Thursday, August 18, 2016

ACC Network "Extra" starts Friday

Our first glimpse of the ACC Network starts Friday with the launch of ACC Network Extra. It is essentially an Over-The-Top network that ESPN is powering. It is available to anyone with a WatchESPN or the ESPN App. While this is exciting, it is really just a fancy name for what most of us had and have with

It is a good first step, but the majority of the content with be non-revenue sports. This is good news for the diehards of these random sports. The number of games and their production quality will be much better.

It will be interesting to see how many actually use the "Extra" service. I think football still drives demand and viewers. Without key content, I think this first step will just be small one.


AINMPR said...

As of 5:07 PM AST, ACC Extra is not viewable.
This was confirmed by the lady rep that answered the call and was not able to view the page either. Suggested checking back in a while. She did mention that usually they only act when 4-5 other viewers chime in; so, chime in those that can, ACC Nation.

Unknown said...
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