isn't about money. The big bucks are paid by the cable subscribers. I think Daz gets one more year, but if most think he should go, the contract shouldn't be in the way. Schools eat allot more all the time. Miami being the latest.

eagleboston said...

Guido, look at 12-0 Iowa's recruiting ranking the past 4 years. Recruiting rankings are an absolute joke. Kueckley and Ryan were not 5 stars because they were not recruited by the big name schools. Are you kidding me? Two of the best Eagles ever and 2 of the best at their positions in the NFL were not 5 stars? It is more important to recruit hard-working kids that you can develop and that fit with your program. The success of the defense this year proves that recruiting rankings are BS. The Eagle's defense would have been even better if we had a semblance of an offense. Look at all of those players' rankings. It's crap. You can criticize Addazio for his poor game management and his awful offensive scheme, but the lack of recruiting is a bunch of BS.

mod34b said...

Guido. - Yes Wagner a 2,500 student commuter school from Staten Island is our opponent next year. Wagner as zero name recognition and this is why Brad bates is a clown (Howard this year too)

Good point on recruiting. Daz is not doing as promised as a recruiter. We are 3rd to last in ACC

EB. These rankings are not perfect. But the same standards apply to all schools just the rankings give you a decent idea about how a school is doing.

Verdict: BC is not doing well in recruiting. That's what happens when you go 0-for-ACC. No one wants to play for a loser - like Daz. Rough assessment but true.

CT said...

Mod is so hapoy today.

CT said...


CT said...

I feel bad for him. What will he post about for the next 9 months?

eagleboston said...

Mod, you are wrong about recruiting rankings. Look at Va Tech. They were rarely in the top 20 under Beamer and all they did was set a streak for consecutive bowl appearances. It is impossible to rank kids from different parts of the country on different teams. Impossible.

And watching Notre Dame carve through Stanford leads me to believe BC has done a damn good job recruiting defensive players. The issue is not recruiting. It is the offensive scheme and game management coupled with injuries. Yes, Addazio needs to change the offense and get better at managing the game. But, don't worry yet about the recruiting. That's not the issue. And not only are the rankings not perfect, they are complete bullshit.

eagleboston said...

Also, Mod, you cannot rate a recruiting class going in. Many players fizzle or get hurt. The true measurement of a recruiting class is after they have been in the program 3-4 years. Rank the classes then. It will look a lot different than what the idiots at Rivals ranked when they were 18 year old kids.

mod34b said...

EB - when the same standard is used over a group of school, you can draw some conclusions as to which team is more successful in recruiting that class.

sure there are duds, surprises etc. But the common standard across many teams does provide a useful metric for comparison purposes.

So, no, i am not wrong.

CT - hard to watch basketball. and the basketball commenters are very detailed in their high-nerd analysis of the game -- the 'ol gibberish about "he is natural 3, but has trouble as a 4.", should be a season of major ass kicking (ours) in ACC play..

i replied to Joseph aka The Donald , but could not find Joseph dissing you.... maybe there is something between you given how eager you were to defend "Joseph" the insult king....

Daz is a mule. I have little hope for improvement (maybe a better record) i hope Daz does not bring in this super loser OC Scot Loeffler from VT - I think they are buddies - now that VT has a new coach... guy is another run, run, run Daz guy

Double Eagle said...

Bad. Bad. Bad. I think the admin does not care about winning. So long as the Freshman applications keep rolling in football and basketball are just minor amusements

The Boston Series said...

By the way not only did we come in last place inTHE ACC in football, as of today we occupy the same spot in basketball. I wonder if they will increase the ticket prices.

ShooterM said...

Been reading this for too long without chiming in, but how do I/we reach out to the BC admin? Even if its small, I need to start slamming them because this is insufferable. What's the best email address to use? Call?

Joseph said...

Kinda laughable when M34 talks about the babble of basketball commentators with numbers etc, but thn he seems to have numbers for everything else. Is he the only one whose life is spent researching stats that are meaningful to him alone. Wh really cares if this was the worst team in thirty years or twenty five years or the second worse in ten years. They were bad --period.

JERZeagle said...

