Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday picks

My picks have been terrible so far this season. If I want to finish above .500, I've got to start getting some right. Maybe this is the week.

(Picks in bold.)

USC+2.5 at Utah

Florida State-5.5 at South Florida

Wisconsin+4.5 at Michigan State

Central Michigan-3 at Virginia 

Syracuse+3 at UConn

LSU-3.5 at Auburn

Louisiana Tech+4.5 at Middle Tennessee State

Stanford-3 at UCLA

Arkansas+6 at Texas A&M

Air Force-4.5 at Utah State

Last week I was 2-7-1. For the season I am 9-19-2.


TGS said...

Boston Globe has a puff piece on BC today and the Daz makes some very illuminating comments exposing him for the complete fraud that he is. For example:

One thing I do notice, and I get it, we’ve played three games,” he said this week. “We’ve played three games. We didn’t open up like a lot of people did and play [lesser] teams and [gradually play better teams]. We didn’t have that luxury.

It would be like if some dentist asked me to come in and evaluate his cavity surgery. I really couldn’t do it with any expertise. The difference in football is everybody thinks they have that expertise. They really don’t.”

We’ve had three long weeks on the road, I feel exhausted,” Addazio said. “I feel I’m in Week 8 right now, and we’re in Week 3. Just sheer travel and time, coming back from Virginia Tech and getting back in my house at 1 in the Morning.

“It’s not a good enough answer for anybody, I understand that,” Addazio added. “But it’s going to take some time. When you rebuild a program, it takes some time, especially at BC.

“We’re a developmental program. We’re not inserting Jucos. We bring young guys in here that have high character, are good academically, and [are] solid players.”

What more do you need to hear before concluding this excuse making fraud is the antithesis of great coaches like Bill Belicheck and TC. He needs to go NOW!!!

bceagle91 said...

Um, the first game was a conference game. That'll happen. And it was one of the weaker teams in the conference. Game 2 was against a lesser team. On the road? Foxboro is closer to Chestnut Hill than to Amherst. VT was a conference game. The ACC sets that schedule, not His Hairiness or Daz. Games 4 and 5 are obvious cupcakes.

No, we're not inserting Jucos. We're starting graduate transfers at QB who couldn't hit the ocean from the end of the pier.

Good Lord, the Louisville and Clemson games should be really ugly. Is it too early to start praying for rain?

Knucklehead said...

Did anyone notice the Wagner preview had Howard in the final score line? Bad omen.

Select JUCO's are fine. What was wrong with Paul Peterson, Chuckie Dukes and the brothers from San Francisco City College(football and bball).

Just to the GT point, not Dazzler, didn't they play Clemson tough last night?

Knucklehead said...

Louisville is going to be a epic fucking disaster. They have players and basically the best offensive coach on gods green earth. They need to dismantle opponents to prove to the idiot media that they are in the top 4. There will be no mercy in the dojo that Saturday, so-to speak.

bceagle91 said...

Knucklehead, the GT/Clemson game was pretty much a rout. 23-0 at the half with Clemson outgaining GT 347-22. For the game, it was 442-124. It looked like Clemson called off the dogs at halftime. And you're probably going to be spot on about Louisville. If they can beat FSU by 43, I cringe at how they'll do up here.

Knucklehead said...

I missed it, thank you for the details, between the Patriots and Red Sox - was only tracking the score.

Yeah, they beat the hell out of us 3-4 years ago here when we were semi-respectable.

FSU is a second half team and Louisville beat them badly there too.

CT said...

Wow wow wow. Those quotes are screaming, "I hear the hot seat talk!"

You rarely hear a multi-millionaire coach complain about getting home at 1am! The horror! And the BC rebuild line? Someone should ask him what timeline he would judge someone else in his position. And what is his standard for success in yrs 4 and 5?

He's the Kaepernick of college coaches. Willing to protest his lot in life, but unable to articulate what success would look like for him to stop protesting.

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