Thursday, November 19, 2015

BC-Notre Dame preview

The bye week made this forgettable season that much more forgettable. There certainly hasn't been one game we will remember in a positive light, but I can't even think of one play that stood out. Fenway will provide a unique stage this weekend, but at this point I can't count on anything great happening.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) 

Doug Flutie's parents dying this week will get a mention or two during the broadcast. I think we all appreciate what the Fluties did for BC and Natick. In thinking about them, I also started thinking about all BC parents...even those parents whose children are not BC athletes. When people write how Boston College came together, they start with the Jesuits, they get into the parochial history in the Boston area with education and Catholics, most will mention the students and alumni, and the many great faculty. Flutie even gets plenty of credit. But BC parents don't get enough credit for the school's success. There wouldn't be so many good members of the BC community if there weren't so many good BC parents. Those parents instilled values and intelligence in many of our alumni that served them well before they arrived at the Heights. So thank you to the Fluties and all the BC parents out there.

Three Simple Keys
1. Use Fadule to open up the run. I'm glad Fadule could pass against NC State. But that's really not what we need. Balance would be ideal, but given our opponent and talent, I would rather run the ball. Let's see more read option and a few early passes. Then the Irish will stop stacking the box and we will get some longer runs.
2. No big pass interference penalties. I expect Notre Dame to copy Clemson and NC State's success and go deep. We need great play from all the DBs and we also need them to avoid dumb penalties.
3. Better blocking from the Tight Ends and WRs. It has been a mess all year. If we are ever pulling off an upset, we need these guys to sustain blocks all over the field. 

Gambling Notes
-- Notre Dame has won four straight over BC
-- Brian Kelly is 3-1 vs BC (one loss came when at Central Michigan)
-- Addazio is 1-4 against teams in the Top Ten
The current line is BC+16.5

This is only the third time BC has played Notre Dame on a neutral field.

Scoreboard Watching
We should all be on the Clemson bandwagon now. Just hope they steamroll everyone and win it all. We don't necessarily need a dominant power in our division, but winning championships helps the ACC's long term credibility.

I hope to see...
Fadule play the whole game. As touching as it might seem to play Troy Flutie this weekend, I don't want ceremonial snaps to take over a game. We are probably going to lose regardless of who plays at QB, but I still want to try to win. Rotating QBs just sets us back.

BC is in trouble if...
There is no pressure on Kizer. If he can just stand in the pocket, he will destroy our DBs.

Bottom Line
I can't talk myself into this one. At this point we've played all the cards. The only ones left to play are the huge in-game risks and Addazio clearly won't do that. I think BC will play hard, make it interesting in the first half, but ultimately stall out on offense. I think Notre Dame will add two touchdowns in the second half and win comfortably.
Final Score: BC 17, Notre Dame 28


campy said...

What's the largest margin of victory in ND history? (Just a random question that popped into my head for no particular reason.)

mod34b said...

ND, as usual, is highly, highly overrated a #4.

they stugggled over the last 3 weeks against middling teams: Wake, Pitt and Temple (also overrated this year)

In each game ND was able to get a few HUGE pays by Kizer or Fuller. yet Againt Wake there were several 4 and out type drives.

So this ND team is not exactly like playing 'Bama.

I think Daz is in desperation mode. I think he will try a new approach this game. We saw him let Fadule throw for more yards than in any other game in recent memory. Fadule has got that certain "gamer" quality. Add to that an amped up D that would really like to prove they are excellent

add a possible blocked punt and who knows. There realy is apossibiliy o winning. Not a big possibility, but not so impossible either.

I hope thee players get pissed at ND's arrogance in coming into Fenway and shoving BC's face in their colors. Bring back BJ Raji. Bring Back Rich Gunnel. Get some attitude BC boys.

The big thing is keeping Fuller contained at WR and Kizer contained running. Fuller is a likely All-American. He is lightening fast (4.4 speed). I am not sure our new DBs can keep him in check. Maybe contain him to one long-ball TD.

Go Eagles. Expose the frauds Shock the World

JBQ said...

BC should be wearing the green jerseys out of jealousy of key officials in the athletic department for the Flutie legacy. They can't handle the success factor generated by Flutie and the high standard that it demands. That is the reason for the shabby treatment of Troy as well as that handed to Billy. You would think that such success should be lauded. In fact, there are many on campus who harbor a great deal of resentment. I was on campus in March. I visited the athletic department and you could smell the resentment in the air. I also visited in March of 2012. The Spaz regime exuded the contagion. Right now, the state of football is nothing short of horrendous. Until Flutie, BC was a third rate program. Bicknell "rode the horse" and BC was on the map. Coughlin was very professional and took the state up a notch. Jags then rode Matt Ryan to number two. Since then, the program has jumped off a cliff. Spaz and now Addazio have made a mockery to the high level connection to Ted Williams and the Red Sox through Tom Yawkey and his wife.

mod34b said...

JBQ - a little addendum to your rant, er comment .... And That's all Folks ....

dixieagle said...

I have little hope of us winning, though I know they (the players) will give it their all. Just don't have any confidence that Daz can put together a decent game plan. I can only hope that our D plays out of their minds enough to get a pick 6 or two, and the outcome is such that ND is knocked out of the top 4. It would be nice if Fadule had a decent day. It's the O line that really has me worried; have seen no real improvement there yet.

blist said...

Uh-oh. Bad sign when ATL picks us to lose. I guess I won't be expecting a positive look forward to 2016 under Daz.

eagle96 said...

ATL picks to lose? There is some hope yet

Guido said...

