Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hutzler to South Carolina; staff shakeup coming?

After a 3-9 season many expected staff changes. But the first change finds BC losing one of its better staffers. On Tuesday, multiple reports announced that Coleman Hutzler is joining his old boss Will Muschamp in South Carolina

Although Hutzler was only at BC one season, his impact on Special Teams was noticeable. BC's coverage units were good and Walker proved to be a big surprise. Hutzler was also one of the younger staffers and more valuable recruiters.

The timing of the change was also predictable. The quiet period just started, so no coach can talk to recruits right now. This enables staffers to move without having to explain why they are leaving. Then when the quiet period ends, the Head Coach can recontact recruits and explain away the changes. I expect now that all the BC coaches are back in Boston, Addazio will make a few more staff tweaks.


mod34b said...

" Addazio will make a few more staff tweaks."

Ah no.

No "tweaks" after that 2015 shit show we just witnessed.
Real top-to-bottom change is required

Lenny Sienko said...

Talk about "from the frying pan to the fire"....Hutzler goes from Daz, who is no. 3 on the coaching "hottest" to Muschamp, who is No. 1. Not much job security as a collegiate assistant.

Lenny Sienko said...

HOTSEAT...damnable auto correct.

Joe said...

Muschamp is on a hot seat without having coached a game ? That makes no sense.

Unknown said...

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mod34b said...

a 12/11/15 article out of Virginia

"The flip side: Offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler, offensive line coach Stacy Searels, recruiting coordinator and tight ends coach Bryan Stinespring, running backs coach and associate head coach Shane Beamer, and outside linebackers coach Cornell Brown likely will be working elsewhere next season.

“'They’re good coaches and they’re good people,” Frank Beamer said of his staff. “I’ve made a couple of calls and will call anyone. I wouldn’t have any … bit of trouble recommending any of my staff to anyone else. And I mean that. And sometimes you say that and you have a guy or two you’re not too sure about, but that’s not the case here. I wouldn’t have a bit of trouble helping them any way I can. If I was a betting man, I think they’ll land on their feet.'"

any guesses where Mr. Milquetoast Mediocre Daz-worshipping Loeffler will be getting a pay check next year?

Hoib said...

Hutzler certainly didn't work ant magic w/ our kicking game. Hopefully his replacement will get better results there.

Knucklehead said...

Special teams sucked this year. What were you watching? Muschamp will be a one contract guy again; this time at SC. He is completely overrated. The media is enamored with him because he goes nuclear on the slideline and is less than 50 years old. His win/loss record speaks for itself. Seriously how can you suck as a coach at a SEC school with A+: facilities, fan support and academic standards.

The only person indispensable on this staff is Al Washington. That includes Addazio based on this past season.

Joe said...

Anyone that thinks Hutzler and / or ST sucked this year is out of their minds.

The only argument you have is that kicking was sub-par, but let's face it, Hutzler isn't a specialized kicking coach, he can't fix mechanical issues, all he can do is take data from practice and choose who starts. My personal opinion is that Knoll should have been kicking this year but I don't think there was a huge drop off from him to Lichtenburg.

As for the coverage units, they were as good as they have been under Addazio, not to mention Walker emerged as a very above average return guy. The only other small problem I had with ST (and my guess is this was an Addazio decision) was keeping Alston on punts as long as they did, only because it was evident his head was not in playing football at BC, there are a number of other guys (better WRs who can catch) that should have been put in what was basically an automatic fair catch role.

Knucklehead said...

Jesus. The punt return game was marginal at the very best. I would say highly underwhelming. We had 0 returns for td's against the d-1 opponents. I don't remember seeing a return for TD that was called back even nor one greater than 50 yards. The field goal kicking was terrible. Cost the program two wins. The kick coverage was good mainly because they had the defense covering kicks not because of scheme. Frankly kick coverage is the simplest part of special teams . . . "stay in your lane and run down the field with intent."

The post and previous comment are completely absurd and misleading. The special teams coach doesn't really matter. Go hire another one.

Read the Boston Globe sports section the first three weeks of the year after BC games. This Hutzler character is quoted and the quotes about his discussions and relationship with Addazio were not very positive. This is really no surprise.