I think the most bizarre thing about all of this was Addazio's post game press conference. After years of being overtly stubborn and illogical on a conservative run first, ground and pound offense... divine inspiration hits him and he states that 'we are going pro-style.'

Does he have it mentally all together up there?

I mean a pro style offense is music to my ears, but, every ounce of energy from day #1 was devoted to Addazio's 'brand' of football. I've commented about this before, that his brand of football is the worst thing that could happen to BC, but this random change of pace is a bit bizarre.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Parcells said you are what your record says you are. In two years at Temple Daz, son of Spaz averaged six wins a year. In three years at BC Daz has averaged less than six wins a year. The guy is a clueless loser. He's produced the worst offense in the country. Does BC have the worst talent? No improvement throughout the year. Miserable coaching on the offense. BC should can him now. His sideline conduct should be disqualifying. How many calls will go BC's way with the coach and his assistants berating the refs constantly? His vulgarity is appalling. Look at his background. He was tutored by Pasqueloni. The worst coach in UConn history. He worked under Davie. One of the worst in ND history. His scheme can't succeed. His confusion is monumental. He praised Smith after the Duke game. Smith was 3-13 for 12 yards. He praised Smith at halftime of Saturdays game when he was 0-8 with two picks. When Flutie went 5-8 for 129 yards a TD and no picks there was no praise. A bewildered man with very limited ability thus the sideline histrionics. 2. How about the SEC. The last two years they have proved their dominance over all conferences. In 2014 on the last weekend of the year they managed to go 0-4 against the ACC. This year they almost duplicated that magnificent fete by winning one and losing three against the ACC. The two year record on that weekend is 1 win 7 losses. Using the new math sec superiority is proven. Florida was the second best team in the SEC playing at home against the 3rd best ACC team FSU. It was a mismatch. The SEC is clearly inferior to the ACC. Even ESPN shills have called SEC offenses brutal.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

The problems with BC Athletics begin and end with Leahy, timid trustees who do nothing and demand nothing, generous donors who don't exercise their clout and Brad Bates. A sea change is required in the administration of athletics at BC. Otherwise, BC continues to slip into losers obscurity and suffers the indirect impacts. The people managing athletics at BC are, in a nutshell, DUMB AND PROUD OF IT.

blist said...

It's really hard to excuse the worst team since 1978, as much as I want to. If BC wasn't on the hook for so much money, I'd say dump Daz now, My second wished-for scenario. Once he shows he's mediocre next year, he gets canned and we hire Chip Kelly and Ryan Day, who probably get canned by Lurie next year.

TGS said...

Mark Richt out at Georgia.

New York Eagle said...

I agree with ShooterM and Napolean B. It is time for this administration to hear from us about our dissatisfaction with the performance of BC's athletic teams (ex hockey) over the last six years or so. After a decent start, Addazio delivered an "F" this year.

I have already written to Brad Bates and to the Board of Trustees. Every fan matters. BC needs to know the current state of mediocrity (being kind) is not acceptable.

New York Eagle

eagle1331 said...

For those actually looking to contact the administration...

Tweeting or posting here and attacking each other won't do anything. The only thing they'll ever acknowledge is donor dollars. Maybe an e-mail, if you're lucky. Good luck getting Bates on the phone.

London is out in Virginia as well. At least they have the right view of their athletics department and its importance to the University. Father Leahy does not share that point of view. Never has, never will. He is clueless about modern sports.

eagleboston said...

I don't want to be an apologist for Daz, but this "sky is falling" stuff is not entirely accurate. We are very, very close to winning. Can anyone argue that we did not play Notre Dame tougher than Stanford? We held ND to their lowest point total of the season, while ND marched up and down the field against Stanford. We lost 5 games by 3 or fewer points. Does anyone think we lose all 5 of those games with Wade and Hilliman in there? We are not at the point where we need to bother trustees about football, which in the scheme of life is not all that important. BC's mission is not to produce winning football. That is merely entertainment for the alumni.

