Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BC looks ok(ish) against 'Canes

The final score of BC's loss to Miami doesn't tell the whole story. The game was closer than it appeared. Many of the young players moved and scored with confidence (Diallo and Robinson). Plenty of the young guys looked like ACC players. But positive things still weren't enough. If BC is ever going to win an ACC game, multiple people need to play well. You can't have Carter and, to a lessor extent, Clifford not play well.

The overall effort was better too. But that doesn't offset the TOs from the guards. There was one sequence where Hicks coughed it up, stole it back and then coughed it up again. It is maddening.

I want to consider this game encouraging, but the team has shown little progress or momentum game to game. Hopefully this week is different.


Andrew said...

How about one of the coaches, you know, "coaching" Carter in a game like that? Robinson had 20; Carter went 4-18 (1-7 from 3) - which actually looked worse - and missed a bunch of shots down the stretch. Robinson's last shot was with over 9 minutes left. Diallo should get more minutes.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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Danny Boy said...

Andrew, I think you hit the nail on the head. When Carter was facilitating and making Diallo look like a future all ACC player and Robinson was aggressive the team looked great. As soon as Carter started looking for himself, the entire team fell apart on both ends of the floor and Miami pulled away.

The coaches need to convince Carter that 12 and 10 with a W looks far better to the NBA than 20 and 4 and a L.

Unknown said...

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