Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Picks Week 13

Championship games near, so this is my last chance to cherry pick my selections. I went heavy on the rivalries.

Virginia Tech-3.5 at Virginia

Ohio State-1 at Michigan

Georgia-4 at Georgia Tech

Cincinnati+1.5 at East Carolina

Duke-4 at Wake Forest

North Carolina-5.5 at NC State


Ole Miss-1 at Mississippi State

Florida-3 at Florida State

Notre Dame+4 at Stanford

Last week I was 6-4. I am 64-53-3 on the season.


Unknown said...

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Goberry said...

Interesting picking the Domers. Granted I stopped betting on human sports 10 years ago (but still scream at horses on TV screens) but love college football more than ever. I just can't see ND, even with all that is on the line, continuing to have success with the injuries they have sustained lately.

Not including UVA (since it is an emotional game with who knows) I think the rest of your picks are spot on.

Joseph said...

To Dixie Eagle, Since ND is mentioned in this thread, It seems ok to answer you. Sorry, but I am an Eagle through and through. In fact, a triple eagle. having had the benefit of many years of superior jesuit training I came to realize the dropping f bombs and calling people profane names was not s substitute for reasonable debate or criticism. There are a few folks here who can't seem to get past junior high when it comes to commenting. Stupid language is never enough to persuade intelligent people. Being a nay sayer to most everything will never solve a problem. M34 doesn't understand this. neither does Bravesbill or Knucklehead( well named it seems). Their collective answer to all that is wrong at the heights athletic fields is to fire someone or denigrate someone. They have exceptional problems with ego transference. I love BC and I love sports. My self satisfaction in life is far from dependent on the the success of BC winning or losing. I feel great when they win and crappy when they lose. But then, either way, I still go on with my life without sceaming obscenities or puffing up as if i had anything to do with it. The three blind mice will come roaring back at this post with a barrage of puerile clap trap. Lots of heat but very little light. To me it they who are suspect as to being BC eagles that learned how to think and express their reasonable thoughts without silly little boy talk.

BJK and Miz offer some throughtful insight and so do you and others, but there are always those like the three blind mice.

Bravesbill said...

I always enjoy your posts Joseph.

mod34b said...

joseph - STFU

CT said...

Ha! Mod. Way to go, buddy.

CT said...

Seriously. No really. Seriously. Mod. Intervention time?

mod34b said...


Andrew said...

FYI - FSU vs. UF game is in Gainesville

NEDofSavinHill said...

Jo is right about vulgarity and name calling but Mod adds many salient facts. As Mao said let 100 flowers bloom. Unlike academia diversity of thought is welcomed by ATL. So thanks Atl.

mod34b said...

I took a few minutes to review Dear Jospeph's posts. I found nothing positive from our Troll Joseph. Nothing, except he likes authority figures in power such as Bates, Daz and _onahue - they can do no wrong and unless you have a tap on their telephone, and thus know all possible facts beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can never offer any criticism of these authority figures. Somehow Joseph believers we must have blind faith in BB, Daz etc.

Joseph is against name calling and for decency? ha. HA HA HA

here are a few pearls from the hypocrite over the years. Joseph would seriously give The Donld (Trump or Rickles) a run for their money. Ha!!! (Sorry Ned i could not find a Joseph dis of you or of BJK). I hope you enjoy the absurd nature of Joseph

On Nappy: "NB has the kind of attitude that destroys sports. no morals. No scruples. Nothing more than vicarious pleasure. Empty. Hollow. worthless. Destructive. Go away NB and stay away from my Alma mater. You and your ilk are disgusting”

on Hoib: "Good solution, Hoib. Dumb it down. Yikes. Can you get your degree transferred to Alabama?"

on JBQ: "JBQ, you are truly disgusting.”

on JBQ: "JBQ, we still live in a democracy. You and your fellow right wing-nuts voted. It is still a democracy."

on Mod34b "If in three years BC is still foundering in BB and FB, you can then start to make sense by damning the recruiting and coaching. If it turns you on to make like the big jock who has all the answers, fine. have fun, but don't expect that we all really go along with the ill-considered crap.”

on Lenny: "Troll LS. If you can read, take another look at what I actually posted. The tournament ended for BC last Sunday. Even you can understand that Sunday, last, was before today. Get it, troll? I know that you prefer personal attacks but, maybe you can try debating ideas for a change, or would that be too big a challenge?”

on Lenny 2: "Boy, am I glad that you are not a cop. Evidence ,eh. No possibility that something went wrong with the controls? No possibility that there was a basic design flaw in the system? No chance that a contractor or employee made a mistake? No, in your super negative way you have to assume that the pipes froze for the reason that you like. And, you may be right, but you don't know it. Lenny, SA has not lost a single game yet."

On Bravesbill: "BB, great analytical work. Keep it up you'll be rewarded somewhere but not in this life.”

On Blog commenters: "One dopey poster says hat we are paying the football coach too much and are therefore profligate, and the next says BC is cheap. Both are as stupid as they claim others to be."

on Knucklehead:"Explain all day. You are still the only one who sees crap where others see fertilizer.”

So Joseph, in all sincerity: STFU

Bravesbill said...

Haha I wouldn't expect Joseph to answer that.

Hoib said...


On this one I got off easy. He said much worse about me I'm sure, but Lenny? How could anyone get so worked up about the Lenster?