Saturday, November 07, 2015

Senior Day disappointment

BC avoided the shutout, but the Offense was terrible once again. Injuries and a walk-on QB explain some of the problems but not all of them. There were so many basic execution problems again in the loss to NC State, that Addazio needs to rethink his approach for the remainder of the season and for next year. The Defense also could not save the team. They weren't terrible but it wasn't their best effort either.

Now -- officially -- BC is finally eliminated from bowl eligibility.

I will have grades and second viewing thoughts late Sunday.


The Boston Series said...

Pretty sad when you get excited about not being shut out.

eagleboston said...

I found it interesting that on their only TD drive, BC passed 8 times and only ran once. I was calling for them to pass once they got down 21-0, but they waited until deep in the 4th quarter. Going forward, the coaches need to realize that the O-line is just not good enough to open holes and the pass-run ratio needs to be similar to that touchdown drive. Only run to keep the defense honest. We only rushed for a paltry 28 yards, so why keep doing what does not and cannot work? Pass the ball.

So sad for the seniors. They had to put up with that doofus Spaziani and a bad senior year due to horrible recruiting by Spaz (no junior or senior quarterbacks....pathetic, Frank!). But, they did experience 2 bowl games and can be credited with rebuilding the BC program.

Yes, this is a step-back year, but many of us could see this coming way back in the spring. Several young players got great experience this season and that should pay off next year.

always sunny in cleveland said...

No false dichotomy is necessary here. Inexperience and injuries on the offensive line, check. Starting quarterback goes down, check. Running back injuries, check. Incompetent game management by Adazio and Fitch, check.

Defense mentally playing uphill since Wake Forest, but still fighting to the end like Crockett and Bowie at the Alamo, check.

always sunny in cleveland said...

No false dichotomy is necessary here. Inexperience and injuries on the offensive line, check. Starting quarterback goes down, check. Running back injuries, check. Incompetent game management by Adazio and Fitch, check.

Defense mentally playing uphill since Wake Forest, but still fighting to the end like Crockett and Bowie at the Alamo, check.

JBQ said...

Fadule: rushing-15 attempts for -14.

mod34b said...

very shitty football to watch

Dan said...

He also threw for 257 which is more than Smith for the season and combined with his time last week he is now the leading passer, what's your point?

eagleboston said...

Dan, great point. It did not feel like it watching the game but in looking at the stats, he had a very good passing performance. He was 23-37 for 257 yards and spread the ball to 8 different receivers. That is a very decent performance. He did have the 3 INTs, but he can build off of this game. It is clear to me that we need to open things up and attack through the air in the remaining 2 games.

blist said...

It was like NC State had a power play on the O-Line, like we were short a guy on every play. So with the OLine so bad, it's hard to blame other players. I like Fadule's energy, I think Elijah Robinson shows good hands, Walker is good. I'm to the point if we can beat ND, the season is saved and the Dazzler gets a pass till next season.

CT said...

U would need Michael Vick with that line to have any shot. Maybe Cam. That line on TV looks skinny. Have no issues with Fadule because their are no other options. I'm just tired of the fire Daz thing after one awful season. The previous two teams were hugely limited but experienced up front. Gotta get back to that.

But patience these days is increasingly a disappearing virtue. I get the frustration. But this program was at its nadir 3 yrs ago.

I will agree with the Fire Daz crowd on one front and BJK is prob with me. Fitch. There are ways to get around the line at least marginally to move the ball. Drags and bubbles and slants oh my. Great catch by Smith by the way. Should improve his confidence.

This project will come down to Wade or the kid coming in. At least Don Brown isn't scrapping with Fitch like they do in Athens these days. I mean. Right?

BJK. We have little shot vs ND. On the road in a hostile downtown Boston environment. Other than winning, what do you want to see?

mod34b said...


i like this comment from El Miz:

"BC gave him 3 years to try to prove he had the chops to be a head coach.

i'm sorry but you cannot make excuses like "we are young" and "injuries" when you're in your 3rd year. we have seen enough"

said 11.21.11 re Spaz

still applies to Daz.

Daz has already said next year will be more of the same -- who is up for that??

mod34b said...

..... but BB, Leahy and BC Trustees will never do it after this season for one reason and one reason only: $$$

ps check out Daz's recruiting rankings... fading

JBQ said...

John Fadule is a generous 6 ft 1, 210. Jacoby Brissett is 6 ft 4, 240. DeShone Kizer is 6 ft 5, 230 (at least). Jeff Smith is a generous 5 ft 10, 180. The BC quarterbacks have lots of heart. However, look at the bodies with some of their rivals. If they want to run the ball, Smith is too small. If they want to pass the ball, Fadule is too short. Matt Ryan has size. Chase Rettig had decent size. Are we sure that we don't have the same recruiter for both football and basketball?

mod34b said...

p.s. 19 of 30 coaches listed on "Coaches Hot Seat" have 3 or less years on the job. Now is a good time

Big Jack Krack said...

