Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A midseason firing wouldn't make sense for BC

If Syracuse hangs 50 on BC Saturday, you will hear people calling for Addazio's head. There is speculation that he could even be fired midseason. To me that would be a huge mistake.

A midseason change hurts recruiting
One thing Addazio is still doing relatively well is recruiting. If he is fired now, it becomes open season on our current verbals and our roster for transfers. If we fire Addazio in November after the Wake game, the window in which to pick apart our recruiting class becomes that much smaller.

An interim mess
Every once in a while an interim coach takes his program to the next level. Dabo Swinney is the most prominent example. But more often the interim is given the job in an emotional move and things don't get better. I don't know who would be the interim. The logical candidate is Paul Pasqualoni, but sometimes schools go with the popular position coach (like Ed Orgeron). Would that be Al Washington? Or maybe one of the coordinators? I don't know. As much as it would be nice to give a young BC grad like Washington a professional bump in this process, I don't want BC making a rash decision.

The message it sends to BC fans
Brad Bates is the lamest of lame ducks, but if Addazio is fired midseason, it will seem like he made the call. The call is above Bates head now. Given our history, I don't expect BC to get a nuanced message to the media about how the process came about. That inturn would just make our current fans think BC remains chaotic and without a plan.

I hope this doesn't become an issue. Let's go beat Syracuse and judge Addazio on the whole season. Things will get better, so let's not make them worse.


Brian O'Leary said...

Addazio should get fired. He's not good at the job. Appears to be a jerk as well.
Bates is terrible at his job. He should have been fired a while ago.

mod34b said...

"Addazio is still doing relatively well is recruiting."

seriously? why the bs? He was given a rating of D for his 2017 class and he was last in recruiting in 2016.

sooner he is fired, sooner we can start rebuilding.

recuits are savvy. They already know the deal. Those that can bolt, will anyway.

Joe said...

Mod you're so in the dark about recruiting it's actually comical

mod34b said...

Joe. Show me the light. Make your case

Sounds like you might be using common core or new math for your analysis. Did you notice any of Daz's stellar recruits in the VT or Clemson game.? dB not in same league as Clemson receivers. Are the stellar recruits on the BC. OL? (Yuk yuk) Or maybe it's the BC receivers who have the highest drop rate in the country that are the A recruits. Or is it the kickers and punters? Or maybe the zero-threat QBs?

Do tell

I am waiting for this one!

eagle1331 said...

Totally with Mod on this one.

ATL, you've already had a post about how some of our best recruits are taking tours elsewhere and how "losing them wouldn't be a big deal," so you can't sit here and use recruiting now as a reason not to fire Daz.

He is an awful coach, embarrassing our school. At least firing him mid-season would show the fans and Alumni (and players and recruits) that the school does care about performance and perception of the team.

Letting him ride out the season, further embarrassing us, throwing more kids under the bus in interviews, is not the Boston College way. It is "Never to Excel," not "Ever to excel."

He failed at his job. Bates failed at his job.

They should both be shown the door at the same time. You can hire an AD any time of year, but Tom Coughlin is everyone's first choice to right this ship. I'm all about promoting Al. Who cares? Its an interim job and he played with a passion at BC none of these coaches have ever shown towards our campus. It wouldn't be the first time BC forced a new coach to keep on old staffers if he didn't get the HC job next year...

TheFive said...

"Things will get better...." The ACC of the 2010s is not the Big East of the late 1990s. Improvement is not inevitable. We cannot count on reversion to the mean because never in this program's history has it been forced to play 4 perennial top 20 teams in conference every single year.

Things might get better if the university commits resources and creative thinking towards succeeding in major conference athletics. It has committed neither over the past decade. Until that changes assuming "things will get better" is laughable and counterproductive.

knucklehead said...

Yup been saying it for years. Al is a future bc headcoach. I wouldnt put him in charge of the current mess.

Don brown and the navy coach are my top two.

blist said...

Unless the change is Tom Coughlin coming in and talking about his Super Bowl rings and getting BC ti the national championship like he promised in 1990, I don't see how a midseason firing helps. BC getting a few wins this season probably doesn't save the Dazzler anyway, but will certainly improve the school's narrative to kids.

Geezer eagle said...

