Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Learning from Don Brown

The AFCA voted Don Brown the assistant coach of the year. While this might not be surprising to close BC observers, this is surprising on a national level. Although BC had the No. 1 Defense, we still went winless in conference. National awards usually go to ranked teams. But his fellow coaches clearly appreciate what Brown accomplished. As Addazio makes wholesale changes to the other side of the ball, I hope he uses his experience with Brown as a guide to fixing the Offense.

There first two season with Brown at BC were frustrating. We ran his preferred scheme -- aggressive upfront and dependent on great DBs -- with mixed results. We often saw teams comeback as they adjusted to the pressure and burned our DBs late in the game. But as the talent improved -- especially in the secondary -- the system finally started to click. But the whole unit benefited by having one system, one vision, one recruiting mission and one signal caller for three straight years.

There are numerous reasons for the Offensive struggles this year, but I think the overriding problem was BC's approach. While still running Addazio's preferred spread/power combo, the Offense and its goals looked different week to week as we shuffled QBs, skill players and the OLine. Now Addazio says we are going to Pro Style. While I think Pro Style will work, Addazio needs to find a coordinator/play caller like Brown. Someone who knows the system well, has run it at other programs and who can plug in players to keep the Offense functional (regardless of injury and age).

The one luxury the new Offense won't have is waiting three years for it to click. But the bright side is that the Don Brown Defense will cover a lot of offensive growing pains.


JBQ said...

What exactly is a "pro style" offense. Wikipedia says that it an NFL offense which is brought to college. Three examples were given: Charlie Weiss (Kansas), Dave Wannstedt (Pitt), Bill O'Brien (Penn St). That only tells me that BC needs to get a Christmas present of a very talented former NFL offensive coordinator. The most talented around is Jags at Georgia State. Obviously, BC needs someone with a similar profile. The fan base is really waiting to see what happens.

CT said...

More two tight ends/fullback.

mod34b said...

Do tell

"As Addazio makes wholesale changes to the other side of the ball"

ccw said...

Have coaching staff changes been made?

Big Jack Krack said...

Hooray for Don Brown - he certainly deserves the honor, as does his defensive team. This is a great national honor and also the honor from Greater Boston Gridiron Club.

Imagine what would have happened to us this year with Coach Brown.

All the more amazing that his defense often got very little rest, as our offense was best at "3 and out".

Addazio brought Coach Brown to BC and deserves credit for that.

I hope Brad Bates (AKA "DIDB") conducts a proper annual evaluation and rewards Coach Brown with an appropriate raise.

We need him to stay at BC until he wishes to retire.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the FSU game, and although it was still early in the season, Brown's defense held that very talented team to 7 points, and shut down their running back. FSU couldn't say, well we weren't fully functional yet in terms of playbook. They were.

Awesome - and it gave us much hope, although the injury list began in earnest that night.

Now about the offense. I think Steve Addazio jumped the gun by telling reporters that we were switching to a pro-style offense.

What I would have said or what I wish he would have said - we're going to do a full evaluation and in 2016 you won't see a one dimensional-attack.

This is what the new Georgia coach said in answer to pro-style offense, or spread or something else - Coach Smart answered "Now to say are you going to be pro? I don't think you can pigeon-hole yourself into that. I like to think you've got to be both in both situations. You've got to utilize the talent you have on your team. What kind of players do you have on your team? What does it set up to be successful?

You have to have balance. You want to be able to run the football and to pass the football. It is proven over time that if you are one-dimensional, you'll eventually be stopped."

Yes, I wish Steve Addazio said something like that.

Go BC - please turn this around. As they say "You're killing me." This is football, not rocket science.

mod34b said...

Oh no! BB might be staying put. Egad. No!!!.

Harbsugh does not want new AD Big $7M Baby Harbaugh wants interim Promoted Instead

Bravesbill said...

Can't say I blame Harbaugh at all

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Message to BB: Make Don Brown happy.

Message to SA: Make sure Don Brown is your right hand man - pick his brain on all aspects of the program. A job is more than just money - its being appreciated and knowing you are valued. You are doing your job when you find/groom as many assistant coaches as possible who are potential candidates for your job.

JERZeagle said...

this simple statistic is why he won the award:

boston college completed 102 passes on the season
boston college punted 92 times on the season

don brown deserves this award, 100%

Hoib said...

Nice going Don


I think he played a good deal differently this year. I do agree it had to do w/ the corners, but he had them play tight man to man this year. The first 2 he didn't, he had the safeties back to help the corners which left the middle wide open. It's why we lost to CSU, and PSU, to name 2 games. Once he had the players to do what he wanted, he was in business. The offense can benefit from the same thing, it won't matter what style we play if the Oline can't get it done.