Having said all of that, I think the root of the problem is messing with BC's decades-long identity on offense. BC has achieved success by recruiting above average passers, tight ends that can catch and big, tough offensive linemen. The successful offenses always have a decent back that can keep defenses honest, but the focus was always on the passing game. And we have done this with below average receivers. While BC has put numerous QBs in the NFL, I can only think of 1 or 2 receivers in the past 30 years. Thus, I was glad to hear Addazio state that BC will return to this style of football. I don't know how he is going to do it given the quality of QBs on the roster, but I'm hoping Wade can be that guy.

You also cannot discount how unbelievably bad Spaziani was as a coach. He appointed terrible coordinators and was completely inept at recruiting, leaving multiple scholarships on the table his final 2 years. Those scholarships put Addazio in a major leadership and depth hole this season. Perhaps we would have had 2 veteran linemen among those missing recruits or a junior or senior QB to backup Wade. The lesson for BC is never hire an assistant to be the head coach. You are a Power 5 conference. Always hire a proven head coach. Let someone else gamble on assistants with no head coaching experience.

If we are sitting on 3 wins next year, can him. The buyout will be lower and there will be more quality coaches available. The fact we went to a bowl the first season after a dismal 2-10 record with an embarrassment of a defense buys him one more season. The defense is right there. Can't get much better. We just need a serviceable offense and this team will vastly improve.

mod34b said...

EB - BC is close? We are last in Scoring offense in the Nation. 0-8 in ACC play. worst record in almost 40 yeats And You are seriously not seeing a problem? OMG.

the only problems on the O is the OL can't run block, the QB can't pass, the OL can't run block, the WR can't catch and the TEs can't block and the OL is undisciplined and gets to many penalties Oh, and the play calling is the worst in the county. See any problems yet??

To add some perspective, BC's scoring average in ACC games this year is 9.1 ppoitns per game. ACC games are a good measuring stick of our abilities. This is obviously lowest in the ACC, but also lowest in the nation for conference play.

But it gets worse >>>> the 9.1 points in the lowest avg offense score in the ACC IN A GENERATION. None lower back to 1990, and likely back to UVA's 1977 avg score of 5.5 point sped game in conference.

This is not merely tough luck and bad breaks, the Offensive results could NOT BE Worse.

injuries. Go ask TCU and all the other big boys about injuries. They all got 'em. Ask about youth... they got ;em. Why didn't injuries and youth destroy our defense? It only decimated out offense. Lot of BS being sold

Daz is a terrible coach and yet we all think things are going to be "Swell" next year. why?

Next year, we may lose in Football to UConn. That is going to really suck should it happen - much worse then when we lost to Duke. But as of today, UConn is a better football team than BC, and that does suck. UConn also has a much better coach than BC, and we know Dazz can really competing ion a game coaching level

We play 3 losers next year: UMass, Buffalo and Wagner,.. Pretty much 3 easy wins.....Getting 5 wins won't be hard....but that should not be viewed as an improvement or acceptable results.

mod34b said...

*And we know Dazz can really CANNOT compete in game-day coaching.

New York Eagle said...

We are in what has been a six year plus decline in the performance of BC athletics. The 2015 football season is just the most recent example.

Athletic programs are integral parts of the college experience and important to a school's reputation in today's sports obsessed world. Look at the schools we believe we are competing with - most have been able to combine academic success with athletic success. Athletic success comes with more applications (increased academic competitveness), healthier athletic budgets and higher alumni contributions. BC's athletic issues are bigger than whether Addazio is fired or not. In fact, when weighing all the variables, he probably deserves and will get at least another year. However, overall, we are the doormat of the ACC in just about every sport.

Obviously there are bigger issues in life. The focus here is the continued competitiveness of BC. In my mind, this is a Board of Trustee issue. Given our athletic under achievement over a considerable period of time, there has to be an institutional assessment of what it takes to be competitive in the ACC and a statement from BC that it intends to commit the resources necessary to be competitive. I have not heard that from the board nor is that commitment apparent to the average fan.

EL MIZ said...

mod 34 - fair points on the offense. does Addazio get zero credit for the defense? can you post some fancy stats for the defense?

he'll be back for next year and he should be back for next year. 2016 will dictate whether he is here for longer than that.

mod34b said...

