Saturday, February 06, 2016

Losing continues in Louisville

During the scoring drought at the start of the game, I really started to wonder if BC would score more than 10 points before the half. Things have gotten that bad. Even with a few runs to make it closer, the final score was pretty representative of how bad the loss to Louisville was. With listless play like this it is only fair to ask if this is the is going to be the worst basketball team in BC history.

What were the positives? Barnes-Thompkins showed some fight and made a few nice shots. Dennis Clifford -- who was overmatched inside -- still played hard and did all right defensively. That is about it. Like all really bad BC seasons, watching is becoming a chore.

The national basketball people are saying Christian needs time. I agree. But this season is not giving me much hope. Great coaches have down years. I don't think great coaches have years this bad...especially when the roster is filled with their players.


mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

@mod34b: Pretty much.

EL MIZ said...

M34B - LOL. we play some of the other teams in the basement in the ACC coming up, will be interesting to see how we fare against them. it would be truly a monumentally bad team if we went winless.

we have not even won a half of basketball! the closest we have come is 29-28 in the first half of the Miami game. 20 halves of basketball, we are 0-20. 10 games and we haven't even lost by single-digits. we have been outrebounded in every game and are last in the conference in rebounding. we are the worst shooting team in the conference by FG% and FT%. FT%! we can't even hit our free throws! not that it matters - we are last in the conference in FTA and are 60 FTA behind 2nd to last place.

i know the old adage of letting the coach go through one cycle of his players but this is truly a pathetic start to conference play. i actually don't think our young guards are that bad - JROB showed promise pre-injury, SBT has played okay off the bench (and had his best game so far today), it is nice to see Hicks finally contributing. that said, the big men are a disaster and we actually lose Clifford next year, bring in Popovic (who has been described as a 'project') and thats it. replace a 5th year senior with a project and hope for the best.

as i have said on other posts, i don't even want Xtian fired if Bates is going to be the guy doing the hiring.

Hoib said...

I was thinking while watching, that our remaining season could benefit from a Howard mercy rule. We just don't have anyone w/ size who can do anything. Clifford has a big heart but no game. JC you could tell from TV, Has about had it w/ Diallo. Guess what, w/ Lville removing themselves fron post season we now have one more game.

Lenny Sienko said...

JROB's injury shows up our problems with handling the ball. The increase in turnovers since he was hurt points out that he had more to do with holding on to the ball than we may have noticed.

BC has never been able to find anyone to "coach up" the occasional big man we could lure to campus. It would be worth an assistant's spot dedicated to BIGS to see if we could turn out someone who can play around the basket.

BaldEagle90 said...

Saw the second half of this mess. An honest question - what is the offense BC is trying to run. I really have no idea.

Hoib said...


If you find out, tell me. Looks like a continuation of Onahue's weave and heave to me. As Lenny points out you would need inside scoring to do otherwise, and we just don't have that at all.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

At least we have a women's basketball team that is 1-9 in ACC play - so don't tell me we can't win in this conference.