Saturday, September 03, 2016

Dumb calls cost BC in Dublin

We learned a lot this morning in Ireland. This season will be better, but we will never, ever be great under Addazio. He lost this game. There was plenty of blame to go around with player mistakes, but Addazio made a few critical game management errors that cost BC the lead and the win.

Much of this game felt familiar. The Defense looked really good. The Offense could only score 14 points. However, I think there were enough bright spots on Offense to think this team will be competitive this year. Towles had some rough spots, but still has some upside.

I feel better about the team, but frustrated. I feel like this is BC Football under Addazio. He is now 5-11 in games decided by 7 points or less. That is not bad luck. Luck evens out. That is bad coaching.

I will have grades and second viewing thoughts late Sunday.


mod34b said...

reid"s 3rd-and-long defense was terrible throughout the game

EL MIZ said...

Daz coaching like Spaz. Looks like a complete wuss on the sidelines. Not a leader. When they called a timeout on the punt you knew it was over.

jrtmurphy said...

I agree. Even though we were winning, I knew that timeout was gonna be important

Walter said...

That was a really rough loss. It's great to have bc football back, but it is incredibly frustrating to have fixable problems plague the team in Game 1.

Timeout mistakes, 2 botched field goals. That is a terrible first game for a kicker to have this season.

Defense still looks amazing - but even there it felt like their third and long conversion rate was higher than their third and shorts. I felt like we were the better team for most of the game, and yet the acc win drought continues.

EL MIZ said...

Playing an option team that probably spends 90% of their practice time on running, and when they need to pass we drop back and give them all the time in the world. The one time we sent pressure Milano got a sack.

Grade F from the coaching staff

Bravesbill said...

Knuckle would give the coaching staff an A+

mod34b said...


EVERYONE knows Daz will run the ball into the line. He does it for no gain, then again for 1 yard. 3-9. Fuck up occurs.

What coach thinks they can do that? So stupid.

And funny thing is because Daz is so predictable (we also see Scotty Left Loeffler fade into oblivion when it was crunch time), it was the PERFECt time for play action pass. perfect play call.

The FG kicking game remains a disgrace. Did Daz not know his kicker sucked when he elected to kick rather than take a risk. on 4th?

I agree with Miz. most of the shots of Daz on the sidelines showed a tuned out grump. Not a motivator or leader.

Daz's risk aversion is really a big problem for BC.

I wonder if he had Reid go into prevent mode too soon too?

1. No guts on O when it counted
2. No guts in D when it counted
3. Going with FG attempts when you know or should know your kicker sucks.


blist said...

He plays not to lose. And you lose a lot when you play that way. The predictability at 5:57 was maddening, and telegraphed that he'd lose it. I only hope we're not a laughingstock this year

eagleboston said...

Also, you have a 6'5" qb who simply needs to lean into the line on 4th and 1 but you go with a shaky kicker? At this point, wouldn't we all like to see aggressiveness, even if it still results in a loss? At least we would go down swinging. You just can't play clock with 6 minutes left. That's too much time.

eagleboston said...

Blist, we are worse than a laughingstock. We are irrelevant. No one cares but us.

Unknown said...

Let's be real here - Daz needs to be fired immediately. This is unfair to those kids.

bceagle91 said...

When you play not to lose, you lose. And we're now on year 3 without a placekicker. at ATL notes, our record in close games is awful. Part of that's coaching during the game. And part of it's coaching in terms of not realizing how important having at least an adequate placekicker is. Cue up the excuse machine. Ever to not lose - I mean excel.

Bravesbill said...

I'd agree EB. If BC lost today while actually trying to win, the loss would be acceptable and much easier to take. The fact that they lost because Daz is a bumbling conservative buffoon makes it infuriating.

eagleboston said...

Call me crazy, but I think we could put York on the sidelines and just tell him to manage game strategy and we might actually win a couple ACC games.

Bravesbill said...

BC has like 6 of its last 9 ACC games by 3 points or less....while only giving up an average of 18.6 points. That's almost impossible to do.

mod10aeagle said...

Failure to recruit a FG kicker, followed by misplaced confidence in high-school caliber kicker rather than O-line and massive QB on 4th and 1.

Going hurry-up on 1st and 10 from the 20, but not on 4th and 1, when it would've made sense.

Not blitzing on 4th and 19. WTF?

The total wuss penultimate offensive series followed by the pre-punt time-out. Are you shitting me? You can't tell your guys to snap the ball when the play clock gets to :02?

I don't know how these young men can play as hard as they do for this schmuck.

Bravesbill said...

Hell you might as well throw Gambino in there too at this point.

Geezer eagle said...

Exactly. Horrendous head coach
Everyone knew dumb ass was going to run three times up the middle and give the ball back to G T. Was I the only one with a sickening ( here we go again) feeling?

Bravesbill said...

