Saturday, October 08, 2016

Hard to blame Spaz for Year 4 problems

Addazio will gladly tell you how young his team is. BC folks are also putting many of our issues on Addazio having to rebuild after Spaz and his poor recruiting. I don't think Spaz managed his roster well nor did he put much effort into recruiting, but Addazio's issues cannot be pinned on his predecessor.

As of this season there are only 14 scholarship players who were offered and recruited by Spaz. They are:

  • Barksdale 
  • Callinan 
  • Cashman 
  • Cottrell 
  • Giacone 
  • Gutapfel 
  • Johnson 
  • Kavalec 
  • Milano 
  • Ntantang 
  • Rich 
  • Strizak 
  • Willis 
  • Wolford
Look at that list. There's not a lot of dead weight or wasted scholarships. In fact, 10 have contributed significantly the past four years for Addazio and Callinan, Gutapfel, Johnson, Kavalec, Willis and Wolford are all still starters.

Would it be nice to have a huge group of talented 5th year Seniors that Spaz had recruited? Sure. But the flipside of Spaz not using all his scholarships and many of his recruits bailing over the years, is that Addazio got to remake the team in his image. 71 scholarships are being used by Addazio recruits. That's 84% of the roster.

When you lose such lopsided games, talent is clearly an issue. However, I don't think talent is Addazio's major issue. And if the talent really is what is hoplding him back then Addazio only has himself to blame. 


CT said...

What is Daz's main issue then?

I would argue talent. Losing by 46 to anyone at home is unacceptable. Don't care if it's Clemson. You have to compete. Losing by 49 and getting shutout to a conference opponent on the road is hugely unacceptable. Not hard to score in college ball.

So, your last paragraph confuses.

Game management doesn't mean anything down 30.

Would be surprised if Daz gets fired after the year. Wouldn't be if Bates was. Bates cannot hire another football coach. A new AD could.

mod34b said...

It's the perfect storm: bad recruiting and bad coaching. You can't be this bad without both.

There were 22 players in uniform recruited from MA. The best on was playing for. Clemson

He was the next BJ Raji and was gettable by a better BC team

Clemson DT Wilkins

“It’s always been kind of a dream for me to play at Boston College, but I didn’t know it was going to be in a Clemson Tiger uniform,” said Wilkins, a native of Springfield, Mass. “So I really can’t wait for this game. Been looking forward to it all year.”

“When I was younger, I was a fan of Boston College. It was always a big deal for guys around to get an offer or any interest from Boston College,” Wilkins said. “So as a kid, I always wanted to go play for Boston College, I knew a lot of their history. Matt Ryan, Luke Kuechly, B.J. Raji, Anthony Costanzo, a lot of good players that came out of there.”

Unknown said...

I watched a team with inferior talent beat the #6 Houston Cougars yesterday. Navy executed beautifully with their second string quarterback and a number of other injuries. The game plan was perfect and it was a coaching and player masterpiece.

There is not one year that Navy gets more talent in those recruiting polls than BC. Sure we can use more talent, but we have a bad coach. I liked him, thought he could be a good fit for BC, but it is not working, again.

Then we have an AD problem, and then we have an administration problem. Father Leahy has been great in refining what Father Monan started, but obviously he likes the money of the ACC and not the actual work that needs to be done in order to compete at any reasonable level.

Navy AD Chet Gladchuck was of course a BC football player and AD. He understands their strengths and weaknesses and builds the program accordingly. Right now, we are going nowhere. That quote above by the Clemson's Wilkins is painful to read.

Geezer eagle said...

Agree with CT. Need to fire BB before a new coach is hired. Watched Rutgers get blown out by Michigan. Same story. Cant keep instate talent.
In my opinion, unless priorities change fast, BC. Rutgers, and Temple need to move to the MAC. We are simply in over our heads.

ATL_eagle said...

Here is why I think it is coaching more than talent. Who had more talent BC or Georgia Tech?

Or look at our two blowouts. BC played better against both teams last year. We lost some players on D, but the majority of our D came back and new defensive players have emerged (Allen, Ray, etc).

On Offense, you can't tell me our talent is worse than last year. Oline is one year older. RBs and WRs are healthier and a year older. Towles for all his problems is better than Fadule/Flutie/Smith/Wade.

There are major game management and execution issues going on.

Unknown said...

