Thursday, October 06, 2016

Go listen to BCI's interview with Jags

Former BC Coach Jeff Jagodzinski had a long interview with BC Interruption. It is long but well worth your time.

I've been waiting for the right time and place to write about my experience with Jags. There is a long draft of a Jags chapter as part of my potential e-book.  Hopefully I will get the my book done by Christmas.

It is and was a unique time in BC Sports. Things will be fun again one day.


mod34b said...


Bravesbill said...

I honestly wouldn't mind taking him back. His attitude and game mentality would be pretty refreshing.

mod34b said...

he was and is full of it. total manipulator.

i listened - against my better judgment - to the recording. He is minimizing his role is getting fired and now regrets his decision -- or that is what he wants you to believe. He sees himself as the good guy - of course.

he trashes Spaz - "just not a head coach. he was a good coordinator" (says it several times... feel like he is really talking about Daz)

his talks about "if" he came back to BC he could get BC back to 2007 levels in 3 years. He says that twice. So, Jags, the opportunist, smells blood in the water and is auditioning for the job. maybe he knows Daz's days are numbered

The possibility of a glorious , if not delusional, return is obviously why he suddenly decided to be interviewed by a BC sports blog. He remains a hero in his own mind.

in sports as in business - rehires usually are a bad idea. It would be with Jags

Knucklehead said...

Listening to him is a waste of time. Not in the proverbial sense; in the literal sense. He was the personification of fraud. Totally propped up by Steve Logan at BC and Tampa. He never called a play under Mike McCarthy as the OC for Green Bay either. Total Fraud.

Steve Logan is off the grid. He might be a good option at OC when Loeffler gets canned this offseason.

janebc said...

Logan could be just what we need here. But I cannot see Logan working with a "play not to lose" head coach.

EL MIZ said...

Jags record at BC: 20-8, including 11-5 in conference.

Addazio record at BC: 20-23, including 8-18 in conference.

it is unlikely that, in year 4 of Addazio, he will match the conference win total Jags got to in 2.

the interview is self-serving but also an interesting look at his time here.

Knucklehead - Jags gameplanned so that when the game ended, BC would have more points than the opponent. unlike your boy DAZ, who gameplans to not get embarrassed and probably spends a good chunk of time thinking of new excuses, ways to lower expectations, and losing his cool on the sidelines. think back to how many times Jags flew off the handle and screamed at players. i can't recall ANY. this happens at least once per half with the Great Daz. maybe in 10 years, when our Line has fully matured, we'll have a decent shot at being good. until then, more Daz speak and "trying to get the defense back on the field" as he so eloquently put it in describing his strategy to lose against GT.


Knucklehead said...

Dazzler is not my boy. Give it a rest.

Jagodinski was a fraud. He did not "game plan" anything. You fell for his "BC Guy" bullshit.

EL MIZ said...

Knuckleballer - you're the only one on here with an ounce of sympathy for Daz. he is indeed your boy.

i fell for the wins. what did he do at BC if he wasn't doing anything? they just magically happened to win a lot? i'm not following.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...
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Bravesbill said...

Jags did specifically say he would bring Logan back as well, which would be beneficial. And mod, are you really mad at Jags for calling Spaz out for not being head coaching material? Really? I'm not sure how he got a rep as being a fraud (you would have interviewed for an NFL team too). Maybe it's just me yearning for a coach who actually plays to win, but he should be an option. What other realistic option does BC have that's better?

Knucklehead said...

I said the GT game wasn't all his fault because there are players on the field. Especially a useless kicker who choked twice.

What did he do? He got rejected by the Jets because they saw through his bullshit. Ask Tampa Bay why they kept Logan and demoted/fired Jagodinski after three weeks(he knows nothing about X's and O's). Ask the Omaha team that canned his ass. Ask him yourself why it took him two years to then get a job as a WR coach at Ave Maria college(Thank god for the BC money).

The "BC Guy" bullshit in the Boston Globe raised the red flag immediately for me.

He snuck around on you and you sound like you want him back.

The only good thing DeFillipo did with his talent management around coaches was to fire that dope.

mod34b said...

bb = i point out the jags dis of spaz to show his lack of character and manipulative ways. of course spaz was bad, but jags is using spaz to market how good he thinks he is.

honestly, almost any coach could get outstanding results with Matt Ryan and company. there is only one coach who would fuck that up -- which is Daz who would ignore Ryan's throwing skills and rush Andre Callender off tackle all night long. Spaz would have won9 gams/

2007 members

Heni Herbal said...
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Bravesbill said...

