Saturday, July 16, 2016

BC looking to Canada Prep prospect

Many high school programs are mocked as "football schools." Canada Prep Academy is a football school. As in that's all they do. Founded in 2014 just across the border from New York in the Niagara area, the boarding school is small, focused purely on developing football players and plays an American schedule. I appreciate their specialization and cutting through a lot of the nonsense. The kids that attend are either trying to get noticed or improve their SAT scores. 

In the two years since it opened, BC has not been seriously involved with any of their players. Now we've offered their athlete Brandon Brown. Brown is currently committed to Central Michigan. I don't know or really care if we will pull Brown in, but I like establishing relationships with Canada Prep. It is a unique niche that will probably be a good stepping stone to under the radar prospects. You have to assume they want to play Power 5 football. Why not be top of mind for their coaches and late blooming players. 


JBQ said...

Mehdi Abdesmad came from a similar background in Canada. He essentially came from a fifth year prep school. Canada uses a Brit education model. Essentially after tenth grade, you specialize. Their tenth and eleventh grades are really community college. Those that go to college in the U.S. are extremely well prepared. Compare this to the SEC model of recruiting. They bring in eighth grade "graduates" to take a high school curriculum on the college campus. That is what got North Carolina in so much trouble after Mary Willingham blew the whistle. BC runs a tight ship and until the NCAA practices what it preaches about the value of an education, the university will continue to butt its head against the wall of corruption and be an also ran on the football field.

Geezer eagle said...

Amen to that. BCs focus should continue to be on recruiting legitimate student-athletes with a minimum of rocks for jocks courses. Do not turn our campus into another football or basketball factory.

mod34b said...

MAC recruits get MAC results.

up your game Daz.

Patricia R. Cole said...

Canada prep academy tries to focus on the solution which they face nowadays. I am so happy that they are working so well in minor or limited resources and try to build a football team where you can meet assignment masters who are able to do your task. I know this situation is very touching and I am sure they will work in this effort.