Saturday, July 30, 2016

Addazio talks 5th years again

Addazio freely admits he made a mistake not bringing in a 5th year QB last year, but now he is opening up even more. This time with a Virginia paper. As assumed, Addazio did not take a QB last year out of fear of how it would hurt his recruiting and reputation:
"You didn’t want to get a reputation for not having faith [in the guys you have],” Addazio said. “No matter how you cut these things, they get sensitive.”

So with sophomore Darius Wade set to take over in 2015, Addazio opted against seeking outside depth.

“I closed my mind to it and said, ‘OK, it’s Darius’ deal. I want to develop a young guy,’” Addazio said. “I didn’t want to keep bringing fifth-year guys in here. I did it once with Murphy. I didn’t want to do it again. “You know, in hindsight — almost like, duh — it didn’t pan out.”

At least he learned. Yet I still can't believe a guy who has been around so long made such a mistake. You know what's worse than a reputation for bringing in 5th years? Losing. Losing big and going winless in conference play. That hurts your reputation. How about wasting one of the best defenses in college football? Does that hurt your reputation? But it also makes me shake my head that Addazio even thinks that long term. All coaches should think season to season. They are not guaranteed to have the next one. While I don't think Addazio is on the hot seat this year, he ruined a lot of good will with last year. If the players you recruit don't like when you bring in new players, that is their problem. Leave or compete. That is the answer. If a guy can't beat out some 5th year at BC, where is he going to be an impact player?

Coaches hate criticism from those on the outside. Yet they are so deep into their problems they often lose perspective. Think back to TOB trying to keep Quinton Porter happy while Matt Ryan sat on the bench? You should never promise playing time. Just the opportunity and a chance to get an education. Don't worry about reputations. I would rather have other schools say "Addazio will bring in someone over you" rather than "if you go to BC you will lose."


EagleOutDere said...

Atl: while there are many reason to be frustrated with Daz: given your thoughts a year ago on bringing in a 5th year, your criticism seems a tad unfair:

"BC looked at many potential QB transfers this offseason but never engaged with one who was worth blowing up the homegrown depth. For example, if Braxton Miller wanted to play, you take him even at the risk of alienating Wade or Flutie. But as we know, Miller didn't leave Ohio State. Is Nosovitch -- who is as unproven at this stage as Wade -- worth the risk?"

At the end of your blog you seemed happy that Nosovitch was joking as a TE/H back, and you concluded we were in "good hands with Wade".

mod34b said...

Daz looking out for Daz - Providing yet a new excuse for the very bad head coaching/offensive coaching in 2015.

Knucklehead said...

Daz said he didn't approach a 5th year QB for last season. He did not say that he couldn't get a 5th year QB. The quote above is opposition to that.

Nosovitch was a 0. Like I said he would be. Others here were super excited about him. Since he was from the SEC.

The issue with the program is the O-LINE. Not the QB. I am concerned that Daz does not realize that the O-LINE is the problem.

mod34b said...

The Jersey Guy sometimes gets a scoop.

Is Bates out of here soon?

"Word has it that Bates, in the final year of his contract, has been told that searching for another job would not be frowned upon by the BC administration.

Word also has it that Bates is a contender for the current opening at the University of Missouri, an opening which could be filled by the end of the summer."

mod34b said...

Link link to New Jersey guy site

Geezer eagle said...

Missouri needs to get its head examined.

Unknown said...

An aggressive search for Mizzou’s permanent Athletic Director is a top priority for me as chancellor and is already well underway. In the meantime, I will serve in that official capacity with the assistance of our other outstanding leadership in athletics.”

KOMU reported Friday that the search is “moving quickly” and cited sources that Missouri will conduct interviews this weekend in Dallas.

The television station also reported that Southern Methodist Athletic Director Rick Hart — the grandson of former MU Athletic Director Dave Hart and son of current Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart Jr. — has emerged as a candidate along with Northern Illinois Athletic Director Sean Frazier and East Carolina Athletic Director Jeff Compher, whose names have been bandied about in the past two weeks.

Rick Hart, who just completed his fourth year at SMU, was previously the athletic director at Tennessee-Chattanooga and spent seven years working under former MU Athletic Director Joe Castiglione at Oklahoma.

Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates could also be a candidate, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

JBQ said...

@mod34b: Interesting perspective. Being from Missouri, I had to laugh at the perspective from Georgia Eagle.

mod34b said...

I can't see BB getting such a big job as Missouri with such a poor record at BC.

But maybe a MAc school would like BB. He is so so MAC

ccw said...

