Sunday, February 21, 2016

Going right past rock bottom

I had a conflict Sunday night and missed watching the basketball game live. When the night began I really thought I was going to miss my one chance to watch BC win an ACC game this year. I should have known better. BC Basketball embarrassed themselves again, losing to Wake 74-48. I don't know how the players feel, but Christian and Bates should both be worried. Either this team gave up or is very untalented. Neither excuse offers much hope for the future.

Is there a win left on the schedule? I doubt it.

As for how to fix this, (other than finding a miracle recruit), Christian has recruiting specialists, but now he needs to find an assistant coach who can install an offense. BC can't score for long, long stretches. That problem is not going to fix itself.


bceagle91 said...

Wake started the game on a 32-4 run. It sure looks like, yesterday at least, the team quit. Down 32-4 to WF? I could see it against Oklahoma, Villanova or some other top team, but WF?

Hoib said...

Huge talent gap. We have 8 freshman, the best 2 are hurt. If next years kids don't fit, then JC and probably Bates w/ him are history. We should know by about this time next year. At that point things should be looking like Onahue y3, if not blow it up and start over.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

If a number of these kids decide to transfer out (a distinct possibility under the circumstances), we may not have enough players to even field a team.

mod34b said...
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Hario said...

This season is utterly embarrassing.

Frankly - I am not sure we can even point to just one thing when a season is this bad. Everything is bad.

im afriad we may be a full decade away from the team being even relevant let alone an NCAA tourney team

EL MIZ said...

Hoib - the 8 guys in Wake's rotation - 3 freshmen, 4 sophomores, 1 senior.

the 8 guys BC played yesterday were - 2 5th year seniors (cliff and eli), a junior (Owens), what is essentially a 3rd-yr sophomore due to two seasons lost to injury (hicks), and 3 freshmen (milon, dialo, meznieks).

we have lost 3 freshmen (jrob, turner and reyes) to injury but we are still playing a lot of experience. carter is freaking 24 yrs old and is usually the oldest guy on the floor - and as much as i and everyone belly ache about how terrible he is, without him yesterday this one is even more lopsided.

this team is an out and out disaster. Robinson showed some promise this year. Turner and Milon have had their moments. but man, i do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. they lack toughness, they lack a system, Christian just doesn't seem to be presenting any sort of vision - what sort of team is this? what do they do well? what sort of players is he looking for? i honestly have no freaking clue.

would be hilarious if Christian, just like he did at TCU, decided he couldn't rebuild here and ran back to the MAC.

Bates is a total zero - he should not be the guy who makes the next basketball coach hire, whenever that is.

also, if there is something to hold onto - yesterday jared dudley tweeted that he'd be the coach here someday.

Bravesbill said...

bceagle91--Wake started on a 37-4 run! BC scored 4 points in the first 16:27 of the game! That performance should have had Christian fired right after the game. The fact that he's still around this morning speaks volumes of the lack of accountability in BC athletics.

Hoib said...


I'm a patient guy. I want to see what happens next year. I don't want to dump the coach now, and have the top 3 freshman leave and have the worst of them stay behind while a new guy starts all over again.

EL MIZ said...


i don't want to dump Christian either. the optics would be bad (what coach are we going to get to replace him), plus i think we are still paying Donahue and i don't want to pay for 3 coaches at once.

i am excited for next year - hopefully the nucleus of JROB, Turner, plus the incoming PG, with the rest of the guys as secondary players, can develop into something. but it certainly is not promising.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

32-4, holy smoke. Gonzaga (Jesuit) built a very nice program in Seattle by bringing in big foreign players. Their Polish center is injured but they have the son of the famous Russian, Sabonis, and then a big transfer from Louisville in Wiltjer. This year, they have terrible guards. This is where John Stockton started. It can be done.