El Miz, my pleasure

per CFB stats, BC is #1 in total defense for the 2016 season (includes our bogus FCS games)

But there is an even better stat: vs FBS competition, which would be Clemson, ND, FSU etc, we are the #6 in total defense in the nation. (we were #5 nationally under Jags and #8 one year under Spaz. so this is not new territory for BC, like the new low, low lows are on offense.

Daz gets credit for hiring and retaining Don Brown. From all accounts, Daz has ZERO to do with the Defense. So if that is true, we gets NO credit for the success beyond hiring DB (which is impressive). If Daz was fired and Brown wanted to stay, I am sure the new HC would luv it ergo Daz has no importance for the defense.

Rather, Daz is a self-proclaimed "Offensive line guy" and Offense guy. He gets full credit for his body of work in 2015 for all things offense.

"he should be back next year" . Disagree. Only reason to not fire Daz is that the market for a new HC does not appear good for BC this year and the $$$. But i am wondering if you think Daz should be back because he was able to show in his earlier years that he is better than Spaz and can talk like mad about how great .500 ball really is. hA.

Tim said...

BC soccer just beat Georgetown to advance to the elite 8 of the NCAA tournament.

JBQ said...

@Tim: You beat me to it. 1-1: penalty kicks 5-4. They now play SYRACUSE.

EL MIZ said...

does Addazio only recruit the offensive players? does he only assist in the talent assessment of the offensive players? i think the answer to both questions is "no". more goes into it than just Brown doing his funny hand motions and deciding when to blitz, and whatever credit is due to Addazio (probably not a ton of credit), he should get that credit.

i think years 1 and 2 earned Addazio year 4. (in addition, although unrelated to the objective standards by which Addazio is assessed, i just don't think there's a chance in hell BC is firing Addazio with all of the $ left on his deal until his ineptitude is 100% certain). the playcalling, the sideline demeanor, the complete offensive ineptitude is certainly jarring, disappointing and likely a sign of things to come. that said, the reality is a team that is not deep thanks to the prior coach lost its starting QB, RB, and a few guys off the WR corps (Borgersen, Glines, Pankey, Garrison were all expected to contribute, none played due to injury) and the offense was predictably a tire fire after that.

also, when you pair BC's limited budget and lack of facilities with all of the openings in this year's coaching market, i think the chance to actually upgrade is quite limited. on top of that, if you fire a coach after just three seasons, its just not a good look. we should at least afford Addazio the right to coach a team full of his own players to see whether we can be an ACC contender. if we don't do that, i think it would harm the search for the next coach and only hold us back further.

Lenny Sienko said...

Rutgers Football coach and AD are both gone as of this afternoon...

Joseph said...

Well said Miz Well thought out with logic and reason and no arcane stats.

eagleboston said...


Name one coach that would want to come to BC after firing the current coach for going to a bowl game in 2 out of the first 3 years? A pro sports town, high academic standards, feeble fan support and no indoor practice facility. What coach will take that job? At least by giving him one more year, prospective coaches will see that BC is patient and will give an incoming coach the time they need to turn things around. All of the issues you are complaining about are correctable. The O-line was perfectly fine in year 1. Since Spaz did not recruit the final 2 years, we were very weak at that position. We will have more depth next year. The ineptitude of the offense is fixable too. Fire the OC. With all of the coaching transitions, there will be plenty of good offensive minds looking for a new home. Just look what hiring Chizek did for UNC in one season.

We are not saying Daz is the end-all, be-all. We are just saying that BC would not be better off firing him at this time. When a program is in complete disarray (as it was under Spaz), it takes years to turn that around, especially at a school like BC with all of the aforementioned disadvantages. Yes, this was a frustrating season. Injuries were a major reason (and don't compare BC to TCU. TCU is several years removed from their turn around and have a Heisman-caliber QB. It is much, much easier for their program to survive an injury onslaught than BC).

Bravesbill said...

Arcane stats? What more modern stats do you use Joseph to justify another season for Daz?

eagleboston said...

Also, Mod,

Be careful with stats. You mentioned the defense is ranked 6th versus FBS competition. However, you need to factor in number of plays they are on the field and time of possession. They were asked to do way more than most defenses in the nation. Frankly, I was amazed at the number of times they had little rest due to the 3 and outs by the offense and still shut down the opponents. Look what Stanford gave up against Notre Dame and their defense had plenty of rest due to long, sustained drives by the Stanford offense.

