Thursday, December 17, 2015

New looks at the BC Defense

Earlier in the week SB Nation posted a breakdown of BC's Defense. It is certainly worth the read, though I feel they put too much emphasis on the front four. While those guys were great, BC was at its best when the DBs were healthy. Don Brown's scheme puts so much pressure on the DBs that once the talent slips a little, the Defense starts giving up big plays.

This year's Defense was so good that it makes the final 3-9 record all that more damning. Take a look at the Top Ten Defenses this season:

1. Boston College
2. Wisconsin
3. Alabama
4. Michigan
5. Georgia
6. Missouri
7. Ohio State
8. Northwestern
9. San Diego State
10. LSU

Now while not all those teams were perfect, the only one other than BC with a losing record was Missouri. Usually if you are in the Top 10 of either major category, you will win more than you lose. During the past ten years, no No. 1 Defense has finished with a losing record (other than BC).

I keep going back trying to find some sign that a great D one year leads to a great team the next. One team that I found interesting was the 2006 Kansas Jayhawks. They finished a much better 6-6 than BC and only 11th Nationally in Defense (which was strong in the pass happy Big XII), but it was a defense that carried the team. They next year the D remained strong and the Offense finally clicked. The Jayhawks finished 12-1 and won the Orange Bowl. I don't know if BC will bounce back the same way, but that does give me hope.


Hoib said...

If our D becomes a consistent strength and not a one year wonder, the wins will follow. I'm not familiar w/ how all the teams on the list operate offensively but I am w/ about half. Those teams tend to run a possession power type O. This is what Daz wants to do. To draw on ATL mention of the D's heavy reliance on the DBS, the O relies the same way on the line. If we can get a couple of guys up to speed there we can have a big turnaround next year. Brown's D's the first 2 years weren't all that great, particularly against the pass. Last year they were # 1 in the nation in passing situations, see story ATL mentions. The difference was brown got DBS who could play the way he wanted. Now I don't think we go from worst to first on O, but if we can get average production there I think we can have a pretty good record if the D play continues. Better O line play should do it.

This would be a much better approach than tearing up the script and starting over, and also our most likely path to success.

Sal said...

I said to my friend when the season ended: if BC had even a bad offense this year, we would've went bowling. The O was historically atrocious.

Knucklehead said...

Nothing like being associated with the University of Missouri.

mod34b said...

Per ESPN, Kansas in 2006 was ranked 93 in Defense and 48th in Offense
Per ESPN, Kansas in 2007 was ranked 14 in Defense and 8th in Offense

Per ESPN, BC in 2015 was ranked 1 in Defense and 126th in Offense

SO YES!! big turn-arounds are possible, but one of us is looking at the wrong stats for Kansas?

Maybe you mean 2005 - Kansas was #17 in D and #76 in O - but they did not have big success in 2006. The success was in 2007.

but to your point, Mangino was a roughly .500 coach for 5 years with strength on defense and then he struck gold for one year, going 12-1 in 2007, but he returned to meh the next two years.

I have huge doubts that Daz could turn things around next year, although 'better' than 2015 will be easy to accomplish given the patsies that await BC. Yet, I cannot imagine BC rising to a top 10 team as was the case with Mangino's 2007 jayhawks. I cannot even see BC having a wining ACC record in 2016.

Interesting the coach Mark Mangino was fired 2 years later for "boorishness" and being too rough on players. Never a HC again.

Guido said...

Just thinking about next year !!! I do not see how Don Brown and company can maintain the same incredible proficiency as in 2015. Losing 1st team all ACC Wojciak 6'3"300lbs Abdesmad- 6'7" 290 lbs ( he was healthy and played well )Evan Kelly (maybe 6'1" 285lbs - and I understand that his major role was depth .Stephen Daniels was awesome at LB a "BIG FORCE" at 250lbs. He played very well. Justin Simmons was a major force in the Defensive Backfield not only playing strong but being the field "General" as well. WE are much smaller and that will be a BIG FACTOR . So my humble opinion , there will be a drop in performance - HOW MUCH ????? I do not know. On offense , with Hilliman back and a choice of WADE , SMITH (major exp. under fire)and a potentially ??? gifted Freshman in Anthony Brown, there s/b a major improvement assuming Addazio and the O/C ????? get their act together. THEY WERE PATHETIC !!!! With a weak OOC schedule, I believe BC could win 7 games !!!! PAT's and short field goals should be a given -another positive !!!And the O-Line has to improve ???? But who knows ??? THE MAJOR FACTOR IS ADDAZIO and THE OC (whoever he may be ). And Addazio , you must throw occasionally on first down etc to TIGHT ENDS - OH ,THAT IS RIGHT - AT BC - TIGHT ENDS ONLY BLOCK !!!! How things have changed .Have a great Xmas you all !!! I should disappear for awhile , but I AM A BIG BC FAN . However, constructive criticism is healthy. I hope Addazio reads this blog , since I believe that he would ask me to be on his staff.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

IS THE OC leaving???????????????????? Didn't hear that one. Was he fired or did he resign to take the Patriots OC job??????!!!! What was he wearing when he left the office?????? Did he cry???? Did they give him a box to carry his stuff out in? God I hope so. Hopefully he lands on his feet especially if that Patriots OC job falls through. It is a tough time to be out of work. His wife is soooo nice. I hope she handles it well????!!!!!???? Hold on need to catch my breath.. . . .

Ok. I am back on track. Thanks for waiting. I appreciate it. Go Eagles. Happy new years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ. Stay off the rails

Hoib said...


The toughest guy to replace is Wojack, otherwise we have experienced guys to step in. W/o looking at all the other ACC D attrition I bet we're in a better position than most of our competition on D. Not likely to be as good as this year. No shame in that, but still pretty good. We have many good players coming back, too many to name, which kind of makes my point.

Hoib said...

Christmas present, we have a new QB!

Guido said...

I do not know if there is any anticipated change in the O/C position . I doubt it ,but ....!! On a different subject , I wonder why the comment after my posting was deleted - is there someone on this board that does not like me or my opinions - I doubt it ,but I can take the "constructive criticism". And by the way , Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to Eagle in Atlanta who does a great job !!!!!!Hopefully he will be announcing some surprise 4 star de-committing from Alabama and coming to BC.

Guido said...

Hoib - I thought that you were kidding - WOW - will next year be interesting !!!! OMG !!!!!!

Hoib said...


Next years a clean slate. What happened last year will have no bearing on next.

Knucklehead said...

"THE MAJOR FACTOR IS ADDAZIO and THE OC (whoever he may be )."

ccw said...

Why is nobody talking about the possibility of Brown leaving BC? With all the HC coach changes, people are bound to be interested in Brown given BC's success. They can throw more money than BC can. They can also provide more optimism that the offense will be legit.