Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Downes finishes Marathon and other links

In case you missed it, the Globe had a great article on Marathon Bombing survivor and BC grad Patrick Downes. It is worth your time and if you are interested, you can give to the scholarship at BC in Patrick's name.

Can Justin Simmons be a NFL Draft sleeper if he keeps getting this much attention?

BC is in the mix for Utah State basketball transfer Lew Evans. He would be a 5th year and eligible to play right away.

Some of BC's 2018 targets are getting media attention already.


Hoib said...

Profile in courage, nice job.

JBQ said...

Everything that I have ever read about Justin has been very complimentary. I noted the eye black pattern that he used. It was in the shape of a cross. I wish him well.

CT said...

Simmons might be a day 2 pick. Hopefully.

dixieagle said...

Have heard nothing but great things about him; the Senior Bowl guys booted it big time when they didn't invite him. Would have loved to see him down here. He's doing just fine without that, though.

Unknown said...

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