BaldEagle90 said...

Remember that Leahy was the consigliere at Marquette that effectively squashed the Warriors nickname. He hates athletics. Nothing changes until his reign of mediocrity is over.

mod34b said...

Reasons Not Fire Daz

1. Buyout too expensive (>$10,000,000)
2. Overactive 2015 HC market will make it too Hard for BC to compete for a good coach
3. No obviously available, MAC coaches available
4. Daz's body of work in first 2 years earns him year 4 to get BC back to .500 ball and a shit bowl
5 Daz is a good coach who had bad luck in 2015. Injury and youth are really big problems for Bc that very few coaches could deal with. Bad results happen to every coach
6 a rebuild (which Daz has never done) tAkes 5 years and Daz will get it done by year 5 or 6
7. Firing a coach at year 3 will negatively impact BC's rep and make Any new hire harder
8. Daz is a great recruiter (even though stats say otherwise) and needs more time to get his guys on the field.
9. BC lacks panache, facilities and a football rep so Daz is best guy available under the circumstances
10. I luv Daz's passion. BC needs him
11 Head coach does not matter so long as sports-hating and clueless Jesuits run BC, Rome and the World
12. We suck, we deserve to suck and any new coach will suck because this is a pro sports town
13. Apathy is cool and our students are apathetic so deal with that. No improvement needed
14. Occupy Alumni: Football is about male privilege, violence, micro aggression and capitalism. Football should be on same plane as women's field hockey and thus needs to be diminished in all ways
15. BB is a wussy and coukdnt even be trusted to pick candy out of a Halloween bucket - he will just pick a loser like Spaz and Daz

mod34b said...

16. Our high academics standards (which do not exist and could be lowered if they did exist) and private school (sorta) elite status makes BC undesirable for new coaches (please ignore Duke, Nd,Stanford, n'western, baylor, Wake, Miami) so stick with Daz.

17. Daz is next the Frank Beamer and wants to be a BC lifer (it is his dream job) . He needs 8 years to really build that excellent foundation

Bravesbill said...

Don't look now but the bball team just crapped the bed in the Wooden Classic. It followed up its blowout loss to MSU by getting best pretty handily by UC Irvine and then getting absolutely destroyed by a winless Santa Clara team. Looks like it will be another long year.

Guido said...

Ist - firing Addazio is not an option , but it certainly would not be an unrealistic/unintelligent move to fire Fitch who has performed subpar , to say the least. On a different subject , I felt that it may be interesting to research home attendance by game at Alumni Stadium. Maine - 29,626 Howard - 26,132 Florida State 39,111 Northern Illinois - 30,193 Wake Forest - 30,094 Virginia Tech - 28,108 NC State - 28,533. Total average attendance per game equals 30,256.That means 14,244 empty seats per game. Lets assume that you somehow could fill 8k of the 14k empty seats at an average price of $30. per ticket . BC would gain $ 1,680,000.for the year. My point - having a winning team and A GREAT OOC schedule might mean some serious dollars.

70sGuy said...

#Dazaster just coached a game against a coach who was fired and we completed 1 pass for 9 yards. 9 yards. What's more amazing is there are actually people on this board advocating to keep a coach with the worst offensive look at any level in any conference and in any league in 40 years. Yeah the "optics" of firing Daz in year 3 won't play well. Umm, our sports programs are a national embarrassment. Don't enable just disable Bates and ESPN3 Steve.

BCCBS said...

I'm not in the fire Addazio camp just yet (costly to buy out at this stage, far better coaching seats available this yr, give him a little more rebuilding time, hopefully get a new OC) but even if BC did get rid of him, what then? Brad Bates would be leading the next search, the same Brad Bates who extended Addazio an additional 2 years to 2020 just under a year ago and hired Jim Christian out of obscurity to head the still hapless basketball program. I don't have faith in Bates picking the right guy the next time.

Stick with Addazio and hope a rational and creative OC can be brought in, allowing Addazio to be the face of the program and head recruiter. If that doesn't work out, I guess we just hope Bates does indeed do a better job the next time.