It is difficult for me to even think BC can score a TD. That is not an attempt to be sarcastic. I bleed maroon and gold; however, past games represent how pathetic our offense has performed. And I feel bad for the kids since they need a creative game plan (listen up coaches) which has not been evident in all prior games - and the ND defense is awesome - VERY BIG and QUICK. Plays must develop quickly - quick passes over the middle to slant routes by receivers.It also may be wise to give the biggest back (Richard Wilson 5'10" -225lbs ) an opportunity to use his size on quick hand offs up the middle.But it has to be very difficult for this GREAT group of kids who have never quit , but show the signs of fatigue caused by this "trying" season . I hope that they can make it a game ,somehow !!!! Go EAGLES !!!!!

The Boston Series said...

BC according to inside reports will toss out the old play book and fill the game with razzle and dazzle. Spaz believes he can win this one with his surprise offense involving various screens/ draws, ends around and an old time at ststue of liberty and a half dozen plays involving laterals.

The defense will hold ND to 13 points while scoring 7 itself while the wide open offense us expected to score 4 - 5 times. Final. BC 22, ND 13.

blist said...

Well, like the old bumper sticker says, Always Believe in BC. BC 15, ND 14

JBQ said...

@mod34b: Thank you.

CT said...

Christian Suntrup could lead this team to victory. He is graduating in May.

CT said...

I watched ND's games against Ga Tech, USC, and Temple. ND is chronically overrated and wouldn't stand a chance in the SEC. Thank goodness the ACC is there to prop them up. BC has to be +3 in turnovers to hang in there.

eagleboston said...

How is BC going to score 17 points?

I'm predicting 37-7.

AlbanyEagle said...

Your comments today are the most positive I can remember from you in a very long time, and give me more hope than anything I've read this week.

From your lips to God's ears!

ND is going to want to make a statement to try to keep their fraudulent NCAA championship hopes alive. They may come out tight.

Let's go EAGLES!! Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Bravesbill said...

Norte Dame 38 - BC 10

blist said...

I can hear the announcers now. "Wait, Addazzio is signaling to the dugout. There's someone in uniform. Is it? Can it be? Yes, it's Christian Suntrup! Christian Suntrup is in a BC uniform! The gleam off his golden arm is blinding here in Fenway!"

mod34b said...

Today's Globe:

“Strange? Perhaps,” says BC director of athletics Brad Bates.

“[But] we have a longstanding tradition of playing at Fenway. It was our home field for years, and it really just connects our past with our present in a really meaningful way.”

BB stop the BS

Hoib said...


liked the mention of BC parents. For quite a while they were mostly Irish, quite often immigrants, like my great Grandparents. No matter what they say. Our's is the legacy of the real fighting Irish, fighting to survive in a new country. I hope the players Chanel that legacy and put a spanking on the Fighting Frauds. Your picking against us gives me a good vibe.

Unknown said...

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mod34b said...

So just what is it that is so aggravating about ND?

Really everything.

ND fans are bad sports and very low class fans. Kinda like WVU fans with Blue Blazers instead of batteries and urine bombs.

When teams like Clemson and FSU come to BC, they are pretty cocky about football, but usually they are nice people and do not hurl personal insults. And yes, Many from ND are very nice pleasant people. I have many ND friends who fit that category.

But far, far too many ND fans - actual students, grads and wannabes - are always rude and obnoxious before games. Always hurling juvenile insults. I can't think of any other team that does that?

Next, the sense of self importance is so over the top about ND. ND fans think BC really wants some kind of sports relationship with ND. Not so. I could not care less about ND. I am glad they will appear less on our schedule.

Finally, when the lose they are cry-babies and bad sports and when they win they are bad sports, lack humility and get even cockier.


dixieagle said...

ATL - great background on the real Irish school. Sadly, as BC has become more of a national university, I feel that some of that identity has been lost in the shuffle. I know several alum families who are convinced that their children (truly exceptional students) did not get in to BC because they were New Englanders. One alum friend said that he feels BC has "lost its soul." I certainly hope that is not the case.

Go Eagles! Beat the frauds in our own backyard... or at least make them look vulnerable enough that they are knocked out of the top 4.

Big Jack Krack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Big Jack Krack said...

Go BC - Beat the Notre Dame Rovers.

Beat the Notre Dame Ramblers.

One of these days I will mount a campaign to make the school change its offensive nickname.

Hoib said...


I don't know about loosing it's soul, but I definitely think the roots connection has been lost.
From the days of the poor boy Irish school to today's US News rat race, something has definitely been lost.

Knucklehead said...

Someone commented with inside information that addazio is going with trick plays/razzle dazzle.

My hope is that addazio does not stoop that level. Our best chance of winning is play goaline offense. Load up the line and play two end/two backs. Use every second of the clock and call running plays(not the same 3 plays though)until it is obvious ND is stacking the Dline. Then THINK about throwing to Thad over the top or the TE from St. Johns.

This is the best way to keep the game close and try and get a WIN. We need to win not play like a set of tools. Don't give ND anything. The refs undoubtedly will.

On special teams this means no attempted blocks and no unneeded onside kicks.

On defense this acutally means play more bend-but-don't-break and less blitzing.

On offense again this means goaline o the entire game, run the ball and keep the ball in bounds. Melt the clock and keep it close and see what you can get done late.

31-13. ND covers kickoff spread.

BaldEagle90 said...

As a BC graduate of Irish descent I take solace in the NCAA stripping North Dakota of the Fightin' Souix nickname (now the Fightin' Hawks). Let's all hope the image of a drunken fighting Irish man that those rubes from Northern Indiana JUCO cling to is the next target of the NCAA's micro aggression truth squad.

Hoib said...


W/ you all the way, some type of Homage to Chulainn would be much more appropriate. Maybe w/ the 100 year anniversary of the rising next year some momentum will be gained in riding us of that despicable characature.

Dan said...

Thank you blist this board was making me suicidally depressed up til this comment. What a bunch of downers.