CT - I will weigh in when I am back on the PC. I spouted off a few points in the last thread.

I apologize to 1900 because I was mad and I don't think the team is awful - but I should not have called him out.

Fitch is worse than Tranquil, if that's possible and needs to be replaced, demoted, fired - something.

Big Jack Krack said...

Re: ND at Fenway.

First, no player gets hurt running into a wall.

Second - good clear weather.

Third - Brown's Defense playing out of their minds, holding ND under 30. Hopefully 24 or less, and I can dream.

Fourth - the offensive coordinator earns whatever we are paying him during this one game. I hope Addazio gets out of Fitch's way and Fitch asks for some advice from younger coaches a D players.

Fifth - we use the extra week wisely and come in with a great game plan.

Sixth - name all injured players Captains for the game - especially Giacone, Wade, Hilliman and Moore. Get them on the field and honor them in the news ahead of the game. Play it up and stoke up some interest.

Finally - be humble and quiet leading up to the game. And also quiet and business-like when you take the field.

And when you line up and look at the guy across from you, hit him hard in Q1, and Q2, and Q3 - and in Q4 - kick his ass!

Above all, do not be afraid - embrace it, and show the #5 team in the country that you are the toughest team in America that ever lost 6 in a row.

How dare they come to Boston for their home game! F.E.A.

Go BC - ruin the Fighting French!

eagleboston said...


You can't fire Daz after a season when 65 of the 85 scholarship players are freshmen or sophomores, especially when your starting QB, running back and tight end go down early in the season. There was a startling roster gap this year due to Spaz's horrific recruiting in his final 2 years as head coach. That is not Daz's fault. Also, BC does not have the money to pay off Addazio's contract. Further, what message would that send to prospective coaches? BC has one step-back year and they fire their coach? Where is the patience?

I'm not 100% sold on Addazio. I really want BC to stick to its traditional formula of pro-style passing. I am absolutely frustrated with his clock management. But he did get us to 2 bowls after the devastating Spaz era. That buys him at least one more year.

By the way, other schools are having step-back years - Auburn and Missouri for example. Both schools' programs are way ahead of BC and they have had far better seasons before the step-back. If teams of that caliber and prominence can have a tough season, we should be patient with BC.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Attended the game - they look much worse in person - especially the OL. Fadule absolutely had to get rid of the ball in about 2 seconds but an extra half second was lost on so many plays because the snaps were at or near his ankles. Daz loves the spotlight - if he wants to stay there he knows that he has a lot of work to do. It will be interesting to see what he does with his staff.

mod34b said...

EB. We see things differently. I don't like excuses.

Guido said...

And people think next year will be any better ??? Based upon what ??? Will the QB situation be much better and are there impact recruits coming in ??? I think not !!!Addazio may not be the coach that many fans have projected. Our future does not appear to be on the upswing !!! I may finally throw in the towel and follow the hockey program.

mod34b said...

EB a majority of Clemson and FSU starting offense are underclass men. More than BC. LV and Wake too have many undeclassmen starters on O. Even LSU has that

So the "we are young" EXCUSE is bullshit. Young players is the nature of College ball.

Interesting, isn't it, that this was one of SPaz's favorite excuses.

Same for the injury excuse. Just look at ND. Injury excuse is bs. Injury is a part of football.

Why does is our OL totally lacking in fundamentals. Can't even hold pass rush for 3 seconds.

Same for TE
Same for WR

Don't believe Daz's BS. He is a not a man-up sorta guy. More like a greasy weasel

eagleboston said...


You are comparing BC to Florida State and Clemson? Huh? Those programs are years ahead of BC. There is no comparison. They have also recruited better athletes and have way more depth. Further, their admission standards are much lower than BC, making it easier for them to recruit. Half their roster are kids that have no business being in a university.

I clearly stated I am not sold on Addazio. But, to fire him now is insane. No one will want to coach for a program that does not give the coach time to rebuild.

And who do you think can come in now and do a better job for BC (keeping in mind that the BC job is not even in the top 40 of college football coaching jobs)? We have dismal fan support in a pro sports town (did you see the attendance today? Absolutely pathetic). Our academic standards are high and we don't have adequate facilities to be competitive (we are one of the few Power 5 teams without an indoor practice facility). The good coaches are not coming to BC at the present time. We will have to settle for unproven assistants or second tier MAC coaches (the first tier coaches will go after the top jobs). Our only hope is that Addazio can turn things around, lobby for better facilities and make the job more attractive for the next coach.

2009alum said...

Watching the game in person, I was happy with the QB play (particularly given its a walk-on true freshman). The center couldnt do a shotgun snap at all and the O Line was horrendous. Fadule is "counted" as running the ball 15 times for -14 yards but at minimum 5 of those "rushes" were sacks. Overall, the O line gave up at least 10 sacks & had no push on runs. Play calling was better as they at least tried to throw. Overall, this team is the worst D 1 offense in the country and a top 20 defense.

dixieagle said...

