Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tunsil yet another reminder that college sports remains dirty

The story of the NFL Draft was Laremy Tunsil. While his drug video was the bigger deal, I think admitting to taking money from Ole Miss will have a more far reaching impact on college sports. Ole Miss will probably suffer some sort of scholarship reduction and a change in coaching staffs. The whole affair is a reminder of how broken college sports are.

BC took a stand on paying players last year, but the Power 5 is moving towards official Minor League status whether we like it or not. BC might think paying players is contrary to the school's mission, but it does benefit us. Money is already changing hands. Getting it out in the open might curb some of the cheating. Right now BC is playing with one hand behind their back. If we have strict salaries and caps and what not, some of that talent will get redistributed to places like BC.

I like to think that BC is not cheating like Ole Miss, but I know enough not to ask or push the issue. If BC is doing under the table stuff like Ole Miss, then that is just one more reason to support paying players. As anyone at CSOM will tell you, this is a highly inefficient market. Making the money official and allowing players' value to drive market will fix so much and we can all stop pretending it is about the education.


mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

The Rev. John Jenkins of ND has stated that if college football were to move toward semi pro status that the university would consider dropping the sport. Ole Miss will be punished just as SMU was punished by the NCAA while North Carolina, Louisville, and Auburn will "skate away". It is all about the money. So, let's get the issue out into the open. From that perspective, Atlanta is right.

blist said...

JBQ, I could see ND, BC and some other like-minded academic schools going Ivy League-like in football instead of dropping altogether, not FCS but not NFL AAA either. But I doubt that happens.

TeePeriod said...

"College Sports" are not broken. There are hundreds of division 2,3 and low Division 1 schools that successfully combine athletics and academics, provide tremendous competition and school spirit and do things the "right" way. What's broken is BIG TIME college sports. Granted it's where the money, talent and attention is - but it's only a part of a much bigger landscape.
Will never ever happen; but I'd be fine with BC leading the creation of an Ivy type football/bball conference (mid major) featuring BC, Nova, Wake, northwestern,Vandy,army, navy and Rice.
F the power 5 arms race that we'll never win anyway - and ultimately will devalue what our university is all about.

curranac said...

I don't care if players get paid actual money, but I don't see how that will have any impact on boosters making illegal payments. Along with the official amount they receive, players will continue to get extra/illegal benefits.

Paying might make the system less broken, but it will still have plenty of flaws that will be exploited.

Hoib said...

The cheating will never stop, look at the NFL. The reason to pay the players is to reward the honest ones. They are being financially exploited, maybe not at BC because we are a very marginal if not the most marginal p65 school. If u look at it from the perspective of the guys playing for the top schools it's grossly unfair. They bring in millions and millions to their school and are no where near fairly compensated. Why should Saban, Harbaugh, Urbin and co. get 5mm plus per year when the players don't get any. I don't turn on the set to watch those guys stare at the field, it's to watch the players. This will eventually get sorted out. The O'Bannon case is the beginning.

Lastly the idea that ND would ever do anything different than play w/ the big boys is absurd. They'd be committing financial suicide. If their current president tried to do any such thing he'd be run out of town in a hurry.

Geezer eagle said...

Tee speaks for me. I fully endorse that concept. FBS football is broken. The concept of the student-athlete has become a travesty.

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