Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grades delayed

I apologize, but as I've written a few times, sometimes real life gets in they way of good blogging. I hope to have it up midday Monday.

In scheduling news, the Louisville game will be a noon kickoff on ESPN 2.


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mod34b said...

side note to the BC announcement of noon game time: lots of tickets still available

#5 team in nation with #1 Heisman candidate in Lamar Jackson and there is little interest.

Of the last 4 top 10 team to come to Alumni, only 1 game was a sell out (this year vs. Clemson... thanks in large part to sea of Orange fans). Last three top 10 teams to visit Alumni (per BCI) were: 2012, FSU, 2013, USC and 2014 FSU. Each game only drew about 40,000.

BRAD.. you listening... you can't even sell out tickets to games with awesome opponents.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Even an ESPN writer described the SEC East as woeful. Add those seven to Ole Miss. MSU., Ark. LSU, Auburn and A&M. What is left? How can they be superior or dominant? A&M has one loss and an OT victory at home over a mediocre UCLA. Auburn has two losses including a home loss to Clemson. LSU lost to Wisconsin. Are they a one trick pony? Clearly not the best conference.

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