Saturday, May 28, 2016

RIP Don Horton

Former Offensive Line Coach Don Horton passed away after battling Parkinson's disease. Horton coached at BC for 10 years, all under Tom O'Brien. He then followed TOB to NC State. As part of the Cincinnati contingent, Horton recruited many of our Ohio prospects first as a Tight Ends coach and then as a Offensive Line coach.

If you follow many former BC players on social media, you will see an outpouring of emotion and respect for their former coach. My thoughts and prayers go out to those guys as well as Horton's family.


hoya80 said...

I knew Don first as a grade school classmate and fellow player on the Indian Hill athletic teams, having played football and basketball w/him in junior high back in Cincinnati. Later in life, as fate would dictate, I ran into Don again when my son enrolled at BC. Don was always a kind person with a keen sense of humor. Catching up w/Don who would allow me to meet him in the new football offices on a Friday afternoon before the weekend game was always something special, especially knowing how busy he must have been.

He will be missed by many including this one former childhood teammate-Richard B. Tranter

Unknown said...

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