Friday, September 30, 2016

End of the Week Rant: Someone needs to occasionally remind our coaches how little scrutiny they are under

I tweeted about this earlier in the week, but I still can't believe that Steve Addazio talked up his defense to the media this week and no one really challenged him on the Virginia Tech game. Also he keeps mentioning the team's youth, but as has been pointed out by many (including BCI this week), the team is not young by College Football standards. If he were saying this at an SEC school or a Big Ten power, the media would be combative to his face and the talk radio shows would be killing him.

I am not advocating over the top confrontational media. But tough questions should be asked. Julian Benbow is doing a good job and is much more critical of Addazio's game management than Vega ever was. But he's only one guy. Find me another Power 5 program where the media is so absent and accommodating?

I am sure quality of life is low on the priority list for most big time coaches. They want money and power and the best opportunity to win. But being the coach at BC can be relatively rewarding financially and on the field, without the pressure or scrutiny. Do you think Urban Meyer can go anywhere in public in Columbus and not get bothered? Addazio could walk through Cleveland Circle right now and be left alone. No one is putting moving signs in his front lawn if BC loses a game.

The lack of intensity might manifest itself in smaller crowds or less fundraising, but as he struggles through a rebuilding process, he should be thankful that the pressure he's feeling is not coming from the media or casual fans.


mod34b said...

More press? Daz would luv it. A bigger audience for his bullshit.

But if you are suggesting that closer scrutiny might bring about change in daz, not happening

Daz is never going to self reflect (not capable of that), consider other ideas (ditto) or change (ditto)

He is a very stubborn man who is not very bright. The way it is.

Just watch after today's game. Daz will act like the OL is all that - never mentioning that buffalo is the worst run defense in FBS.

Unknown said...

BC football is irrelevant, nobody cares.
Thanks Leahy.

Unknown said...

The biggest problem Eagle (Love the blog BTW) is that the Boston Media just does not care. Never has and never will and in alot of aspects we can't blame them as right now BC is going to be the 5th franchise at best. Red Sox are in the playoffs, Bruins pre season is starting soon as is the Celtics. The Patriots are 3-0 and run this state.
You mention SEC/Big 10 schools but most of them are the only game in town. Hell there is no other sports franchise in most of these places outside of the college program.
I say this with full knowledge as I have family that are HARDCORE Georgia, Florida and South Carolina fans. To them MLB is passing fancy, NFL is nice, but College Football is religion.
I have been critical at presser's about the passing game and even the game plan philosophy but the bottom line is that literally the mainstream Boston sports media considers BC Sports & college sports to be just "a novelty" and don't care that much.