Monday, October 24, 2016

BC's Louisville game time on hold as Jackson Heisman campaign heats up

The ACC's TV partners are "holding" the TV slots for the weekend of November 5. The only game released from the schedule is UVA-Wake, which got the 3 pm Regional Cable game. All the other games are up in the air, including the BC-Louisville game. Now given that Louisville will probably be a 20 points or more favorite, why would ESPN wait to hold that game? Lamar Jackson. After blowing away NC State, he's back in the driver seat for the Heisman. And if he keeps lighting up scoreboards, his games will take on a must see element. I know ESPN wouldn't root against BC, but all they have to do is look at what Clemson did to us. You know the idea of Jackson hanging 60 or more would be great afternoon fodder.

There is a viral nature to Jackson too. He's been trending during all of Louisville's games. In fact, BCDee's tweet about him was picked up by Raycom and run at the bottom of the screen during our game with Syracuse.

I really don't want to get embarrassed again. Maybe we can use it as motivation. If BC shuts him down and pulls off an upset, the Heisman campaign is over. 


Knucklehead said...

73-9 Louisville. Not including Louisville Defense scoring a TD. Which is 50-50.

Knucklehead said...

NC State is going to knockout Towles and Wade this weekend. Their defense is ruthless.

mod34b said...

"If BC shuts him down and pulls off an upset, the Heisman campaign is over. "


for that to happen, I think BC would need a special Jesuit prayer and appearance at Alumni by Pope Francis.

but we might "shut down" LJ and Pope Frances might come to BC for the special benediction to

and Hoib might return to praise Daz too.... (where'd you go Hoib? i liked your counter points)

Geezer eagle said...

ATL, your relentless optimism is inane. This will be a bigger embarrassment than the Clemson game. Why is Dazoshit still around?

Bravesbill said...

Louisville Defense 7, Boston College 3