Is there any realistic expectation that the O line will be better next year? I have seen no progression, and that is very worrying.

mod34b said...

You are far too pessimistic EB. Nothing can work?. Our only - ONLY! - hope is Daz. ? Really ??

I don't see it like that at all. Why stick with a loser?

And my point was that Clemson and FSu and wake and many others compete very successfully with lots of young players. But BC can't compete with some young player. Just an excuse.

So you believe all the Daz excuses and can't see any positive change from #firedaz, but then incessantly complain about coaching and teams ability to play during the game??

mod34b said...

Dixie. Last week Daz said in 2916 he expects "incremental" improvement in 2016 but in 2017 "they might be" really good.

In other words , more of the same next year

dixieagle said...

Just shoot me now.

Hoib said...


I assume it was a tough day w/ your girl friend. Tough to sell watching that football for the rest of your life.

Hoib said...


I think we have a shot against THE south Bend bums. We need 2 weeks of great prep., illuminate the dumb penalties, and maybe we catch a flat ND. I'm sure they're yawning at the prospect of playing us. They have they're biggest game of the year the week following, so a good bet they look past us. There's always a chance.

ccw said...

No chance. Wishful thinking. May sell my tickets.

mod10aeagle said...

The O-line play appears to be the result of the perfect storm of several years of sub-optimal recruiting (combo of zero experience and perhaps sub-D1 caliber talent), poor strength and conditioning, poor technique and remarkably bad (or at best risky) blocking schemes that appear to leave key rushers unblocked by design. Weak, slow, tentative and lost. It's a wonder we have any QBs or RBs healthy enough to play.

Watching Fadule make shoelace catch after shoelace catch on the snap, only to look up just in time to see a wave of white jerseys coming at him play after play, I was impressed that he was willing to go on rather than just say, "Eff it! One of you fat bastards play QB, and I'll block."

dixieagle said...

I've long had concerns about strength and conditioning; I know things happen, but our guys seem a little too delicate and injury-prone. The poor schemes, sub-par recruiting and technique are coaching issues and not the sort of things that get better with time... only with better coaching.

jj1991 said...

Fr. Leahy has marginalized problematic programs for the Jesuits before. At BC, there is no omnipotent booster club to lobby him and he's not about to allow that. Although the Jesuits can't get their ideal schedule in the near future, I suspect they'd like a schedule from the early-mid 60's, including names such as Vilanova,Holy Cross, Army,Tulane,and William & Mary. We have all enjoyed a very different approach for many years; downsizing is painful. BC's vote and their stance on the indoor facility are clear declarations of where they stand. Also key: their selection of an errand boy AD.

CT said...

So. The blame is now on The Jesuits. THEY want to play Holy Cross. Ok. Are they interested in the ACC checks? Do they cash?

Big Jack Krack said...

Frightening - I have watched and cheered while the program has grown slowly over many years - and now I am witnessing it decline at the hands of Dumb it Down Brad.

I am really pi%%*D off.

Bring on Wagner.

mod34b said...

BJK.... isn't Wagner a low you never thought you'd ever see at BC......just crazy. Actually worse then Howard....

its a small commuter school on Staten Island. something like 2,000 students... maybe 200 will come to BC.....occupy a whole row... Wagner is a fine school for its students, and its alumni, and i am not faulting Wagner, I am shocked that BB thinks this is in any way ok for bC.

then BB sells bullshit about how hard it is to schedule games when every other school can figure it out.... I guess, BB, you think little of BC Nation.

rest of the 2016 OOC is UConn, Buffalo and UMass.... could BB have picked a worse 4 teams.?. zero interest. zero excitement.

BB is a real depressive

mod34b said...

BJK -- i like your line that it is so hard to believe that Gary Tranquil is not the worst OC .. "Ditch" is (Daz + Fitch)

But think about this - a shocker - GDF is not the worst AD - BB is.....he really eye for coaching talent. no touch at sports management....

Big Jack Krack said...

DIDB will be lucky if he doesn't get punched by a disgruntled alumnus/fan.

This guy has no clue.

JBQ is always bringing up Christian Suntrup - but if Addazio ever gave him a chance (and he's not hurt) you have to figure we'd be in a much better place this year. He was one of the top QBs in MO and something like #19 rated QB in the nation. But not good enough for Steve Addazio to even give him a chance.

Instead, a walk-on from Wellesley behind a line you could drive a truck through.

Great job, Coach.

Here's the deal - you start yelling "Lack, Loss, Limitation" next year, your 4th year, and we will run you out of town, along with DIDB.

If you try hard and don't throw your own players under the bus, you have a chance to survive. Otherwise - zero.

You have been warned.

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - Ditch and DIDB (Dumb it Down Brad).