Saturday, November 05, 2016

A lot to a little

The score wasn't surprising. Louisville was a heavy favorite and they won. What was disappointing was how many of our problems were self-induced.

The worst thing about this sort of game is that it erases all the vibes from last week.

Now BC has to rally during a short week.

I will have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday night.


mod34b said...

Daz own 3 of the worst losses in BC history in this season alone. A disgrace. We still have Dalvin Cooke and FSU to play too.....

And keep in mind a blow out loss requires a bad defense and a bad offense - both of which BC 2016 has

Biggest BC losses (most points)

1. 1950 Miss 0-54 (54 point loss)
2 2016 VT 0-49 (49 points)
3. 1992 ND 7-54 (47 points)
4. 2016 CL 56-10 (46 POINTS)
5. 2000 Mia 6-52 (46 points)
6. 2016 Lville 7-52 (45 points)
6. 1945 HC 0-45 (45 points)
8. 1971 Tx 0-44 (44 point)

EL MIZ said...

ATL - i seem to remember during the Spaz days you got a press pass and actually went to a game and asked questions in the post game. is my memory correct? any chance you could get to a game this year to ask Daz why 3 of the worst losses ever are on his watch this year? would love to hear his excuse making rev up.

Bates and Addazio should be fired tonight.

blist said...

Absolutely a disgrace 3 of the worst losses in BC's long and pretty decent history have come this year. This coach must go.

baldysheehan said...

The worst thing about this is not that the moderator hood some "vibes" and hope from last week's win it is that BC football is so bad under this coach (has the most big losses ever for a BC coach) that it is not even worth watching or caring about anymore. I remembeed they were playing around 12:30, Googled the score, it was 21 - 0. I had no reaction. Why care when thosein charge don't.

No BC team should ever lose by such scores as this coach has seen. As bad as it is he's talking about bring bowl eligible as if it means something. BC is all so sad. The most involvement we've seen from the administration has been over a gay slur on a parking lot sign by some stranger. There is no pride in preserving it's reputation.

ObserverCollege said...

It's not "Daz" with three of BC's worst losses ever. It's these soft, lazy older players who came in under Spaz, and these young promising but error-prone ones that Coach Addazio recruited.

Coach Addazio is 8 for 8 in winning game plans this year. These players just don't, can't or won't execute.

Eagle Esquire said...

Did anybody catch the announcer take a shot at the BC facilities after Jackson went inside the tent before the first half ended. Kind of funny.

"Too bad we don't have a tent in the booth"
"Take it easy"

Unknown said...

I think the reference to the tent in the booth was because on of the announcers teased the sideline reporter that Jackson was hiding from him and that, if they had a tent in the booth, they would hide from that sideline guy, too. But I may have misunderstood. I didn't get the joke either way.

Eagle Esquire said...

Could have been. I wasn't really paying attention. Just caught the video of Addazio acting like a jerk at the post game. Worth watching

mod34b said...

observer, per Coach Addazio's plan, BC also out performed Lville in time of possession by a wide margin, and got off more running players than big-deal Louiville.

While BC was unfairly penalized 6 times for 70 yards, Big-deal L'ville got 0 penalties for 0 yards. Refs also kept trying to call BC's incompletes passes fumbles and failed to see our QB's forward motion throw was not a "fumble" - unfair and game changing. The refs ignored 'holds' and 'clips' on "lamar's" highlight-reel runs The refs obviously treated BC unfairly to boost ratings and thus keep l'ville in the hunt and Lamar headed for the Heisman..

mod34b said...

eagleE gotta link to daz post gmae?

Eagle Esquire said...

It's in BCI. Only goes for about fifteen seconds. I've been looking for a more extensive clip

eddierock said...

Can't wait to see how Steve spins this one.

janebc said...

That's an easy one. We're young; a work in progress.

mod34b said...

some Daz post game quotes .....summary: they are very talented.

Excerpts from Daz post game remarks and player comments

Flexman said...

What more is it going to take to get rid of this lame coach.

Knucklehead said...

This quote from the press conference is laughable. I have never heard a coach destroy his players publicly the way Addazio does. It is classic new-age business management speak . . . take no responsibility for anything and blame the people beneath you who don't know any better.

"I think our team when we play those kinds of teams, I think our guys, I think they press too hard, and we have a tendency to kind of press and not play within our framework of what we need to do."

Coach, recruit players who don't press and play outside of the game plan. That is your fucking job. Jesus Christ.

Losing and not taking responsibility is fucking ridiculous. All it does is give the players an excuse . . . I am not good enough to develop my skills, study the game plan and the other team is good . . . so who cares what I do the coach thinks I am a chocker anyway. It doesn't really matter.

Knucklehead said...

Hire Paul Zukauskas from Lawrence Academy. Guy was raised to be the head coach at BC, basically.

Big Jack Krack said...

Well, simply stated, Addazio is now the worst coach in BC History. It's not Ed Chlebec in 1978, it's not Frank Spaziani prior to the current coach - it's Steve Addazio.

