Saturday, August 06, 2016

More signs staff expects Towles to start

Preseason awards "watch lists" are sort of a joke. Nearly every team works to get one of their players on every list. And now there is a specialty award for nearly every position, so hundreds of players end up on these lists. Yet it still takes a great season to actually win an award and plenty of players who weren't on the preseason lists emerge and win the prizes. But the awards do tell you what the coaches expect. BC put Patrick Towles on the preseason Unitas List. In my opinion that is another sign that the staff expect him to start.

But I don't think the preseason list guarantees Towles anything beyond the Georgia Tech game. Addazio admitted his mistakes from last year. He needs to win and if Towles doesn't step up, Wade will get a shot. Who knows, maybe Wade could even win the Unitas award.


mod34b said...

Hope Towles does well and that we have a viable passing game - imagine! To use the political word of the week, can Daz "pivot" from monotonous running to a balanced O with a healthy dose of passing? Inquiring minds want to know.

By the way, how does a guy who could not start at Kentucky and transfers to lowly (football wise) BC get on the Unitas watch list ?

I guess it is a meaningless list

Big Jack Krack said...

Have the Boston papers published any articles about BC Football? I know that practice starts tomorrow, but what are the marketing people doing? I'm one haircut away from flying to Dublin and we've had "bupkis" for news.

In pro town Atlanta, Georgia Tech is getting ink - and some days plenty of ink. Also, I've gotten more information about seminars and such in Dublin in the lead-up to the game from the Atlanta paper.

Patrick Towles will be pushed by Darius Wade - I wouldn't sell DW short, even though JBQ thinks his height is an issue.

Both Georgia Tech and BC will be much tougher opponents this year. I hope BC can make this away-home game an advantage somehow. I hope the team goes a day earlier than Tech, who will arrive on the 1st.

I'm looking forward to it. We have many GT friends, and I think the back and forth will be fun and in good sportsmanship - hopefully.

And then it's on to St. Andrews to play the Old Course for my bucket list. :-)

Big Jack Krack said...

We have very good players, and I hope our new coaches and the entire realigned coaching staff can give these guys an opportunity to win each week.

We need to be injury free, even though we have more depth this year in many regards.

Unfortunately for the players, BC fan apathy is at an all time high since the 78-81 time frame, and attendance is at an all time low since stadium expansion. The reasons are obvious to most of us.

Still, we need to support our players and our team!

Go BC - beat Georgia Tech and bring back the fans!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

With our OL the ability to make plays and maintain composure under pressure may be more important than pure passing ability. So a lot depends on who can move the type of team we have as demonstrated in practice. Lets hope its not the player who achieves the most while running for his life!

JBQ said...

BJK hasn't been heard from in awhile. Rumor has it that he was on a secret mission to Russia representing BC.

Knucklehead said...

The coaches better have the team in Dublin 48 hours before the game. I really don't want to hear bullshit about jet lag from Addazio.

mod34b said...

Not much BC 2016 football press yet in Boston. Couple of say-nothing puff pieces. Nothing newsy.

EagleOutDere said...

It seems that the only coverage is by a young writer on "Vavel" E.g.,

Not very newsy but a good bit of vid on Towles against Florida embedded in it.

Bravesbill said...

Well 43 people made the Unitas Watch List so it's probably not very hard to get on.

Hoib said...


If you have time. Go up and play Dornoch. It's a wonderful course and it's in the most beautiful part of the country. My caddie from the old course gave me that tip in Dunvagen's pub. Enjoy!