But it's all the kicker's fault mod10. There's literally nothing Daz could have done to win that game.

rgmarine said...

yes if the players didn't screw up we could have won BUT if we went on 4th and one(coach's decision) we might have won, if we didn't play prevent defense late in the game(coach's decision) we might have won, if we tried something more exotic than running up the middle at the end(coach's decision) we might have won. if we had a coach that coach's to win that might be just enough to win these close games!

Bravesbill said...

I agree rg. I was being very facetious.

janebc said...

BC learned just enough today to extend Addazio's contract for another 5 years. And then use the excuse that we can't afford to buy him out. "We are what we are."

Knucklehead said...

The defense sucked when it mattered on the last drive.

The kicker sucked when it mattered on his two terribly blocked/missed kicks.

The other stuff is bullshit. Timeouts pfff. Clock management pfff.

So Adazzio sucks . . . who do you want replacing him?

"We will never be great?" What does that mean? When have we been great?

Knucklehead said...

Bravesbill, I didn't give a grade on the coaches. I said the players lost the game.

You really don't know sports a)if you lay more blame on the coach for a loss than the players and b) when the players miss two FG's from close range and give up a TD on a sustained 5+ minute drive on the last one of the game.

Stop talking for me tool.

Knucklehead said...

. . . .

What did I say yesterday. Close game lost on field goals 16-13. Cannot get a much better prediction than that.

Fuck off.

Bravesbill said...

I literally think you are the only one who thinks Daz is blameless. Nice try though.

Geezer eagle said...

Even in our glory years we were always the bride's made, never the bride. BC always lost that one game that would put us over the top and give us a Big East or ACC championship.
And with Dazhole we won't even get that far. Where's the scotch bottle?

rgmarine said...

i have no problem with your "players should be responsible for their terrible mistakes" but i really feel that daz has shown me that he is a terrible in game coach and his recruiting leaves much to be desired. do i really want to see him fired not really but i don't see him as a coach that lead us to an era of better times.

Knucklehead said...

Blameless? You literally are a tool.

Bravesbill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
janebc said...

He has a knack for putting us in situations where our weaknesses are easiest to exploit

Pearl Washington said...

Up 14-10 1st down , go shotgun spread them out.

I guarantee you they blow a timeout or Towles runs for 8 yards

4th and 19 versus a team that doesn't practice passing. Blitz him and make a quick throw. No way they get 19 yards if any.

Simply put he is a stubborn asshole who is being paid a lot of money to represent the university , the people who go the games and most importantly his coaches and players.

He is selfish and that is a problem.

Ever to Excel

janebc said...

BC has a real penchant for football coaches whose learning curves peaked in 1970.

Bravesbill said...

I feel like you're trolling me knuckle. No need to get mad though in all seriousness.

eagleboston said...


When you lose multiple close games, that is coaching, not the players. The coaches are responsible for putting the players in position to win. How can you not value timeouts in close games? You think I'm wrong on that but look at the facts. I have witnessed 5 close games where timeouts were blown in the 3rd quarter. Every single one resulted in a loss. I realize that correlation does not equal causation but look back at the games. All required us to mount late 4th quarter drives with little time on the clock. And with one fewer timeout, your options dwindle.

We are too predictable and that is the death knell for offenses. When we kept Tech off balance with a mix of the run and the pass, we drove deep into scoring territory. On that 4th and 1, you have 2 great options for the offense 1) have your 6'5" qb lean forward into the line for the first 2) Have the 4.58 40-time qb roll out with a run-pass option. Either way, I bet a dollar to a dime he picks up the first. And when you have the ball with 6 minutes to go and momentum starting to shift, the worst ting you can do is 3 dives into the center of the line. Atrocious.

Finally, I have to look back at the play, but I believe we only rushed 3 on that 4th and 19 play. That is unconscionable. You know they are going to throw in that situation, so throw some pressure at the qb (which worked several times earlier by the way).

We need to be aggressive and risky. The last time we did so, BC went to 2 straight ACC title games. Besides, even if you lose at least it is fun to watch.

bceagle93 said...

TC for head coach and AD in 2017.

Squid said...

I turned the game on late in the second quarter, saw Towles throw the INT where the ball slipped out of his hands and went right to a GA Tech D-lineman, and turned it back off.

Too early in the morning to see something that depressing.

janebc said...

Boston, That is how I feel. All the fun is just being sucked out of watching us play not to lose, which seems to be leading to the inevitable loss. Today was an example of playing not to lose; unfortunately, GT did not get the memo and played to win the final minute.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

4th and 19. Two missed field goals. Last series of downs for BC. We lose again by three. Now UMass. Yup - ever to excel.

dixieagle said...

Yes, Lichtenberg blew it twice, but it was Daz who hasn't recruited a decent kicker and made the decision to try a FG in a crucial spot when he'd missed one already, and when we only needed 1 damn yard.

Just awful, wimpy, cowardly coaching. The kids showed glimmers of talent, and crappy coaching and management hurt them. It's got to be really hard for the team to stay upbeat when this happens over and over.

Big Jack Krack said...

