Tuesday, January 05, 2016

All quiet on the staffing front

Still no news on BC's open staff vacancies. With the recruiting quiet period nearing an end, I think Addazio will want to fill the openings soon. Yet all we have now remains speculation and gossip.

Hoffses reported that Reid was still representing Iowa to recruits as late as Saturday. That makes sense and probably explains any current delay. BC and Reid are probably being sensitive to recruits and Iowa's potential staff needs. No need to upset anything until the deal is closed in Boston and Ferentz has time to plan. Even Football Scoop -- which trades in gossip and speculation -- is remaining quiet. I don't think they are being cautious out of fear of being wrong (it hasn't stopped them in the past). I think they are being cautious to protect sources.

The only curve ball is the added speculation that Reid might not be the only Iowa guy coming to BC. As I tweeted Monday, Iowa DB coach and recruiting coordinator Seth Wallace followed some BC people on Twitter Monday morning (including me). It looks like he unfollowed some of the others. Based on that I reached out to BC folks and got non-answers (no confirmation or denials). If BC is hiring away Iowa's recruiting coordinator a week before recruiting goes full tilt, then I can see Addazio being very respectful of Ferentz's needs. It is professional courtesy.

In the end, I think Reid remains likely and Wallace remains a long shot. And we haven't even gotten into any changes that might come on the offensive side of the ball. It should be an interesting week.

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