I don't know. Must be missing something. If you were a young kid entertaining offers from colleges and addazio walked into your house with his charming personality you would .... ? Also, few, if any of our players have developed over the years, actually some regressed. So we are constantly chasing our tails. Even Wake Forest has improved !

Unknown said...
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mod34b said...

ATL. GT seemed to have more talent than BC and has a better coach But BC largely outplayed them and should have won but we "dazzed" ourselves at the end. But to your point, our loss was not based on a significant talent differential (but the talent gap is a big part of the explanation of the blow out by Clemson )

mod34b said...

I luv the Navy point above by M Sweeney. Navy does a lot with less. Loved seeing those midshipman in dress uniform storm the field Those guys are are the future leadership of our navy and country. Cool. Scene.

GeorgiaEagle - stop the quitter talk. Eagles soar. They don't hide.

Michigan had 8 players raising fists during anthem and has a douche bag coaching running up the score. Fuck Michigan

BC fan since the 1960s said...

For any of the service academies to beat a top 10 team is mind boggling.

A tremendous accomplishment by those kids and their coaching staff. When you see wins like that and others (North Dakota State beating Iowa, etc.) you know the coaching gems are out there. Question is can you pick the right guy.

For those lamenting the BC loss to GT as one that got away you are right. Put for perspective that is GT's only conference win. They would be winless without BC.

I agree that the comments from the Clemson kid who is from Springfield are painful. Hopefully someone in power at BC sees those quotes.

BC needs to start over. New AD who has good common sense and will, in turn, bring in young, energetic, & creative new football and basketball coaches that are looking for their first job in a major conference (you won't get a proven coach to come to this train wreck at this point). Even if the new AD hits the jackpot on the hires it will likely be a multi-year rebuilding task but no time like tomorrow to start the process.

rgmarine said...

just curious is there anyone out there that any insight as to how bates and leahy really feel about the current state of affairs----big doners for example

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, not quitting. Just being realistic. Unless the school puts more emphasis and resources into the program, switching to the MAC conference is a viable alternative.
ATL, it's clearly a combination of poor coaching AND lack of talent. We are outclassed at every level in this conference.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Sweeney is 100% correct. Gladchuk who was BC's best AD and who has proven to be Navy's best left Chestnut Hill because of a vicious smear campaign by the Globe. An institution that routinely defames good people. If you have a top notch AD he hires great coaches ( TC, TOB, York, Skinner Johnson and Niemaloto). If you don't you get the Spaz-Daz combo. Under Gladchuk Navy is 13-0 vs. Army. The opposite of Daz's 0-13 in his last Power 5 contests. Happy Columbus DAY. It would be even a better holiday if BC had a new football coach.

mod34b said...

So the Mid-American Conference is a viable option for Boston College??? that is quitter talk.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We don't need to quit - just Leahy, Bates and Addazio.

Bravesbill said...

Mod, these days you pretty much need to run up the score esp. against vastly lesser opponents. The playoff system makes it a necessity.

Bravesbill said...

Also if you look at the box score, Michigan clearly didn't run up the score. I think they got maybe 100 yards passing total. Everything was done on the ground, and they gave significant carries to 4 or 5 guys.

bceagle91 said...

In looking at the box score, Bravesbill is right. Michigan threw the ball 16 times for 119 yards. 3 guys got more than 10 carries, with the most getting 13. 8 other guys carried the ball (!) for a total 17 carries. In all, 16 passes and 56 runs.

Rutgers was 2 for 18 passing and 36 carries for 34 yards. What do you want to bet Brad is trying to schedule them?

mod34b said...

Harbaugh being Harbaugh.

Don brown endless blitzing.

Fake extrapoint.

Showing up Rutgers on recruit night.

3TD in 4Q ahead already 58-0. RU did not even have a first diwn?

Needed big score for playoff resume?

78 points. Biggest margin of victory. On B10

He could not help himself?

U believe all this?

Harbaugh is, was and will always being a jerk.

Collegefootballfan said...

Michigan spent the entire second half running the ball up the middle with their third and fourth string players. How is that bad sportsmanship? BC has been on both ends of these games, have you ever seen a team spend the entire second half just taking a knee every play or are only Harbaugh-coached teams supposed to do that?

Showing up Rutgers on recruit night? I don't even know WTF that means. If a home team invites a bunch of recruits to a game, the visitors are obligated to go easy on them and keep the game close? BC should have tried that strategy on Friday!