Addazio sucks because he's heading into his 4th year without a QB he recruited that can beat out these 5th year castoffs. He doesn't value the position enough and it shows in the results. You don't build sustained success with 5th year guys. The OP is completely obtuse on this point.

Geezer eagle said...

Touché, ccw

Guido said...

Addazio is so FULL OF B------S-----!!!!!! He is the biggest joke to come down the pike. I think they will have a decent record , but I actually hope that they fall flat on their face so we can BLOW UP AND START OVER. I just feel bad for all of these young men !!! They have such a stiff leading them !!!!

Knucklehead said...

Missouri is a mess. Didn't their president quit because the football team said he was racist?

Have fun with that job.

All we need are 2-3 o-linemen, a QB and 2-3 people who can play basketball and stay out of prison.

Geezer eagle said...

Lol. You are such a knucklehead, knucklehead, but I agree with ya. Don't forget we need a few receivers, too.

Hario said...

Hiring a new AD is going to be a scary process (dont get me wrong needs to be done). They may get to hire next football,basketball and hockey coaches in short time

Hoib said...

we need a new President

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Yes - Leahy will do the hiring along with HR - so we could end up with another articulate empty suit who makes a great initial impression overriding an underwhelming resume of practical experience and accomplishment. But one step at a time. First thing is to pray that Missouri makes the best hire possible from our perspective.

Knucklehead said...

Have you ever heard bates speak? He is an asshole. He was hired because he is highly educated and from the Midwest.

mod34b said...
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knucklehead said...

How come ATL does not comment in his own comments section of his own blog? Is he too good for us? Weird. I think it is the Wizard of Oz syndrome - feeling of power from being behind a curtain.

unless ATLeagle from the other site (I am supposed to say 'Blog Boy from the TOS'.. ha!!) is not the guy who runs this spot.

Re: It's Bates

Postby ATLeagle on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:31 pm

I doubt Bates is the source for Blauds. Maybe someone who doesn't like Bates and wants to be AD and who talks to Blauds (Barry Gallup? who knows). It also wouldn't surprise me if Bates wants the Mizzou job. More money. Low bar on rebuild. Back in the midwest.

If/when Bates leaves BC will hire one of the numerous BC grads or GDF minions who are currently running other Athletic Departments. They need someone who can raise money from Day 1.

Geezer eagle said...

Liver, I've been wondering the same thing. Why doesn't Atlanta comment in his own blog? Comments, boys and girls?

Hoib said...


He used to, regularly, but hasn't done so recently. Maybe it has to do w/ he is better compensated elsewhere, at least I hope so. The guy has put an amazing amount of effort into this over the years.

Geezer eagle said...

I can appreciate the hard work and time Atlanta has put into constructing and managing this site. However, by never commenting in his own blog projects an image of aloofness and disinterest. Not a good leadership style.

mod34b said...

I have to agree with GE and CL. To be honest, it is just plain bad manners.

It is like inviting people to your house, and then once everyone arrives, slipping out the back to spend the evening with your neighbors. Aloofness, too.

Hoib said...


Try BCI, all the posters will dialoge w/ u there

Geezer eagle said...

I wonder if he is reading these comments? Nothing seems to stir him.

knucklehead said...

Thanks Hoib. I am a BCI refugee. GTFOOMAM. I'd pass on BCI. I usually prefer TOS

1). BCI loves to censor and will often outright remove commenters (eg 74 of the domed stadium ) deemed too negative and thus disruptive of the other yes men. The twits running BCI created a yes man culture. So if you want bland agreement, it is for you. It is an Ugly approach to discussing sports. Heck, you can't even piss in the corn flakes of some dildo from FSU. You have to pretend they are worthy of respect even hough they have no respect for BC

2. Management at BCI has their heads deeply up the ass of BC AD office (eg. Scheduling Temple is a good thing; very supportive of DAz). The prefer currying favor to hard headed analysis. Bootlicking is in vogue at BCI. Why? They sold their Eaglecsouls for a few pieces of silver.

3. Writing is bad too. The main football writer is the king of turgid prose. None too smart about x and is or jimmys and joes. But knows beer. In general, not much knowledge of BC prior to TOB era, except Flutie.

4. Hockeyruption. Good hockey coverage but really who cares about the minutia of hockey. I watch the trophy games - maybe

Anyway, enough of a visit from me. I must return to the TOS.

Geezer eagle said...

What is BCI??

Hoib said...


see fan resources on this blog, and click the 2nd link. Go there and judge for yourself.


What's. TOS?

bceagle91 said...

GE, BCI is BC Interruption. Pretty close to an in-house organ.