Jags really had no shot at the job and was rejected because there were better candidates. Not surprising. The rest is pure speculation on your part.

CT said...

Jags said all this a month ago on the sports talk show he cameos on down here every now and then. I posted about it. He said he regretted the Jets thing, felt he had to do it, and would win again at BC.

Could this guy even recruit? You gotta have a passion for that as much as anything else.

The radio guys lap it up because of the Ryan/Falcons connection. They don't know any better, don't really blame them. He comes off as down to Earth and a pretty decent listen. Opinionated but not smug.

Unknown said...

jags may not have been a brilliant strategist but to his credit he had good people around him. He decided to keep Spaz and bring in Logan. I don't think he is a fraud. Coaching is about having something special. His specialty was a passion for winning. No other coach at BC with exception of Coughlin had anything close to that spirit.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

"Almost any coach could get outstanding results with Matt Ryan and company"

Then how come Tom O'Brien never did it? Jagz says Soaz was not a good fit for head coach and notice what he says "if he was, he would have been head coach before me"

Jagz brought success to this program not seen for 25 years prior and now not seen since, and yet is regularly a target of character assassination on this board. Do any of you have proof of your allegations? The only proof I need to tell me Jagz was a successful coach is his record at BC: 20-8.

It is also clear he feels a. Try strong connection to this program, says "We have Clemson coming in Friday night." Notice the "we." Take a look at his Twitter, this week it is also posts congratulating Matt Ryan on last weeks game.

You all act that Jagz is responsible for where we are now, while it is Gene, Spaz, and Daz.

BCMike said...

"Almost any coach could get outstanding results with Matt Ryan and company"

Then how come Tom O'Brien never did it?


You can give credit to Logan--certainly much of the offense deserves to be credited his way...but it's to both Jags and Logan.

Matt's numbers his senior year under Jags and Logan essentially doubled. The only difference was coaching.

Bravesbill said...

And to make it back to the ACC Championship game the next year led by Chris freaking Crane was pretty impressive.

JBQ said...

We get it. "Mod34b" does not like Jags. Jags had the magnificent personality. He was the father of four young children. He now has five. Part of the realm of success is personality. If TOB had it, the magnificent Marine would have gone undefeated. Spaz was very good albeit as a defensive coordinator. He just could not hack it as a head coach. The same holds for Daz. Jags is having success as the o.c. at Georgia State. He developed a number of players who are offensive stars in the pros. The problem is that even though BC messed up in the handling of his search for a pro job, Jags took a big settlement with him when he left. Even if someone wanted him back, that is just not possible. He had a "gentleman's agreement" with GDF to not search for another job for at least three years. GDF felt betrayed for giving him his big break. Meanwhile, Jags marches on with five mouths to feed and five little tykes who are going to need college payments. Jags did everything that was asked of him. He brought a light of enthusiasm back to the campus. He got a bit overambitious and paid the price. Nevertheless, what "man jack" among you would not have done the same with a wife and four children and another one in the oven standing in your shadow?

NEDofSavinHill said...

Was Ryan first team all ACC his junior year under TOB? Did he lead the conference in passing? Did he have a higher completion percentage under TOB than Jags? Did he play two less games in 2006 than 2007? 2006 BC won ten games playing thirteen contests in 2006. They won eleven in 2007 playing fourteen. Total lie to say 2006 was not an outstanding performance by Ryan and TOB. The Clueless use the same false claims the Fowler and Herbstreut used a decade ago. The facts contradict your argument. Mod is correct. Jags was to BC what Switzer was to the Cowboys. A guy who unherited a grat team and over time drove to mediocrity.

mod34b said...

The beauty of a con man is that he gets you to believe what it is that your really want to believe is true, but which is not true. You become his 'mark'.

Look at the silly comments from Mike and SOS: "Then how come Tom O'Brien never did it?"

2005 - BC 9-3 ranked #18
2006 - BC 9-3 ranked #20
2007 - BC 11-3 ranked #10 (10-2 without ACC Champ game)
2008 - BC 9-5 ranked #24 (before losing bowl) (8-4 without ACC champ)

so there is a big difference between a 10 win season and a 9? no.

'Why didn't TOB do it' is obviously a poor argument. But if you engage in the magical thinking con men prey upon, then go one going on about it

And many of the teams we played in 2007 were not so good. good wins over VT and Clemson. Many opponents had losing or .500 records. We played Army, Bowling Green and UMass. ND, FSU and Miami all had off years. ND was 3-9; Miami 5-7 and FSU was 7-6. Jags lost to chump MD (a classic TOB WTF loss).