I called the loss right then - actually before we went 3 and out. Agree with Mod. I'm going to play 9 holes as the sun is out now. Didn't blog during the game.

This loss is on the coaches. More later.

eagleboston said...

On a positive note, it was nice to have a qb that can complete passes and convert 3rd downs. Schwabe, Milano and Strachan all looked great. Loved the young receivers Smith, Walker and Garrison (out of the FB position). Defensive line had pressure but needs to finish the job. Too many in the grasp passes. O-line play was better but still not great. We have the players to win some games. We just don't have the coach.

Knucklehead said...

My comments are about this game. Said it from the beginning.

This game is not 100% on Addazio as everyone is claiming.

It is on the players today.

Again, if you want to bitch that he didn't recruit a better kicker fine. That is not everyone is bitching about.

Again he gave the human punchline Lichetenstein a second chance on the second kick and he blew it. Again,wWhat matters is what happens going forward. Again if he lets the kid kick again then he should be fired.

What happended today is not on the coach as much as it is on the players. It just isn't.

eagleboston said...

We will have to agree to disagree. There are Football Strategy 101 fundamentals not being utilized by Addazio. And this is demonstrated by his record in close games and his unprecedented streak of conference losses.

janebc said...

If playing not to lose is the only piece in your repetoire, you must at least be a decent clock manager,

Knucklehead said...

We aren't disagreeing.

I am saying the loss in the game today is on the players. It is not on the head coach. Doesn't mean the head coach is perfect, beyond reproach or that he is a good coach. It means what I said and nothing more than todays loss is on the FG kicker for missing 2 reasonable kicks and the defense for giving up a 5 minute TD drive in the last 6 minutes of the game.

Pearl Washington said...

Its on the defense?

You think on 4th and 19 the defense wanted to blitz or stay back?

Case closed

JBQ said...

With @eagleboston: The horses are there on offense. The play calling was terrible. As for special teams, I watched Jeff Smith very closely on the extra point holds. He was phenomenal. It is on the kicker. Kelly Stoeffer, the commentator, said that he was kicking in a sweep motion. Soccer style kickers kick somewhat that way. Compared to the GT kicks, BCs version was terrible. The timing was really off. Smith did it right and put it down in fine shape. Al Washington is the new special teams' coach. Let's ask him what the problem is. The 32 yard punt toward the end did not help either. GT started at their own 40. That is quite an advantage.

Guido said...

This loss is TOTALLY on the coaching staff. Option QB faced with 4th and 19 - you bring the "House" as in DON BROWN !!!! No questions asked - he is a running QB -not a passer. Milano would have "ROCKED" him. Next , on 4th and 1 - you have the "Horses" to get that short yardage easily !!! A half-way decent coach knows that he does not have a "Kicker" , so the call is evident. GOOD COACHES know where they have talent and where their weaknesses are - ERGO you call a play to get 1 yard and not bring in a kicker that is not talented at all (feel bad for the kid).ADDAZIO once again showed his total incompetence. Anyone that can not see the loss was on the COACHING - well err err !!!! Can not say it !!!!!

Knucklehead said...

It doesn't matter what the players want. If they execute what the coaches say then they will be successful.

Pearl necklace is more like it.

Knucklehead said...

Plus didn't say it was on the defense. Said FG kicker and D.

Take another number Mikimoto

nceaglefan said...

Been a BC fan for 30 years, I am done. Daz is a loser, pure and simple, he is a con man.

rgmarine said...

daz "talks the talk" but doesn't "
walk the walk"

Knucklehead said...

He can't walk the walk. He doesn't play in the games.

janebc said...

No, he just puts them in position to lose

BC fan since the 1960s said...

How many of the close game wins came in his first year when he was bailed out from poor decisions by Andre Williams/Nate Freese?

Playing not to lose + no FG kicker + worst game day coach I have seen for any team in my 60+ years = another winless ACC season.

How can so many sub-division I and division II teams have decent field goal kickers but an ACC can't get one for three years in a row?

Second fifth year senior QB in three years. You should only go that route if you have a very good team and are weak at QB (such as Wisconsin taking Russell Wilson a few years ago). But BC going nowhere with or without Towles and now they will start at square one again next year with a new QB

About 20 minutes after seeing the game I had to do some errands and was in the car for an hour. Had WEEI Boston on which had broadcast the game. They went from the game to a talk show. Not a single call about BC even though the game had just ended. The person who said the team was irrelevant is correct. Fans first get mad, then frustrated when the problems aren't fixed, and finally they become apathetic which is where we are now. What a shame.

mod34b said...

from Twitter, Michael Sullivan BC Heights.

Daz blames offense, defense and kicker. appears to absolve himself - but of course.

"It was about four plays that got them out of three 3rd-and-longs and a 4th-and-20. ... And it cost us the football game/"

"At the end of the day, we didn't make the plays at the end of the game to close this out."

"Addazio concerned about the kicking game. Says it was uncharacteristic of Lichtenberg based on what he saw in summer camp."

Knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knucklehead said...