I am in complete agreement with the above comments minus Atl's. Dazoshit's coaching and recruiting talent levels are pathetic. Wipe the slate clean ASAP and start anew.

NEDofSavinHill said...

He should have been fired after the Clemson game. Miami canned Golden last year after their Clemson blowout and ended up with Mark Richt, a significant upgrade. Georgia got rid of a ten win coach and they have regressed. BC has a five win coach comparable to Spaz and Henning. TOB and TC had them at the nine and ten win level.BC can get back to that level with good coaching. What if ND's Kelly is available next year? ND may desire a new direction. There are many alternatives to the current flop.

JBQ said...

If there is an embarrassment in the Syracuse game at home, Addazio has to go immediately. Since Al Washington is a BC grad, it should be considered that he be given the job to see what he can do. The important effort should come from bringing Tommie C into the picture in some capacity. He should be named interim athletic director at the end of the year to bring in a broom for both football and basketball. If he were named as interim coach, that would be quite a jolt. However, the vortex could drag him down and destroy his future effectiveness with both Louisville and Florida State on the horizon to say nothing of NC St. John Fish, the chair of the board of trustess, runs a super business in Suffolk Construction which is one of the top 200 businesses in the entire U.S. Are you telling me that he would tolerate dysfunctionality and ineptness in his line of work?

knucklehead said...
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campy said...

That inturn would just make our current fans think BC remains chaotic and without a plan.

Why would that be a bad thing? It's the truth, isn't it?

mod34b said...

I think the idea of BC getting TC to return is ridiculous, but then there is this:

Tom Coughlin isn’t ready to rule out a return to coaching

Posted by Mike Florio on October 15, 2016, 8:49 PM EDT

PHILADELPHIA, PA - OCTOBER 19: Head coach Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants looks on during warms ups prior to their game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on October 19, 2015 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The coaching carousel will start spinning in 11 weeks and two days. When it does, former Jaguars and Giants coach Tom Coughlin may be looking for a seat on it.

Asked on Friday night at the annual Jay Fund Champions for Children Gala about a possible return, Coughlin wouldn’t slam the door.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” Coughlin said, via Howie Kussoy of the New York Post. “One day at a time. I hope I can make an impact in the job that I’m in. That’s why I’m in that position.”

Coughlin currently works as an adviser to the NFL’s football operations department.

“It’s different, obviously,” Coughlin said. “I’m in the game. I’m very thankful for being involved in the game to the extent that I am. . . . I have really enjoyed the work that I’ve done, as far as going in the command room and being there throughout all the Sunday games. That part of it’s been exciting because it’s the closest thing for me to the sidelines, which is what I was looking for.”

bceagle93 said...

TC for AD and HC in 2017

Hario said...

I am with mod on the recruiting line --- by what measure is Daz recruiting well?

It seems really hard to make that argument

downtown_resident said...

The firing I would prefer to see right now is Bates. Buy out the last few months of his contract and take some time to hire the right guy, and hopefully have him in place to conduct the coaching search assuming Daz is fired at the end of the year.

Big Jack Krack said...

In years past we'd be talking about the game.

But because we are lower than whale sh$t, which is on the bottom of the ocean, we are not.

Thanks Brad. I guess you didn't mean to, but it's as though you deliberately went out of your way to kill our interest and enthusiasm for the game.

At your salary level, you should have been able to salt away a little extra while you are searching for a new job or a new career in 2017. Best of luck to you.

Joe said...

Go through the roster, where are their major deficiencies that stray from the historical norm in recruiting ? Since you have made it abundantly clear that you love Mike Farrell and his ranking system, lets take a look at this weeks starters

Both Towles and Hilliman were 4* guys in HS. Wolford was a 3* (LB in HS). The offensive line were all 3* with the exception of Elijah Johnson (who arguably had the best offer list of anyone on the offensive line). Pallozollo was a 4* and was quickly changed as soon as he committed to BC, ironic. All of the WR's/TE's were 3* guys with the exception of Sweeney (who is arguably the best pass catcher on the roster). So tell me mod, since you are such a recruiting expert, where has Addazio recruited outside the historical norm based on the offensive starters ?

Same goes for the defense, I don't feel like going thru player by player, but its bunch of 3's with decent-good offer sheets mixed with Strahan (4*) and Landry (4*).

