Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Perry dunks!

I have concerns about the quality of play that EJ Perry faces in Massachusetts, but the kid clearly has athleticism. In the video below he gets up and throws down a dunk. If he can't break the QB depth chart, maybe Jim Christian can use him. (ht Eagle Tribune).


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Nice attempt - but not a lot to talk about these days until football practices start. Maybe a piece on the most recent recruiting class for the men's and women's fencing teams would generate some interest? Or the future of cheerleading at BC? Of course, you could do anything on these issues and generate a thousand comments:

- the football uniforms
- the football helmet - logo or no logo
- should we have stayed in the Big East
- Jags
- BC's most crushing WTF defeats
- men's lacrosse
- transgender issues and the toilets at Conte and Alumni
- transgender issues impacting BC's ability to recruit

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Oh - nearly forgot - anything on cats, service animals, the impact to the local squirrel population of the new baseball facility or animal rights somehow tied into BC sports always fires people up.

Geezer eagle said...

Too funny, Nappy. Love your cynicism. You've stolen my theme.