Eagle95 said...

I'm not a Daz apologist, but the first 2 years he turned lemons into lemonade. This year the offense crapped the bed. What is the difference between the 3 seasons? Day was OC for the first 2 and Fitch was OC this year. It would seem to me that therein lies the problem. And I don't think Daz is as involved in the play selection as everyone thinks because he seems to have the same WTF reactions I do when the camera pans to him after the play. He seems just as frustrated as the fan base.

Edmunds1011 said...

Rutgers just fired AD and Head Coach at same time. Think this will be larger trend moving forward. BC is not going to fire Addazio this year regardless if it is justified for the worst coaching performance in Division 1 this year. However any near a repeat performance and both Bates and Addazio should be gone. You cannot let Bates make next hire. BC is very close to digging itself a hole it will never be able to get out of.

Bravesbill said...

Guido, to put the attendance problem in perspective: San Diego State averaged more fans this year than BC did. Not only is it a mid major program (who really hasn't been that good since Marshall Faulk roamed the sidelines) but their stadium isn't even on campus.

Hoib said...

I am a Daz apologist, and a diehard BC fan, so maybe that colors my judgement. He earned next year by what he did in years 1 & 2. It's all on next year. The $ shouldn't be an issue, allot of coaches have been let go in the last month or so w/ big bucks on the contract.


Great point on Chiz. One of my boys went to UNC, couldn't convince him on BC, so I follow them. Their D was as bad as our O, then in comes Chiz, and all is well. BTW, they have a terrific Dual threat QB. The title game will be a showcase of what the dual threat is all about. I prefer it, I think it's harder to defend. I know I have a hard time making my argument based on BCs no threat QBS.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Hoops team listless in getting doors blown off by winless Santa Clara team - more of the same pathetic demoralizing performance.

Again - stop focusing on coaches - they are a mere symptom. It begins at the top right through the AD. Culture has to change. TOO MANY ASS KISSERS AND TOO FEW ASS KICKERS!! Fortunately, I think a fair number of you are starting to realize this. Get rid of the don't rock the boat deadwood and bring in good people/demanding managers and good things will start to happen. It's all correctable with talent and hard work. Speak up in the right places. Boston College is a gem - time to start managing it like one.

mod34b said...

The Daz "currency" that "earns" him year 4

1. 0-8 in ACC. Fielding a non-competitive team
2. Worst BC conference performance ever.
3. Worst scoring offense among 128 FBS teams
4. Worst total offense among 128 FBS teams
5. Worst 3rd down conversion in FBS
6. Worst first down percentage in FBS
7. An OL that can not pass block or run block
8. WRs that cannot run routes or catch footballs
9. A starting QB who cannot throw
10. The worst offensive performance by any team in the ACC in 40 years
11. Producing the worst Alumni attendance in memory
12. Making BC's option for TV coverage limited

I could go on.

So, if this "earns" Daz another year, or allows for another year, what on Earth would be considered so bad that DAZ should not go forward? apparently nothing short of a violation of community moral standards.

Knucklehead said...

It was great to see Notre Dame lose over the weekend. Send a tweet to Kizer and tell him to get his eyes checked. He was squinting the whole game. You know what that is like.

Everyone except Joseph,
I though it was funny that the Syracuse players carried that scumbag coach off the field on their shoulders after the win. Pathetic.

It was also pathetic after what happended against Syracuse last season that Addazio said their coach was a good guy and that it was too bad he was fired. Makes me question the competitive spirit of our head coach.

The irony of Lichtenstein hitting a potential game winning field goal and then the Defense not being able to stop Syracuse or at least hold them to a field goal for overtime was brutal.

This season sucked. It was like watching blind people leading blind people. I worked at Perkins School so I can say that you sensitive bitches.

Joseph said...

The football team was really bad this year. Do all the stats make that any different? Is KH really as rude and angry as he seems? Or, does he try to live up to the name.

Knucklehead said...

I deal with douche undercurrent the way it was meant to be.

Bravesbill said...

Joseph, the stats just illustrate how truly and historically bad BC was this year. There's Spaz bad, but this year reached all new lows.