TOB was a terrible gameday(ND 4 runs from the 1 didn't score lost, Miami didn't know the OT rules and lost, ran the slant in play or dive 75% of the time) coach as well and he won games. That is just the shit I remember off the top of my head. 90% of college coaches suck.

LSU tried to fire Les Miles last year because he "sucked"
Auburn churns through coaches every three years because they suck or are fucked up
USC does the same etc etc

Adazzio is a bitch for not taking personal responsibility along with the players. He is not a good coach. He is average. He has the worse kicker in the NCAA and his defense sucked on the last drive.

He blew the Wake game on his own last year and there wasn't this level of vitriol.


He didn't put them in a position to win? No, the players didn't make the plays.

If the defense stopped GT on the last drive they would have won. That has nothing to do with Adazzio

Llyonnoc of the Woods said...

Daz is a good coach except during games when the pressure is on and he has to make a decision Then he gets a brain fart. That's the simple story.

EL MIZ said...

Reminder - BC has 3 scholarship kickers (lichtenberg, knoll, and the true freshman)

If Lichtenberg can't do it bring on the other 2

TheFive said...

I'm not going to argue whether Daz has responsibility for this loss because I don't argue whether the world is round.

Instead, I'm going to share a bit of frustration. If you failed miserably at your job one year, and had 9 months to figure out how to do it better, would you study your tendencies and figure out what you had done wrong? Would you be even more inclined to do that if your failures were broadcast nationally every weekend?

I would. I'm sure most BC graduates would, too. Our head football coach is not so inclined. BC lost games last year because it had a perpetual question mark at QB, a bad OL, and because Steve Addazio made absolutely awful decisions in short-yardage and end-of-half situations. Two of those three issues have been remedied; one has not. (NOTE: I'm not even mentioning bad FG kicking, because college FG kicking is always a crapshoot, unless you're one of a handful of teams with a good kicker). The one issue that remains unfixed is the only one that would have required a critical self assessment by our head football coach.

BC missed two field goals it never should have attempted. It blew one second half time out in the service of one of those misses; it blew another inexplicably before a punt. All of those decisions are on the head coach.

We brought in a 5th year QB this year, presumably to be someone who can be trusted in pressure situations. Yet, with 5 minutes left, we didn't trust him to throw a pass. We have ball-hawking linebackers who brought pressure every time they were permitted to do so, but they were not so permitted on 4th and 19 or 3d and 10 against an option team with a mediocre (at best) offensive line.

The coaching errors that Daz gets away with would be discussed in multiple newspaper columns each week -- and endlessly on talk radio -- if anybody cared about BC athletics. But there are precious few who do care, and the passion is deadened by the over-caffinated Neanderthal who is our head coach. It's a reinforcing cycle: Daz led team fails; because they are expected to fail, nobody watches; because nobody watches, nobody writes about the failure; and the head coach skates on. Apathy and incompetence are reinforcing traits. It's useless to debate which came first but both are killing our football program.

Today was a rare window into how the rest of the college football world sees us. Because we were the only game on, people who don't typically watch were watching. National reporters were Tweeting (and criticizing). Friends of other teams were texting in horror at the coaching decisions.

Meanwhile, there are some talented football players on this team. I wish I were a big enough person to say that the enjoyment I derive from watching them outweighs my frustration with the person coaching them, but it does not.

mod34b said...

Knuckle, why are you suddenly so pro Daz. yes, players failed in many situations. virtually every player failed in some way. The kicker, the special teams line, the offensive line in penultimate series, the entire defense in the last scoring drive.

but, as janebc aptly said, Daz "has a knack for putting us in situations where our weaknesses are easiest to exploit."

Licht stunk. How come Daz did not know he was not ready for game day kicking?. Didn't he miss a few in August scrimmages?

on the series starting at 5:57, why run straight into the line? lowers odds of success. it was a perfect set up for a play action pass, or a roll out etc. Daz limited the opportunity for the players to succeeds.

The last defensive series was hard to watch. No rushing pressure and a lot of time. where was the blitz? Not called. I have no idea if this was Reid going safe or Daz overruling him to play prevent.

The other thing to note, is that GT is not a very good team. It is not like we lost to FSU or Clemson. We lost to an inferior team.

True, not all blame goes to Daz, but enough blame goes to Daz to conclude based on today and 3 season of work that he is not a very good coach. He is Captain Brain Fart at games.

TGS said...

Can we just fire the Daz now and ban his towel boy Knucklehead from this board forever?
Any moron who can defend this incompetent stooge after four years of this shit is beyond redemption.
KHead, consider yourself banned. Exit the premises and never return.

janebc said...

And what makes if so mind-numbingly perplexing about his failure to solve this problem is that his single-minded, unimaginative reliance on a control game makes us all the more reliant on the kicking game
And The Five is absolutely correct. I was at every home game last year and apathy has once again descended on the Heights. But then again, the team that beat ND for 6 consecutive years in the previous decade is gone, and "We are what we are" is back, and nobody cares. Thanks to all in the BC administration for that. Interesting to hear what others were commenting about us.

