Monday, February 01, 2016

BC wins Beanpot Opener

Given that this was the best Harvard team BC has faced in a Beanpot Opener, getting a win is a major positive. Throw in a BC comeback and winning with a very thin list of Goalie, a 3-2 victory feels good.

Casey Fitzgerald started off the scoring. Sanford tied it up and then White scored BC's go ahead goal. Demko saved 21 shots.

BC will face the winner of Northeastern and BU for the Championship next Monday.


AlbanyEagle said...

Nice Beanpot win. Bring on the Terriers. The hockey program continues to be the shining jewel of BC’s athletics department, and we are fortunate to have Coach York and his team.

Having said that, back to Napolean’s comment yesterday, re: strategic planning (

I, too, feel this is the time for fans/alumni/friends of BC to make a statement to the powers that be that something needs to be done about our major sports teams, or if something is being done we need to hear something about it. The Light the World campaign was a huge success for the university, of which the leadership should be proud. And, very appropriately, its goal was to raise cash to fund the university’s mission and academic priorities. However, the fact that athletic programs played a very significant role in advancing BC’s national profile cannot be denied or ignored. Likewise, failure to maintain at least realistically competitive teams in the major ACC sports could very well play a significant role in waning support and/or interest in BC, and subsequently a decline in its prominence. I know, this may sound silly, crying about not winning games that, on the surface, have nothing to do with advancing the Jesuit mission.
I make no claim whatsoever to know anything of substance when it comes to managing higher education. And beyond a fierce loyalty to any BC sport, I cannot and do not claim to be a die hard fan of any one sport. Also, to be fair, some of our programs (obviously hockey, but others a well) are regularly, and sometimes spectacularly successful. But it seems apparent to me that one factor that can contribute to the fading prominence of a school is its athletic presence in major sports, see Holy Cross. (No offense to any HC grads or supporters. Great school.) Certainly this could well be intentional, choosing to de-emphasize athletics to the benefit of other programs. Perhaps that is what is best. Personally, I think not, but it very well could be where we are headed. Alternatively, if it is merely an issue of neglect, we might well end up being the Temple analog of the ACC, which would achieve the same end, albeit in a more embarrassing manner. Either way, as loyal followers/supporters deserve a truthful, open, and honest presentation of the current philosophy and plan.

I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum, but the time has come for an organized effort to get a “state of the union” on BC athletics. A major gathering of information is beginning now which will help shape the university-wide master plan for the next decade and beyond. Athletics must be addressed. Are there any Gridiron Club or Hoop Club members regularly on this blog? If so, do your organizations ever get substantial information about the mysterious master plan? Does anyone else want to try to organize?

I love BC. I will always be a loyal Eagle fan. It’s not even a conscious decision. I am not asking for a national championship in every sport. But irrelevance in football and basketball is an embarrassment to a great university. If we really care we should make an effort. I am tired of reading the litany of horrible stats, and bitching and moaning about embarrassing performances and humiliating losses.

Ever to Excel. Let's go.

BarraCuda said...

Getting back to the Beanpot...

I love the Beanpot, and it goes without saying that I'll always root for BC to win, but one of these years someone other than BC or BU needs to win one. I know that the increased capacity of the "new" Garden compared to the original is a factor, but it felt like so much more of a vital tournament when all four schools were capable of winning in any given year. From 1980-1994 BU won 6, Northeastern 4, Harvard 3 and BC 2. From 1994 on only BC or BU have won.

I know there's nothing that can be done about this except for either Harvard or NU going out and getting the job done, but it just feels like the interest in this tournament is really dwindling, which is a shame because in its heyday it was one of the greatest sports experiences of the year. Now it's starting to feel like an afterthought. The number of empty seats last night was almost embarrassing.

mod34b said...
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chicagofire1871 said...


You make some good suggestions for Gridiron Club/hoops. I hope someone from those orgs responds. In the mean time, why don't you write BB or Leahy? When I've done this I always get a response.

dixieagle said...

Hear, hear, AE! It seems that the powers-that-be have completely forgotten the "Flutie Effect" (which is a real thing, based on actual research.) I'm afraid that what we're seeing now is the exact opposite; with ESPN talking about whether an ACC school has ever gone winless in ACC play in both football and basketball. Perhaps this will become known as the "Bates Effect."

I've got to talk to that friend of mine who's in the loop to find out what the hell's going on.

BarraCuda said...

I rest my case.