Friday, May 20, 2016

Addazio preparing for Georgia Tech already

If there is one thing to takeaway from Thursday's ESPN article on Addazio and Paul Johnson, it is that BC will be ready for the Jackets' triple option offense. Addazio has been studying it for years. Because we are beginning the season facing a gimmick offense, I agree with Addazio that we need to start now. Defeating them won't just be about maintaining gap control and assignments. It is also about their speed and cutbacks.

But no matter what Addazio does, Johnson will have a counter. That is the beauty of a gimmick offense. You create problems for the opponent and can change the game with a few momentum plays. Because of the gimmick, Johnson is never totally lost like BC was last year. He can create layers of depth and plug new people in from year to year. Addazio will never have that luxury if he keeps switching OCs and philosophies.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Another article:

Putting aside whatever you may think of this - Bates has to go. Just one bumbling poorly managed WTF effort after another for someone getting paid as much as he gets paid.

mod34b said...

I hope Daz focuses not on GT's offense, but our offense. He has the two grandpas taking care of the D- which was left in very nice shape by Don B.

These guys in offense have a lot to prove to show they can compete in the ACC.

CT said...

Deep thought there.