Eagle Esquire said...

I just finished reading articles from It's so depressing to know that this imbecile is running our show. We need our own version of that website. I feel like the last nine ACC losses were like watching reruns of the Blair Witch project. Now we're faced with a strong possibility of starting ACC competition 0-3. Just sad.

Geezer eagle said...

Knucklehead and Daz need to be immediately banished to Devils Island. We have an absolutely horrid coach who couldn't win at the high school level. The entire program, student body, and alumni are demoralized and ready to throw in the towel. Like i have been saying, again and again, clean house from top to bottom. Immediately fire Daz and Bates and get s President who fucking cares.

Eagle Esquire said...

Living in Atlanta makes this loss sting just that much more.

Lenny Sienko said...

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results---variously attributed to Ben Franklin, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Rita Mae Brown. was read by many of us when the DAZ hiring, against all advice, was announced. It did not bode well and has been proven a true prophecy.

Knucklehead said...

I am not pro Daz. I am telling you what I am seeing. The missed FG's and 5 minute drive at the end of the game had more of an impact on the outcome than anything Daz did or didn't do IN THIS GAME.

Can I not like the coach but also be fair to him when fair is due?


He gave the kicker a second chance, he blew it or shanked it.

He left the game to his D at the end and they blew it.

Don't see that as fire-able. TO's used either.

Knucklehead said...

He ought to take some of the responsibility in the media though. Especially since he isn't getting fired until after next season at the earliest. That bullshit COULD have an impact on the morale of the team if they agree with you-all that he cost them the game and they didn't.

Geezer eagle said...

Fire knucklehead. He's delusional.

Knucklehead said...

Give me the names of some replacement for Daz? Not anyone or Tom Coughlin or Al Washington; Al,who I have been promoting here to be the head coach two years.

Lets see what you got, mouth.

Knucklehead said...

The early start obviously impacted the rationality of the blood thirsty shut-in crowd.

The players were not put in position to succeed today is the most comical thing I have heard here in years.

Bravesbill said...
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Bravesbill said...

I'd replace Daz with the local dog catcher at this point. That work for you?

Knucklehead said...

No. It was the type of response I was anticipating from a crowd of people with gripes and no solutions.

Bravesbill said...

At what point does the blame go from the players to the coach? If Daz had lined up in a goal line defense on that 4th and 19 is it still the players' fault? If Daz trots out Licht to kick a 55 yard FG is it still Licht's fault for not executing? How are you too dense to realize that Daz isn't putting his players in position to win the game?

TGS said...

Dickhead, aka Knucklehead, what are you 12? Are you really saying we can't come to the obvious conclusion that the Daz makes the Spaz look like Knute Rockne without having his replacement all lined up? I knew you were stupid, now I know you are beyond hope.

Knucklehead said...

Those examples are absurd and don't address what happened in the game today.

Hitting a couple(or one) 35(43) yard field goal and asking your defense to make a stop on the final drive of a game that you are winning is not too much for a head coach to ask his kicker or defense to do.

The critique of the headcoaches' performance in the game today is irrational.

mod34b said...

Lenny. You mentioned awhile back that a committee BB formed to advise on coaching candidates advised BB not to hire Daz.

I may have it wrong.

What was the story with that?

Might you have a link to a news source discussing the point?


Knucklehead said...

That was another post that contributed nothing.

Bravesbill said...

Prevent defense on the 4th and 19. Prevent offense with 6 mins left. Trotting your kicker out there on 4th and 1 after he already missed a FG and barely snuck in a PAT. All abysmal failures. All happened today. All aren't absurd. From your arguments it seems like you're arguing that coaching really doesn't matter. It's up to the players to execute no matter what idiotic decision the coach makes.

Knucklehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Knucklehead said...

The coach asked the kicker to hit a 35 yard field goal and a 43 yard field goal. The kicker has hit field goals from 43 and in before.

He asked the defense to make a stop on the final drive. The defense has stopped drives before and several during the course of the game in question.

Playing a prevent defense and taking the game out of your jittery QB's hands late when you have a lead are not absurd decisions.

The coach did nothing today to get himself fired.

Like I said earlier if he lets the kid kick again then he ought to be fired.

Comprehending the nuance of thought and opinion is obviously a problem for the folks here today. Except you TGS. The comprehension problem for you is an everyday limitation

Bravesbill said...

Why even give the ball back to GA Tech? That's just asking for trouble, esp. when you go three and out deep in their territory. And Lichtenberg went 3-6 last year and has a career long of 43. That's not even mediocre. That's just sad.

Geezer eagle said...

I've been a BC fan since 1970. Without question, Daz is the worse coach, recruiter, and field general in school history. He must go!!

Knucklehead said...

What are you talking about? Are you saying they should throw the ball on the 2nd to last offensive drive? Doesn't running there melt clock and remove the chance of a turnover in your own territory. You have the lead and the defense is your strength.