I have been a BC fan since before I was a student when Art Graham from Somerville dazzled the opposition with his ability to catch passes. I was a little bit of a fan before then. I have been a fan since my Freshman year in 1964, when, to top off the season against arch-rival Holy Cross, the late Jim Whelan snagged the game winner in the corner of the endzone with the clock winding down. The ball was in the air before Jim even made his cut - and since I was a Frosh, my seats were right in that same corner and I had a great view. I have been a fan since I was thrilled to watch BC highlights on the big screen while I was overseas in the Army in 1970, with Harris to Willis et al ripping Holy Cross 54 to 0. Now we get ripped often by the same type score. And we are the laughing stock of college football.

We have had some bumps along the way, sure, but nothing like this pitiful Head Coaching this year - Addazio's fourth year.

Addazio and Bates need to go - right now! What was it that '74 used to say? GTFOMAM!

This is coming from a fan of 54/55 years, and a season ticket holder for 43 or 44 years. There's a reason I gave up my season tickets this year - and no one really asked me why or if there was anything they could do to get me back.

I really resent Bates and Addazio for what they have done to our school - and the worst thing of all is that they have just about killed my love for college football. You have to go way out of your way to kill my love for college football - but you two sorry individuals have done that.


Big Jack Krack said...

This was my post on the in-game thread when the game was over - under the name "John", which is what happens when I use my phone.

"Tuned in late - 52 to 7 and Towles is still in the game. Then we punt from the 39 yard line.

Finally, we get the ball with 3 min and maybe 45 seconds - he puts in Wade and other subs, and we run out the clock.

Let me say that again - we ran out the clock, without even giving these guys a chance to see what they could do.

Addazio is not a HC and he is not a leader of young men.

If I had the authority, I would fire Addazio tonight and inform Bates to clear out his desk, as he is not being renewed.

This mismanagement has to stop."

Leaving Towles in the game when he could have given Wade (or Fadule, Flutie or Smith) some good 4th period chances is why Addazio is a sorry excuse for a Head Coach and a sorry individual generally.

Runnin out the clock instead of giving your hard working subs a chance to show what they can do is another example of what a sorry individual masquerading as a Head Coach looks like.

Hey coach, why don't you punt from their 39 yard line down 52 to 7? What a pitiful, sorry individual you are. You don't represent me or my school. And you are really stunting our players.

File out!

Big Jack Krack said...

I need to go to Confession because of the ad hominem attacks.

Sorry BC - you Jesuits taught me better than that.

You taught me to strive to excel.

I have tried with this crew, but I failed.

About face and file out!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Hey Atlanta Eagle - go relax tonight and have a few beers. Thanks - but we don't need any grades or second viewing thoughts. I'll save you the time: Grades - D or F for everybody on and off the field associated with BC Football. Second viewing thoughts - Boston College (and NC State for losing to us) should be mortified and everyone employed in the administration of this hapless program ought to be terminated as soon as practicable.

Bravesbill said...

BC got smacked and yet I couldn't care less. Didn't even watch the game on tv. Checked the score on the ESPN app a few times but that's it. It's pretty damn sad it's gotten to this point

Laxman said...

A second viewing would be cruel and unusual punishment

Knucklehead said...

NC State was demoralized by the loss to Clemson. That was a brutal loss. They have not been the same since. Take their loss to BC with a grain of salt.

We are just terrible.

Reid should be released after this season. Give Pasqualoni the D-Coordinator job full time. Actually the 4th time Petrino called and successfully ran the delay crossing route over the middle today Reid should have been fired. I don't foresee him recruiting the type of players Don Brown did either.

Don Brown would be a great headcoach for BC. He can recruit and run the defense obviously(Michigan won 59-3 today). He can hire a nerd to run the offense. I think there would be a lot of coaches looking to work with Don. He likes autonomy as a DC and would give autonomy to his OC.

If he is not offered the job here, after the 2017 season(Dazzler will be here next season and Brown won't be allowed to leave M until after next season), I will be disappointed.

RascalKing said...

You were a season ticket holder for 40+ years and no one in the Admin asked why you didn't renew this year?

Are you kidding me?? WTF? This institutional apathy is this depressing!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

I love this post game comment from Daz: "... the only thing we did manage to do a little bit was have some time of possession." I wonder if it occurred to him that Louisville had less time of possession because they kept scoring touchdowns. If he wasn't making well over $2 million a year, I'd almost feel sorry for him.

mod34b said...


Yes Louisville was more talented yesterday . But their recruiting is not at the high level
Of national teams like those from SeC, tOSU,, Clemson FSU. ND

Last 5 years per rivals Lville recruiting has been around #35 nationally. (Look at where ND's talent got them this year)

BC used to be better than #35 under TOB years

Petrino knows how to develop players and implement systems that work

BC is currently last in ACC in recruiting. And was also last in 2016

Recruits know Daz is a loser. - e.g. The market for our coach (recruits) is rejecting DAz. Get rid of him

Knucklehead said...

The recruiting rankings must weight the scores based on the players potential for criminality.

There have been a lot of blowouts this season in college football. M, Wash St, Wash, Clemson, TCU etc etc just this weekend.

