Monday, December 07, 2015

Vintage BC Poster Calendars are back

It is that time of year, where Asgard offers a Eagle in Atlanta reader discount on their products. Asgard has a bunch of classic sports and classic comic posters that make for great Christmas presents. There is also the BC Poster Calendar. It is a wall calendar featuring old football programs. Each month is detachable so that is also can serve as a poster. It makes for a great gift for those BC fans in your life. I've always received good feedback on people's purchases.

How to buy:
1. Go to, and use the promo code "atleagle15."


2. Just click on the link below.

(A heads-up, the site doesn't calculate the 10% discount until the very end, so don't worry when you don't see the discount when you put the calendar in your shopping cart.)

I do get a referral on all the purchases made through the link.


mod34b said...

Nice Calendars with interesting vintage graphics....but kind of dated

The most recent calendar pages feature the program cover for BC vs VMI in 1966. Other covers go back to the 1940s and earlier

I think maybe the only one from this blog who was a BC student in 1966 is Hoib. :-)

blist said...

Serious? You're going all grouchy-old-man over vintage calendars?

CT said...

Someone beeds a Who from Whoville intervention.