You are making my point with the kicking. Very simply the kicker has made those kicks before. Asking him to hit those kicks seems well within the realm of a rational call by the head coach at the time.

Now that you know Lichtenstein hasn't improved since last season, the second miss removes any uncertainty of that, you can say he shouldn't let him kick. Revisionist history.

Knucklehead said...

You weren't paying attention during the Dan Henning reign.

eddierock said...

This has to be the turning point, for any remaining Dazz fans. He simply can't coach a team to win in a tight game. He excels at close losses. Too bad no one cares about those.

janebc said...

I am sick of people commenting that all the people (a/k/a those who actually care about BC sports) do is gripe. The actual problem is that BC fans have been so beaten down that they don't gripe enough. That is how GDF was able to single-handedly trash a successful football program-we weren't supposed to complain about the Spaz hiring. And then we weren't supposed to vent about the Spaz extension. Now, I am only half joking when I predict that Bates is probably waiting to give Daz a K extension. Once again, BC will wait until it hits them in the only place they care=the wallet. Shea is already half empty Pride, unfortunately, counts for nothing. Just keep cashing those ACC checks!!

Bravesbill said...

There are a ton of plays you can call that aren't very risky and don't involve 3 dives up the middle. Simply implementing a normal offense would suffice. As for the kicker, the fact that he went 3-6 last year and had two God awful kicks today before that second FG attempt precisely prove my point. Knuckle has to be either Daz or a family member or Brad Bates himself.

Lenny Sienko said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lenny Sienko said...

mod34b I searched for the report to which I had made reference about the disregard of the advisory committees' advice about who not to hire. I cannot find the reference. My best recollection is that the report was by one of the moderators of the then operating boards. The gist of the report was that a joint faculty/student/alumni board had been consulted and provided a list of those who they thought should not be considered for hiring. Prominent on that list was DAZ.

Check with the moderator here if that was his report.

The report of the Athletics Advisory Board described Mr. Sullivan's official description of the hiring process:

"...The guest at our April meeting was BC Vice President for Human Resources Leo Sullivan. BC made two major Athletics appointments during the fall of 2012, Athletics Director Brad Bates and Head Football Coach Steve Addazio, and Leo was asked to describe the general nature of the process followed in making such hires. He said that the first step in preparing for any major appointment around the University is to do an assessment of the key short-term and long-term issues the new individual will face and the key attributes and experience the new individual should possess. Based on that assessment, a job description and statement of qualifications is prepared. An important decision in assembling a pool of candidates is whether or not to employ a search firm, but for both of BC’s appointments the need to move expeditiously weighed against taking the time that a search firm would need to familiarize itself with the position and the institution. Instead, consultation was conducted, in the case of the AD search, with ADs and Commissioners from comparable schools and conferences around the country as well as with selected BC alumni. Preliminary lists were culled through telephone and in-person interviews, a smaller group of candidates met with a Search Committee and with Fr. Leahy, and finalist candidates were then brought to campus to meet with Fr. Leahy once again and, in the case of the AD search, with selected members of the BC Board of Trustees. Leo was asked if familiarity with BC’s Jesuit, Catholic tradition had been a factor in the new hires, and he said that Fr. Leahy had emphasized the importance of fit with the heritage and mission of Boston College. Asked about the role of pressure from alumni, particularly in the case of coaching hires, Leo said that it is important not to be overly influenced by short-term perceptions of team success. Graduation rates, the overall experience of team members and program integrity are also essential factors. ..".

janebc said...

Yes We don't want to become just a football factory like Stanford or Notre Dame

Geezer eagle said...

I wouldn't call Stanford a football factory. Curious to know the academic credentials and graduation rates of their football athletes.
Mod, can you do some research on this?

Knucklehead said...

It is real simple.
The defense is better than the offense. The defense is more reliable than the offense.They should have stopped GT on the last drive.

The kicker should have hit one of the two kicks based on his past history(.500 from inside 43 yards)

They didn't accomplish the tasks requested of them.

mod34b said...

g.Eagle. Here you go. graduation rates.

Stanford has a very high rate as dies BC, ND and Duke among others

(G.eagle. I use a research tool called "Google" check it out)

mod34b said...

From a website:

Here are the most popular majors for each of the schools in the ACC:

Boston College: Arts and Sciences (enrolled in school)
Clemson: Parks, recreation and tourism management
Duke: Sociology
Florida State: Social science
Georgia Tech: Business administration
Louisville: Communication
Miami: Sport administration
North Carolina: Exercise and sport science
NC State: N/A*
Notre Dame: First Year of Studies
Pittsburgh: Arts and Sciences (enrolled in school)
Syracuse: Communication
Virginia: Arts and sciences
Virginia Tech: Human development
Wake Forest: N/A**

Knucklehead said...

The janebc comment is classic far-out holier than thou Boston College.