BC Eagle for Life said...

I have been a passionate and loyal BC fan for nearly 20 years. I live 5 miles from the BC campus and was a regular at both football (season ticket holder) and basketball games. I had pride in these programs and rarely missed an opportunity to watch and support the teams. Thanks to the current ineptitude of the "leaders" in our athletic department, this passion and pride is gone. I no longer have an interest to attend or even watch a game on TV. It is an embarrassment and these frauds need to be held accountable. We need a change now and it has to start with Bates and Addazio.

JERZeagle said...

Addazio is so full of it, with respect to his "its who we faced" answer on the 5 20 yard vs 15 20 yard plays.

last year our ACC schedule was almost identical. we faced clemson, louisville, va tech, fsu, syracuse, and wake. so his answer is legitimately nonsensical... but yet, he says it with a straight face and conviction.

jswheights08 said...

BC used to have a defined recruiting footprint and a team identity when it maintained consistent success under TOB. I'm a recent alum and it's clear as day both have been lost in the Spaz/Daz era. I'm also not a fan of no names on our jerseys - hope that changes with new regime.

Unknown said...

I think it needs to go even higher if playing big time athletics is even on the agenda any more.... Bates didn't hire himself. There were only 30K at the game yesterday, against a top 10 team and after giving away $10 tickets, we have bug problems.

OB68 said...

Why in Gods name would you want to play either football or basketball for BC???? Even middle of the road recruits want to succeed and certainly the 4 * guys have no intention of playing for either of these historically losing programs. We don't have great facilities, we don't have great weather and we don't have fan support, and let's not kid ourselves, the education at BC is not the first thing, or even the last thing recruits look at. Isn't it odd that the administration does not see the difference between what is happening in the hockey program and to some extent soccer and field hockey, while the football and basketball programs fail on a yearly basis. Perhaps every person who contributes to this blog should commit to send a letter (actual written letter not e mail) to Leahy and the BOT pledging to no longer support BC until changes in the athletic program are made. Might not help but couldn't hurt.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The D has given up an average of over 500 yards to four teams this year ( Louisville, VT, Syr. and Clemson). Last years D was significantly better than this year. The only change was losing Brown and bringing in Daz's buddy Pasqualoni. Neither of whom can coach a lick. BC has played six conference games this year and has scored 72 points or 12 per game. Last year in eight games they scored 9 per contest. Over the last 14 conference games they are averaging about ten points per game. How many college football games can a team win with only ten points of offense? The guy simply can't coach. Change is needed. 2. ND has lost six already this year. Will probably have a losing season. The boosters and fans will demand blood. If Kelly survives he'll know he is on probation next year and likely gone if he falters. The time is right to approach Kelly with a five year contract offer. Let him take a buyout from ND. He is a Boston native who has won at all stops. Grand Valley State, Central Michigan, Cincinnati and ND. He would be perfect at the Heights.

mod34b said...

Ned, since last year, the defense has obviously regressed and the offense also did not improve.

ACC games in 2015 gave up 18 points per game (#2) to 36 points per game this year (#12).

but, in fairness, much has changed since 2015: Vt and Syr got coaches who revamped the offenses with very good results. Louisville is much better this year. Clemson is the same (top ranked)

I also think Pasq runs the D better than Reid - who does not seem that good.

As for O scoring, BC is Last in all of FBS for scoring in conference games... #124/124!! :-(

BC simply can't compete in ACC under Daz. He must be fired.

Kelly would be a home run hire for BC

Knucklehead said...

Kelly would be great. He seems nasty enough to want to coach a program where he could "come back" and play/beat ND frequently.

He has a classic approach to coaching which is effective/appealing to second tier Catholic school and middle class background recruits. As evidenced by his elite level success at Cinci and CM.

I think he is ineffective at ND because of prima donna - type players.

Lenny Sienko said...

DAZ stubbornly insists on an offensive system which can only work if you are able to attract top recruits ala an SEC program. BC has never attracted such recruits and it is doubtful we ever will.

What we need is a coach who employs a system which can work with the players we have and can persuade to play for BC. The service academies and their triple option offenses are an extreme example of coping with limitations on the players you have by using a different system. I think we can play an exciting and entertaining type of offensive football with an up tempo, air raid type offense.

In the Flutie days, Jack Bicknell recognized what he had and built around it. Our offense made use of those we had ...Darren Flutie, Gerard Phalen...It was a wide open offense for its time. We threw an awful lot of the time. Flutie era teams didn't lose--they just ran out of time.

A few years ago when my insomnia was at its worst, I spent Saturday night watching Hawaii's games. They had a restricted recruiting pool, even a bit of a "Boys Town" reputation for taking in bad boys and reforming them; but they had good fan support --consider the distractions in paradise--and their football was fun to watch. Passes filled the air and sure-handed receivers could make catches all over the field. Bowling ball type runners bashed into the line behind a pass protection type offensive line, It was ask in a hurry and they could score in seconds. It was fun too watch, win or lose.

I'd like to see BC look for this e ra's June Jones...and bring in an offense to fir our type of recruits and our needs.