Sunday, August 14, 2016

Announcers for Ireland and other links

BC's historic game in Ireland will be called by...Jason Benetti, Kelly Stouffer, and Paul Carcaterra? I cannot remember Benetti calling any previous BC games. I thought the ESPN2 slot in Ireland would draw a bigger name, but you get what you get. Let's hope they call a good game.

The Globe featured Davon Jones. Hopefully he's ready to break out.

Malachi Moore left Rutgers and will not use his fifth year. Best of luck to him.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

We made the top ten!

Hario said...
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Hario said...

Jon Rothstein reporting Xtian getting a one year contract extension --- why in the world would we be doing that???

Bates has to bee kidding me with this

mod34b said...

Xtian an extension?? That is pure Brad Bates displaying once again his horrendous lack of judgment as a manager. Where was Christian going with 0-18 in ACC play? Absolutely nowhere. So Brad gives him money. What a dope. Nothing to better motivate Xtian than make him sweat it out.

As for BB's judgment, consider these laughable comments when JC was hired:

"BC athletic director Brad Bates cited “three remarkable traits’’ that set Christian apart:

■ his ability to recruit and develop players;

■ his energy and enthusiasm, which are needed to give a downtrodden program an instant jolt;

■ and his proven track record as a head coach who has taken teams to postseason play eight times in 12 seasons,

H-E-L-P!!! save BC from itself.

Hario said...

This extension is a fire-able offense for Bates.

Remember the discussion from a couple of weeks ago around the line "there is no pressing reason not to renew him"(bates) -- this move today is one example of a pressing reason not to renew bates.

Hoib said...

I understood the Daz extension. It's what Doreen got from State for producing less then Daz did, through the same period of time. Giving one to Xtian makes zero sense. Although in this bug bucks era of college sports it shouldn't preclude any future moves. Miami gave Golden a huge redo, and then dumped him w/in a year.

EL MIZ said...

Christian is 4-32 in the ACC.

Big Jack Krack said...

This is another payout coming when BB's replacement fires Christian.

Recruiting ability? Player development? he's good at running them off, for sure.

Energy and enthusiasm? He looks like he's sleep-walking whenever I see him on the bench.

Proven track record? 8 post-season tournaments out of 15; 0 - 3 with us and no end in sight. Empty Conte Forum - E-M-P-T-Y.

BB carrying the torch from Gene DeFildicko. Wow.

blist said...

Definitely feels like a GDF move, extending his guys as if it'll save him or prove he made the right decision somehow. Jesus.

EL MIZ said...

Lindstrom made ESPN's top 50 breakout players for the upcoming season:

49. Chris Lindstrom, OG, Boston College

Lindstrom represents coach Steve Addazio's prime example of an offensive line coming together. He played a year ago as a 265-pound freshman; this season he's a 300-pound sophomore with a year of game experience.

"He's an animal," Addazio said. "He'll be a top-three-round offensive lineman [in 2017 or 2018]. He sums up that whole group: We're a year away from being dominant, but we're getting back our edge. We'll have that competitive edge up front."

That would certainly help an Eagles offense that was ranked 124th (of 128) in the FBS in yards per play in 2015.

Knucklehead said...

There is too much TV money being "thrown" at these coaches. Where does the money come from? . . . . Annual increases to the cost of your cable bill . . . biggest conspiracy in the United States.

mod34b said...

Miz here is Lindstrom getting the QB killed last year. Lindstrom Missing his BLock MAJORLY in 2015

Talk is cheap Daz. Beefing up is need, but no substitute for position, technique, field sense.