Sunday, December 27, 2015

Waiting on DC news

Christmas is over. Don Brown's been gone nearly a week. Where is our Defensive Coordinator news?!

Obviously things don't work that fast. Because of the quiet period, there is less urgency. As you can also see from bigger programs with bigger paychecks still searching -- like Auburn -- it makes sense that there has been limited BC news. The Christmas holiday probably didn't help. While I am sure Addazio was talking to candidates, some of their availability would be limited and BC's ability to screen backgrounds and whatnot would also be limited. As supportive as the school is for Football, they are not calling in non-sports staffers on Christmas Day to help out with HR checks.

The wait has also led to gossip that the whole defensive staff is gone. I have no idea if it is true, but it would make sense. BC already lost Hutzler and Brown. Lempa has been a rumored retirement candidate for a while and Albert supposedly was on the hot seat. Allowing the new DC to bring in whomever he wants or at least have a say in hiring the Defensive staff makes the Coordinator job that much more appealing.

As for doom and gloomers saying we won't get anyone good...that is not the case. Even when Spaz was the lamest of lame ducks, he still managed to find some decent guys for his open spots. Coaching remains a very fluid profession and there are always good guys looking for a shot.

I expect BC to make an announcement before the quiet period ends in mid-January, if not sooner.


mod34b said...

I hope you have Christmas amnesia !

Spaz managed to find someone decent?

What? Like Gary Tranquill?

Here was your reaction that hire: When I first heard this rumor floated early Friday that Gary Tranquill might be our offensive coordinator I thought it was a joke. Now, according to the Globe, it is going to happen. In my opinion this doesn't look promising.

mod34b said...

Daz is not (yet) as pathetic as Spaz. Maybe he brings in Loeffler and Heater.

Has Ryan Day been fired yet? Maybe a reprise of the overrated Mr. Any Day Now.

mod34b said...

With the right hire, .500 football is just around the corner (4 patsy ooc wins plus wins over wake and syr and we go 2-6 on ACC. )

EL MIZ said...

why is Albert rumored to be on the hot seat? DL production has been very good. development of Wujciak was one of the stories of the defense, Landry is arguably our most promising player - what has Albert done to merit being on a hot seat?

Joe said...

Lempa is rumored to be taking the DC job at Hawaii

Teresa Halminton said...

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