Even Spaz (with Logan as OC) could have mustered 9 wins in 2007. Jags is a hero because he got to double digits. Silly

JBQ - Jags wasn't some destitute guy struggling to feed his family. The notion is rather offensive when you consider he was paid more than $1,000,000 a year and got a multi-million dollar buy out - and compare that to an actual real family that struggles.

Bravesbill said...
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Bravesbill said...

In the spirit of mod, here's some stats Ned:

2006 Boston College 263 427 61.6% 2,942 6.9 15 10 126.4
2007 Boston College 388 654 59.3% 4,507 6.9 31 19 127.0

Matt Ryan clearly had a better 2007 season. Don't forget he won the Unitas and Manning awards in 2007 and was a Heisman hopeful until late in the season.

Bravesbill said...

Mod, Jags took BC to the next level (ACC Championship game twice). TOB could never ever break through (witness that Syracuse fiasco in 2004). Maybe other coaches could have won 9 game sin 2007 with that roster, but not many would have been able to go back to the ACC Championship the next year.

Knucklehead said...

It is not speculation. It is his track record. Which is public record.

Knucklehead said...

Chris freaking crane? The current program would die for Chris Crane.

Who made Chris Crane successful, Steve Logan? Logan used him a read option runner with occasional passes.

Steve Logan made Chris Crane successful at BC not Jagodinski.

This is fucking comical.

mod34b said...

BB -- so in 2006 and 2007 Ryan had essentially same completion percent, yards per completion and QBr.

Difference is Jags threw more.

Does that mean that Jags developed Ryan into a better player? or just had a different strategy for offense.

Next level? ok. he lost twice too. But much of success is also due to weaker competition. ND, Clem, Mia, FSU all not having usually strong years.

Jags did a good job. I ma not arguing that. But he did it with TOB players and the guy is just so full of shit. But if you like him great. I don't. Either way, he is never coming back to BC as a head football coach.

And he is a delusional idiot to keep putting that suggestion out there. That in itself is more evidence of his dopey qualities. (and we saw that at Tampa Bay too)

Bravesbill said...

Considering that you still haven't mentioned any behind the scenes "facts" you supposedly have, it's all speculation. And Chris Crane was very limited talent-wise but yes, he would be a significant upgrade the past two years. I'm not sure where you're going with this Knuckle. Jags brought in Logan; Logan devised a game plan that put Crane into a position to succeed. Isn't one of the jobs of a head coach to hire the right people?

Knucklehead said...

Jags is not capable of constructing a game plan. He does not know how to set blocking scheme's or defensive alignments. He is not a play caller either. He does not know the X's and O's of football to level he should. He is a fraud.

It worked at BC because he was building on what was there and using his bullshitting acumen to recruit and because he hired and let Logan run the offense(by default because Jagodinski is not capabale of running the offense).

Analogy: He groped your mothers' sister while your mother was in the other room(Has plum BC job and goes for Jets job) And you seem to have no problem with that.

marcos said...

Not trying to stick up for Jags here - I believe he was exposed after BC as far as his football acumen goes. But I think it's clear he had the right attitude/swagger to be a successful HC. Some coaches' ceilings are coordinators and are bad HCs (Spaz). I think he is the opposite - bad coordinator (x's and o's) and right makeup for a HC. Yes, he inherited some great players from TOB but you cannot convince me otherwise that he took that talent to another level. NO WAY IN HELL TOB wins that 2007 Clemson game on the road to go to the ACC CG. No way! And there a few other games like this. I think he needed a right hand man like Logan. But part of being a good HC is creating the right staff and he did that. Not saying I want him back, but I'd take him over Daz in a heartbeat.

btw, I don't think he was harsh at all with his comments on Spaz. How can anyone argue that? He was a good DC and terrible HC - bottom line. The way Jags said it wasn't harsh either. You could tell he had a lot of respect for Spaz too.

NEDofSavinHill said...

When BC beat Clemson in 2007 it was their third straight over them. The prior two were by TOB. Jags went one and one vs. Clemson. TOB two and zero.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

TOB beat Tommy Bowden twice. Jags beat Tommy Bowden once and lost to Dabo Swinney.

marcos said...

Apples and oranges, Ned. 2007 was late in the year, ON THE ROAD, night game, winner goes to ACC CG. 2006 was home early season, 2005 Clemson wasn't nearly as good of a team