I know you just want to complain for the sake of complaining, but recruiting/talent is far from the reason BC is in this mess. Its Addazio having his hands all over this offense and strangling it to death. Plain and simple.

I just don't honestly know what you expect him to do with the support he gets from the university. Unless someone comes here with a huge name/brand (i.e. Chip Kelley), BC will never see a bump to the next level of recruiting until the schools starts to care, at least to the point that they are on par with other comparable schools. But to say Addazio is doing anything out of the historical norm from a recruiting perspective is just lazy analysis.

And wait till he gets fired and goes to coach at OSU. He's going to come back here and get everyone worth getting in the NE just to get back at BC because he is a stubborn a-hole, and it absolutely will happen because when he has an infrastructure to sell, he can recruit at an elite level, which he has proven.

mod34b said...

it appears Joe is a reincarnation of KAsh/Superfan.

I note the similar obsession with "Mike Farrell" ("abundantly clear that you love Mike Farrell and his ranking system")the word "lazy" ("lazy analysis"), the Daz excuses ("I just don't honestly know what you expect him to do with the support he gets from the university.")and the abusive remarks ("I know you just want to complain for the sake of complaining.") lot of gibberish too ("where has Addazio recruited outside the historical norm based on the offensive starters")

show me one accepted recruiting metric that shows Daz is succeeding in recruiting. VT 49- BC 0 is all you need to know. He is not recruiting at even an ACC middle-schmiddle level. He sucks and so does his recruiting. BC football suck.s I do agree that a major problem is dumbdaz and his foul offense. Loses games, turns off recruits and turns offf fans. and leads to losing football.

you analysis is too incoherent to respond to directly we can just disagree.

Danny Boy said...

I think the point is that BC has never been great at recruiting. Better than now? Perhaps. But great? No.

BC has made their living on under the radar guys and coaching them up. Pair coach's biggest failing isn't his recruiting, it's his coaching up of his players. Recruiting could be better, but without a someone to coach those players, it doesn't matter. Give us alabama's roster and we're still left with clock management issues, bad play selection, and game plan deficiencies.

mod34b said...

DB. I disagree. The recruiting now is very bad and that is a major problem. And bad recruiting is a problem of equal value to Dax's terrible strategic scheme on offense, his poor player development, and his poor in-game coaching skills

If you look at the quality of players now vs TOB years, there is no comparison. Daz is not finding enough decent players to build a winner. Has not happened. . Not even getting the mythical "diamond in the rough" players - certainly not on offense, daz's area of supposed strengths

Who are the excellent recruits on offense?

All the various metrics show the present recruiting is bad: Compare historical Win/loss records; all-ACC selections, look at NFL drafts; look at historic team recruiting rankingss on rivals. Look at the play on the field. Compare the current OL with TOB OLs. The current OL obviously does not measure up to BC OL baseline.

Recruiting is very bad under Daz, very bad.

Geezer eagle said...


Danny Boy said...

Mod, its an inherently flawed argument because we can't find the diamonds in the rough, without a coach polishing them. Hillman, Thad Smith, multiple lineman (and others) all fit the mold of players we would have been celebrating under TOB (and Jags). TOB made his living off coaching up 3 star recruits. Our roster is littered with 3 stars.

We NEVER had excellent recruits. We had good recruits that the coaches got excellent results from. Matt Ryan wouldn't have been Matt Ryan if he was asked to hand off 35 times a game and told to eat up ever second of play clock. Robinson would have had his attitude that we all loved beaten out of him, Willie Green would have been benched in favor of someone else.

To say that we don't have the horses is unfair to our guys. Its impossible to say how they would turn out with different coaching. At one point not too long ago BC had more starting QBs in the NFL than any other school. It wasn't because they were studs out of high school, it was because the coaches got them ready for Saturday, which in turn got them ready for Sunday. You bring in any other coach in the ACC and our players start looking like the caliber of recruits we're used to.

mod34b said...

So DB what are you saying?

Daz is a decent recruiter? You have no idea how to judge recruiting success? You can't compare today's recruits to last decades recruits?

Seems like cop out to avoid the obvious: Daz sucks at recruiting

Yes, we never had and never will have ND and 'Bama level recruits. But our recruits now are several levels below ACC standards and BC standards See e.g. OL