Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pitiful against Pitt

BC lost another lopsided basketball game Saturday. This time to Pitt. I am torn on the Eili Carter issue. Carter filled up the stat sheet and played a statistically efficient game, but I feel like the team is suffering because of it. It would be one thing if Carter was carrying the team to wins. But we are getting killed and none of the young guys are developing. 

Occasionally you would see Carter find Diallo or someone else for a nice assist, but it didn't happen enough. 

BC's Defense was not good. There were plenty of breakdowns and terrible rebounding. 

I don't know the answers, but either this team is really inconsistent or just plain bad. 


matthew2 said...

I did not see the game today, but I have seen most. Carter has been a pass first guy all year, trying to set up others. He's a shooting guard playing out of position, and he's still by far the only player we have.

He reminds me of hanlan in that he is unselfish, but he is alone. No other player can create on a consistent basis like they can. We could let another guy play point, sure. But I think this is a good philosophy, to let a guy like carter help others develop. He would help develop them, if there was more potential.

Danny Boy said...

You must be watching different games than I am. Carter is a shoot first guard, even when he's 5 feet behind the arc and covered. The last few games have started out with him gunning and other guys watching.

You can almost see Robinson check out of the game. Carter will always be able to get his shots. He should be working to get the other guys going early. They're young, they need that carrot. JC should me emphasizing that as well. If these kids don't develop this year, then we start next year right where we were this year, but without the scoring of carter.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Carter is here for one reason - to be given a stage and improve his pro potential. He needs to score for average and attract attention to himself. He's not here to help young players develop. JC knew that was what he was getting.

JBQ said...

Napoleon Bonaparte said it like it really is. Carter is very good. However until he is gone, the "team" will not develop.

mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

@mod34b: The only thing that I would add is the total of 351. Actually, it looks like the Jesuit schools can no longer compete. There are 28. Gonzaga is 26. Loyola of Chicago is 200 which is a former NCAA champion. Loyola Marymount of Hank Gathers fame is 189. USF of Bill Russell notoriety is 212. St. John's which is Vincentian with Ray Kelly as a law school graduate is 214. The issue at St. John's is very troubling for religious education. They have a very good situation and still can't recruit. Hopefully, Chris Mullin will be the savior after Steve Lavin from UCLA couldn't make it go. I have attended various games on campus. They also have access to Madison Square Garden. If they can't make it go, how does BC expect to. It is all about tv money and Father Leahy realizes this. Donna Shalala did BC a great favor by espousing their entry into the ACC. Rutgers is 255 and Bradley, a power in the old Missouri Valley, is 330. The SEC "rings the bell". With Rick P of Louisville accused of furnishing prostitutes to recruits, how can BC compete. The issue raised by mod34b is a real one. BC is the "tail of the dog" which is waggin pretty good in the ACC. Can they compete with the "big dogs" in the current acceleration toward "play for pay"?