A)The coach sucks, the team is not at fault, I am not happy with the program, when I go to the games I show up late and leave early, I think I am the only one who cares about BC football, I don't have solutions to offer and =(&""&) B)I don't want to have a consistently successful program like Stanford or Notre Dame.

The last two days made me under stand why the local Boston media hates Boston College and publicly trashes Boston College(A) and why everyone else doesn't care about Boston College(B).

Knucklehead said...

=(&""&) is concatenation/joining of two objects in different locations in programming language.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, love your chippy sarcasm. Just thought you had some insider information. After all,you are the blog statistics guru.

janebc said...

No Knucklehead. I am there when the team comes out at every game.

Knucklehead said...

Great. The point is still the point.

jampino said...

Does anyone have a link to the post game press conference. Other than the one wire someone started earlier, I can't find anything?

How awesome would it be to have a WTF loss that kept us out of an end of season game of national importance? To think that those were our main concerns too long ago is unrecognizable.

Hoib said...

Shitty kicker costs them the game. For the 3rd year we have a kicker who wouldn't even be good at the high school level. Inexcusable.

ccw said...

Knucklehead lives up to his name by overlooking Daz's record in close games. That's coaching. He also gives Daz a pass for not having a clue about the percentages that favor going for it on 4th down. There's a guy named Belichick who understands those percentages. But Daz "doesn't care about stats". Another swing from the guy neanderthal statement from a one-dimensional coach who can't problem solve.

Hoib said...

I'm w/ Knuckle, coach went conservative on the last possession w/ the lead, because by doing so you put the game in the hands of your best unit. They didn't execute, this is two in a row on that. Didn't hold the lead on Cuse either. Reid should have blitzes on 4-19, same as Brown against CSU. Was Landry hurt? Never heard his name. Looks like a big falloff in pass rush. I'll have to see more against a conventional O first before I'm sure of that.

EL MIZ said...

Hoib and Knuckle - Its fine to play conservative if the thinking is "my Defense is the better unit and we can get a stop."

Where that becomes the wrong strategy is when the coach decides (which, knuckle, is a coaching decision) to neuter the defense and have them go prevent and not attacking. The defense is an attacking, blitzing one. Daz said so himself less than a month ago at the ACC meetings:

“People ask me all the time, ‘Are you going to be a new scheme of defense?’” he said during the ACC media kickoff yesterday. “No, we’re going to be in the Boston College defense. When I came to Boston College, I wanted our defense to be attack style. It was the spearhead of our team. I wanted to be a penetrating defense that created negative yardage plays. I wanted to be as aggressive as we possibly could be. That’s not going to change.”

Did we see that defense on the final drive? No. We saw Daz turtling up and overthinking it and "playing it by the book."

You can fault the Kicker for missing it (although Daz recruited him AND daz was the one opting to go for a kick on 4th and 1 with a power run game and a 6'5 250 lb QB at his disposal), and come up with other excuses as to why SpDaz isnt at fault. We can argue about who is/isnt right (although i and most others find you unpersuasive). Theres no defending his cowardice in the last 5 minutss of the game. Theres also a reason why we have such a subpar record in close games - we dont have a good coach, we dont have a coach who can think on his feet, we have a coach who freezes up and tenses up during games, etc.

I dont know why we need to debate Stanford or Notre Dame or historic performance - it is irrelevant to the debate of whether Daz is, in a vacuum, a good or bad coach. He is now 8-17 in the ACC, 30-33 overall as a head coach. In other words, not a good bang for the buck if we're paying him over $2 million a year and worth moving on from.

Knucklehead said...

The arguments to fire him based on the game yesterday are complete bullshit.

There is a 20% chance of converting on 4th and 19. That is one play. The defense failed repeatedly on its last drive. Not once.

Why is your argument to fire Daz then and not the new DC?

The kicker missed two kicks when he has a 50% hit rate from inside 43 yards.

The numbers show the coaching decisions were grounded and backed up by logic and numbers.

The players failed.

If the kicker is used again then Adazzio ought to be fired.

Like I said last week we will get 5 wins but there is 35% chance of 3-4. If that happens he will probably get fired. Especially if we lose to Syracuse, UCONN and Wake.

I have been saying Adazzio is subpar and the Wake game last season was an abomination to the school, the program and himself. Not to mention the Flutie family. This game was not his fault.

BCAlum2000 said...

Why are people defending Adazzio? I dont understand. Leave aside everything else. When you lose the amount of close games that BC has under Adazzio, including horrific, gut-wrenching, snatch defeat from the hands of victory losses, like yesterday, it stops being a coincidence. When you dont have a kicker who can hit any kind of FG for going on three years, who's fault is that? When you get the ball up by 4 with 5 minutes to go and proceed to run two dives into a stacked defensive box, before funbling on third down, who's fault is that? To blame the defense is laughable. Yes, they choked big time when it counted yesterday, but if not for them, the game isnt even close. When you offense is this inept for so long, who's fault is that?

Stop making excuses for Adazzio. He is singularly at fault. He is the head coach. Its his system. His coaches. His players.

mod34b said...

