Monday, August 01, 2016

BC Coaches don't overreact to NCAA‬ Proposal 2015-48

Did your social media feed feel different Monday? If you are a fan of a major football power it probably did. Starting August 1, coaches are now allowed new levels of interaction with recruits in various social networks. The minutia of what the coaches can and cannot do is hysterical in its triviality, yet there were guys who've Rose Bowls like Gary Patterson furiously retweeting the most banal stuff from recruits he wants at TCU. One Power 5 team that didn't go all in on the new rule was Boston College.

Based on the Twitter feeds of Addazio, Al Washington, Anthony Campanile and Rich Gunnell, it seems like they treated Monday like any old day. Gunnell retweeted a few recruits who posted their BC offers, but that was about it. The team that once embraced Vines, was basically uninterested in the changes. Should BC fans be concerned? I don't think so.

While Social Networks and Social Media are important communication tools, they are only one part of the sales pitch. You still have to text and call and visit the players and their parents. If anything, social media provides greater insight into the recruits for the coaches, then the other way around. A social network account can give glimpses into a player's attitude and maturity.

BC also remains a niche product to most recruits. Location and the admission requirements will always make it so. That leaves BC coaches to spend more time finding the right guys as opposed to shotguning all the top recruits and retweeting their morning activities.

Maybe Addazio and company will become more engaged in the months ahead. If they start losing recruits due to lack of attention, they will have to react. But for now, I am glad they are taking their time and not overreacting.


Unknown said...

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Goberry said...

I like the way one particular sentence read. "Social media may be important, but you still have to text recruits like Father Gasson did back in the old days."