Friday, July 22, 2016

Addazio is raising expectations

Addazio, Myles Willis and Matt Milano ran the gauntlet of the ACC Media Days Friday. While the answers and topics from most of the one-on-one interviews will sprinkle out in the following days, Addazio's press conference and ESPN interviews are out. In these interviews he's expressing a lot of optimism.

Addazio owes us optimism after he screwed up last season. While he still references not having recruited the whole roster -- and even points to Willis and Milano as examples -- this is his team. He has his coaching staff in place. He has depth at critical positions and has an OC he trusts. During the interviews he still falls back to things not being exactly how he wants, but there are not valid excuses this year.

I don't think Addazio is blowing smoke either. I think he believes what he is saying. I think the players do too. Now it is just about translating it to the field.


mod34b said...

“I can’t look you in the eye and say we’re going to be an elite offense,” Addazio said. “But we’re going to be much better than we were a year ago. That’s not saying much"


JBQ said...

Very indeed.

Geezer eagle said...

He can rah, rah, all he wants. He simply hasn't recruited the talent and his on field leadership is mediocre at best.

EL MIZ said...

doesn't really matter what he says. we need to win 7-8 games.

Georgia - who do you think recruited the guys on the #1 D last year? i agree re: his on-field leadership, but i think the recruiting has been decent. last year's offense was just a hilarity regarding the injuries. Landry was rated by pro football focus as one of the top 50 players in all of college FB coming into this year, i think people are forgetting how good Hilliman is/could be, think a few other guys have some good upside. time will tell.

EL MIZ said...

quote straight from Addazio's acc presser:

"People ask me all the time, Are you going to be a new scheme on defense? No, we're going to be in the Boston College defense. When I came to Boston College, I wanted our defense to be attack style. It was the spearhead of our team. I wanted to be a penetrating defense that created negative yardage plays. I wanted to be as aggressive as we possibly could be. That's not going to change. Our scheme won't change, terminology won't change. The level of players we have on defense won't change. We recruited to it, have been committed to it putting our best players starting with defense."

plenty of people are quick to lay the blame of the offense at Addazio's feet - which is completely fair and i am among them. but many of those people also give him literally zero credit for having a great defense, which i think is inaccurate to say the least. this is his team, his scheme, and his defense - he should get at least some of the credit for building such a great one last year. we'll see if it can continue without Brown.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Daz had to attend this and do a lot of talking. Of course he has to sound optimistic. He must know, however, that talk is cheap at this point - so I hope we don't hear another peep out of him. He and his staff have to use all their time getting this team prepared and that includes some depth as injuries are inevitable. I have nothing against the guy - I hope he succeeds. If not, he had his chances, got paid a boatload of money and it will be time to give somebody else an opportunity.

The QB battle will be interesting. Offensively, we probably have enough to be adequate as long as the OL is up to ACC standards. And if we cannot get the kicking game under control - we stand to lose more close games. So it will also be interesting to see if Daz finally got that fixed. Defense with a new coach is not a given - should be fine but we'll see.

I think we are all extremely shell shocked from last year and we forget all the years with a competitive program. And that is the operative word - competitive. And wins over Wagner, Buffalo and UMass won't count. If Daz can't deliver that by now - it should be over unless, of course, Brad Bates lives up to WTF expectations
and decides to prove everyone wrong when Daz delivers a great season four years from now.

Geezer eagle said...

Everyone of the recruiting agencies ( for one) has BC at the bottom of the ACC. Hell, we are behind fricking Rutgers! Where are the three star recruits that will make us competitive?

Knucklehead said...

These comments and the coaches comments are all bullshit.

The success of this team comes down to the performance of the o-line.

Wade got injured because of a lack of blocking and the backups couldn't improve because of a lack of blocking. If the line does not improve the QB's won't make it through the season healthy again, no matter how many competent ones the team has on the depth chart.

Everything I have read is completely oblivious BS.

Geezer eagle said...

BCs 2 star recruits versus the rest of the ACCs 3 and 4 star recruits. Do the math . If it wasn't for the cream puffs on the schedule, we would be dead in the water.

CT said...

When u can't out-recruit at the skill positions, of course u can make up some ground with a good o-line. But until and unless u get the QB situation figured out, it's all for naught.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Big 12 expansion is on the table. Should they take BYU and Navy as football only teams? Also add Houston and Cincinnati as full members. Expand the footprint and add two programs with national attraction. Having Navy gives you an ND broadcast every other year. Have Texas and Oklahoma sign long term deals with ND and add to your appeal. It would be nice to see UConn get in but that may be a long shot. BC v UConn would be a great power 5 matchup. 2. Don't get fooled by the recruiting evaluators. Ryan and Keuchley were three stars and Raji two

JBQ said...

"Wade got injured because of a lack of blocking". El Miz: Zaire was injured at ND in a similar situation to Wade. Both are 5 ft 11, left handed, and about 190. Tim Tebow ran the option at 250. Cardale Jones came in at 270. Jameis Winston ran at about 250. You cannot run the option without the horses. That is why ND switched to a pro offense with Kizer at 6 ft 5. That is also why BC is switching to a 6 ft 5 qb. The type of offense got Wade's leg broken. It had nothing to do with lack of blocking. I watched a video of blocking schemes being taught. It was called "zone blocking". It didn't work. In addition, the stars of the defense on year three were recruited by Spaz. Actually, that was one reason that Andre Williams did so well. Spaz, as bad a head coach and a very good d.c. that he was, left the cupboard very full. It is becoming obvious that Addazio can't recruit among other things. The Dazler is being given his second honeymoon. Let's wait and see. If he fails, Coughlin should be in the wings and ready to go with the ejection of both Addazio and Bates.

Geezer eagle said...

Well said, JBQ

Hoib said...


I bet they take Temple, it's all about set top boxes. It's why the ACC took us, and the Big 10 RU.