As to Daz's claim for going with Licthenberg - the boy who lost the Duke game and the Wake game - and who lacked so much confidence he had to turn to Nate Freese to find his confidence (note to Lichtenberg: Confidence cannot be taught or mimicked, you either have it or your don't), coniderhis quote yesterday:

Daz 9/3/2016 re Dublin kicking in The Heights:

“Our percentage of kicking field goals this training camp was really high,” Addazio said. “Yeah, I’m concerned: we didn’t make two field goals out here. But it’s not what I saw in camp. I”

Is Daz lying about why he went with the kicks attempt?

Herald 8/25/2016

"Sophomore kicker Colton Lichtenberg struggled in the first half but found his range in the second, nailing his final three kicks with a long of 31 yards. . . .”

31 yards means he could only make a successful FG from the 14 yard line. (14 +7 + 10) pathetic, not to mention form the 18 yard line

Hoib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hoib said...


4th and 19 call not made by Daz, it's the DCs job. I think he blew it as I said earlier. Brown made same call against CSU, w/ the same result. It would be interesting to near from a neutral professional to explain why no blitz. I ask again what's up W/ Landry.. This exchange reminds me of Roshomo, Knuckle and I must have seen a different game than everyone else.

mod34b said...

hoib -- landy was not 100% per daz

m sully of heights tweets

'Addazio notes that Harold Landry is not at full speed. Was cleared pre-game, but hadn't had a lot of reps in camp. Needs to be eased into it'

lenny thankd for your comment. i do some sleuthing

EL MIZ said...

Hoib - if Daz wants pressure he'd get it. given how Daz alleges to run the program, i'm certain that he told the offense to go conservative (daz admits as much, literally saying he wanted his defense on the field which is bizarre and goes against basic coaching tenets of keeping the other team's offense off the field as the game winds down) and the defense as well. same thing happened with Brown b/c we had the same HC - DAZ - telling them what to do.

so let me get this straight HOIB and KNUCKLE - its the players fault (who daz brings in, coaches, etc) and the assistant coaches fault (who daz hires and oversees) but certainly not Daz's fault (who alleges to run the program with an iron fist and is ultimately responsible for everything).

Knucklehead said...

It is the kickers fault for missing two kicks inside of 43 yards. He is a .500 kicker from that range. Which is fucking pathetic but fact.

When you are coming off the worst offensive season in NCAA history and had the best defense in the country the year before(and your offense is considered your weakness and defense strength this season)it is understandable to run clock and ask your defense to stop the other teams offense(they had been successful at it all game to).

Yes the coach sucks(this is not a concession I have been saying it for 18 month and before most of you assholes knew any better). He did not lose the GT game on 9/3/2016. The players lost the game. Read the fucking Boston Globe today the running back says they need to practice more and the QB says they will play better going forward.

The fact I have to reiterate this is pathetic.

Are you straightend out now?

mod34b said...

Why is it either /or?

Players and Daz both failed

When players fail often enough they get benched.

When head coaches fail often enough they get fired

Hoib said...

The 4-19 play is the reason we lost the game. Nothing else. You can blame the coach, but thr way I see it In the most important play of the game the Tech QB made the play w/ extremely long odds against him, and our guys w/ all probabilities in their favor didn't. You can take shots at me for being a Daz guy, although I'm not as high as I once was, becaus of Lich., but Knuckle is in no way a Daz Apologist. Even if you think that Daz Is the worst of the worst, and can him know, the new coach will be chosen by that winning combo of Leahy, Bates. Who could want that.

Knucklehead said...

Exactly why I said if Lichtenstein is allowed to kick again then the headcoach ought to be fired. That would be a fireable offense after what happended against GT.

Texas is looking good. I like them to make the final 4 in fooseball this year.

CT said...

Well, Knuckle. The good news is you have an ally. The bad news, however, is that it's Hoib. And you're a fucking asshole. But let's focus on the positive. You're alive. Daz has repeatedly proven he's not a good tactician. He has the football IQ of an ape staring at that rhombus thing in 2001 A Space Odyssey, which is 100 yrs beyond where his offense imagination resides. However. It's but one game. Long, boring ass schedule coming up. You can still play devil's advocate in a month or two. Can't fucking wait. You're a font of knowledge.

Knucklehead said...

Feel better sweetie? Mommy not there to take care of you anymore?

Hoib said...


That all you have to say in this? I expect better than that. Where are your points. Are you going to morph into your nemisis Mod, and come up w/ 57 varieties of Daz sucks. I'm a fan of yours, don't let me down.

mod34b said...

hoib you DO realize that your 'friend' just took a big dump on you, right? and you coming back for more??

i also think ATL should enforce some minimal decorum here saying "And you're a fucking asshole" is not appropriate.

Hoib said...

This is one for the Jebs. Why is it ok to say someone just took a huge dump on me, but it's not ok to call someone a fucking asshole. Which BTW you've called me that on more than one occasion.

mod34b said...

Silly Hoib