Wednesday, January 13, 2016

No offense against Orange

Syracuse killed BC Wednesday. I don't even know what to say positively about it. The 2-3 causes problems for lots of teams, but BC had no real method for getting baskets. They went scoreless for long stretches in both the first and second half.

Defensively things were okay in the sense that they didn't make as many mental mistakes as the ND game. But they still had huge issues rebounding.

Carter played with more control but didn't get much help from anyone else. Clifford wasted too many good looks near the basket.

It is going to be a long season.


mod34b said...
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Hoib said...

Given our personnel deficiencies I think we should play some 2-3. We couldn't penetrate theirs at all, yet they had a field day in the paint against us. When Hicks 6-2 was in the game he was guarding their 4. If the opponent starts nailing 3 s then go to man to man. JC needs to shake it up, we shouldn't just glumly walk to the gallows.

Hario said...

Right now its hard to picture bball being relevant for another decade

I really hope Bates is not the one making the next hire

Napolean Bonaparte said...

All of this is probably hurting the overall reputation of the school. Its not about sports per se - its about the competence of those managing the institution. You don't tolerate this kind of stuff - whether you are talking about your campus food service or your English department or your athletics department. You really wonder WTF Bates does all day? They desperately need a special type of skilled hands on manager to right this sinking ship over the next few years. I have no confidence in Bates - this is probably way beyond his ability to manage. He is proving to be a terrible hire.

working rich said...

what happened ?

I have hope with daz but basketball is a disaster.

deep down inside i blame defillippo
He allowed Tom o Brien to leave = as lowest paid coach in ACC

He fired Skinner-boring offense but he won a lot

tragic events

mod34b said...
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Hoib said...

working rich

Absolutely right, but that train left the station along time ago now. We have to look to the future and fix things one step at a time.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Neither Skinner nor O'Brien were without their warts - but they were reasonably competent. Skinner slipped at the end after losing two top assistants and failing to recruit a single player (which led to a major class imbalance which has carried over to the present). Our biggest mistake (among many others) was not replacing them with clearly better people (at least on paper) who had successful track records at the head coaching level. It made little to no sense to let those guys go and roll the dice to the extent they did with the people they hired. If you want to move up and do something better - fine - then bring in the right people with the experience to get you there. Otherwise - work to improve what you have.