Friday, May 06, 2016

BC leveraging Big Ten friends to tag along at satellite cmapes

Once the NCAA overturned their ban on satellite camps, it didn't take long for the Big Ten powers to reschedule them. While the ACC, as a conference, is still against satellite camps, BC is taking the right kind of baby steps. Instead of making a splash and spending money hosting our first satellite camps, BC is joining friendly programs at their camps.

First BC will be part of Michigan's camp at Paramus Catholic. My guess is Don Brown helped put this together. Some other programs with ties to Harbaugh -- like Maryland -- will also be there.

Later BC will join Ohio State and Urban Meyer at St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida. Presumably this was via Addazio's relationship with Meyer.

The good news about these camps is that you get to see prospects who you might normally get to Boston. The bad news is that all the elite players will be focused on Michigan and Ohio State. But that is the risk you take when the other program runs the camp. It is the same sort of deal when Harvard or UNH come to BC's camps at Alumni during the summer. As long as we make inroads with some prospects, it is worth it.

I hope these are huge successes for BC and we learn how to operate a satellite camp and run our own in the near future.


Hoib said...

All makes sense to me, but if these camps to become a permanent part of the landscape, I hope we spring for our own, using what we learn at these to help plan them. For us in particular w/ so few top notch players in our back yard it would help us allot.

JBQ said...

St. Thomas Aquinas is a known super power nationally. One super prospect after another comes out of that school.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'd like to see a camp at Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ (my alma mater). BC only has two (2) kids on our roster from Bosco. We have two (2) from Thomas Aquinas as well. FWIW Bosco defeated TA in 2013 and 2014.

A camp at Bosco could bring in potential recruits from St, Peter's Prep, Bergen Catholic, St. Joe's of get the idea...Jersey Catholic schools.

BC used to have a great relationship with Bosco...I don't know what has happened of late.

CT said...

No offense to the Jersey/Northeast vibe on here from the alums, but until BC gets serious-Al Washington style-about the South, nothing will change. Not these days.

This is a small amount of good news.

dixieagle said...

CT - agree about the South. Mobile, AL, where I live, produced the most NFL draft picks for 3 years in a row. I've mentioned before that someone needs to take a brief detour from Georgia to check out some of the kids here, including at the state champ Catholic H.S. People here are far more aware of B.C. than you'd think, due to Flutie and the fact that we used to regularly beat Notre Dame. There's plenty of talent here to go around.

CT said...

Plenty of talent. But the hurdle is getting someone to Boston from the South. It's hard enough on an academic schollie or non-schollie, esp to a school with little football pedigree.

Winning changes everything.