You obviously have a hatred for Harbaugh, but at least try to be logical about it.

Knucklehead said...

What about Matt Milano? He is the best player Spaz recruited that is still here.

The problem with this team is the o-line. That is the primary issue with this team and it is being ignored once again. The QB is average, the rbs are average and wr/te's are average. However, they cannot play at an average level when the o-line is poor(to put it lightly).

The defense is 8/10 in an overall sense. The CB #14 is weak. Clemson/Louisville/FSU are juggernauts who score 40 points against each other. Makes sense they would score 50-60 on BC.

The GT game is the reason why this team sucks. If they won that game it would be hard to complain about how things have gone so far. Anyone who expected BC to play up to Clemson is delusional.

The measurement of success and the employment status of Addazio come down to how the team performs against comparable competition.

If we lose to Syracuse after two weeks of preparation Dazzler ought to be put on notice. If he goes on and loses to Wake and UCONN I think he should be asked to move on.

Geezer eagle said...

Mod, you aren't reading me correctly. My point is either put the resources into the program (I.e, money, facilities, recruiting, hiring/firing the right staff, or downgrade to the MAC level. Right now we are getting killed at every level. I'm being pragmatic.

bceagle91 said...

Georgia Eagle, I think the ACC money is too good for BC to downgrade to the MAC level. But if we don't make football and basketball at least somewhat competitive, I wonder if the ACC will make the decision for us.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

They will never leave ACC even if they never win another conference due to $$$$. ACC schools more than happy to have a sure win on the schedule so BC won't be asked to leave.

mod34b said...

college boy -

see this on Harbaugh motive to be a douche (written 3 days before game) Bad Motives

DE gothca: BC must shape up or ship out

i think BC contract with Acc, especially the grant f rights provisions, makes ACC "tempting" BC impossible - maybe

Geezer eagle said...

Okay, guys. I see your points of view. Reluctantly agree.

mod34b said...

* "makes ACC "TEMPLE-ING BC impossible - maybe"

CT said...

The 1:04 post is ignorant.

CT said...

The GT game is the reason? Wtf? Absurd.

CT said...

Playing up to CU? No. Being uncompetitive? No.

Outscored 56-7 after a muffed punt inside the ten?

Measuring Daz against comparable competition? Welcome to 7-5 every yr. Give me a break. Only BC fans say that loser shit.

Fucking unbelievable. What a loser.

mod34b said...

the 9:13 post suggest a real weirdness.

Knucklehead said...

Are you talking to me?

If we were 4-2 instead of 3-3 going into a two week layoff before playing Syracuse you wouldn't say the season is going well?

As a wretch you would say that actually.

Bravesbill said...

Mod, to close my point, Michigan pulled its starting QB after the first half. They threw three times in the second half. And that's running it up? If you can't tackle third and fourth stringers literally running up the middle every play, that's not Michigan's fault. Did you want them to take a knee every snap in the second half? Did you want them to run to the 1 and then take a knee? I appreciate most of your insights and arguments esp. about the state of BC sports, but this attack was ludicrous.

Hario said...

Maybe with a great coach the current talent level we would be competetive in acc...we have a bad coach so there is no way of knowing that. Reality is that both coaching and recruiting are a problem

mod34b said...

c'mon BB. the great harbaugh can't figure out how to slow down the juggernaut? that is not to be believed. Dabo could have jacked BC up for another 14/21 if he wanted to. He stopped. Every SEC team that plays a FCS team could score 80 points. but they stop. the scoring was fully in Harbaugh's control.

Harbaugh did it on purpose because he wanted to. That is who he is. that is his rep: disrespectful guy

but i respect your views, of course. just agree to disagree,

i'll be rooting for THE Ohio state in the big game....and, yes i loved when harbaugh lost to MSU last year. just awesome.

dixieagle said...

I want to rub Leahy's, Bates's and Addazio's noses in that quote by Clemson's DT Wilkins.

Georgia Eagle... shut up about going to the MAC.

Who do you guys want to see as the next AD? I do so enjoy thinking about someone replacing Bates (then Addazio.)

Geezer eagle said...

Dixie, I won't be muffled because you disagree. Don't you zealots comprehend what I'm saying? Duh. I calling-out the BC sports program. Either put up or get the hell out of town. I'm tired of my school being the doormat, laughing stock of the ACC and FBS football. If the powers-to-be won't commit to winning, then down grade the program. Period! End discussion.