Friday, November 18, 2016

End of the Week Rant: Don't miss a Buyer's Market

I tweeted a link to this article, but I want to give it its due here: "A smart college football team could use this slow coaching carousel to hire a big upgrade." Long story short, not many college jobs are opening this year, meaning programs that do make a change will have their pick of coaches and won't be competing with each other. BC is specifically mentioned with reference to Moorhead and Bob Shoop. But it doesn't really matter who BC wants. What matters is that we will never have a better time to target "our" guy -- whoever that might be.

Of course the one problem with the timing is that we don't have a strong, empowered AD who can maneuver us through this. So instead I direct this to the BOT members who will be involved in the Daz decision and the search: DON'T SCREW THIS UP! Power 5 jobs are desirable. Things like the practice facility make BC more desirable. If we have the right recruiting resources and staff budgets, many great coaches would want to come here. With few jobs opening, even more guys will consider the position. Use the timing wisely!!!


Knucklehead said...

It is Don Brown or Al Golden next for the Eagles.

Entrenched SEC and Big 10(or Big 12/Pac 12 folks) are not the right fit.

Knucklehead said...

Also, I would reach out to VT directly or through sources to see how they target coaches.

Fuente is really good and he was not a hot commodity last year.

mod34b said...

no to al golden
no to don brown
no to Fuentes "was not a hot commodity"

.....reading comprehension .... from CBS a year ago "Memphis' Justin Fuente is among the hottest names in coaching and is expected to get serious consideration for one of the open Power Five jobs. The Tigers want to keep their head man, so the school has reportedly made an "extraordinary offer" of an extension to Fuente"

I have no clue who to hire, but Brohm from W Kentucky seems like a good candidate. A Louisville guy, but if Petrino in staying, maybe we can get him for afew years.... he'll light up the BC O like never before.

rcmbc81 said...

What about Derek Dooley? He's from the Nick Saban coaching tree (with him at LSU and Miami), played in the ACC (UVa), obviously is from great stock (Vince's son; Bill's nephew), has SEC HC experience, and is now on the Cowboy's staff. He took over a dumpster fire at Tenn after Kiffin left (after 1 year), and had to compete with gaping holes in the roster due to previous poor recruiting and transfers. Tenn only gave him 3 years, but his last couple year's recruits now actually are the Volunteers' core of upperclassmen who were supposed to be a top 5 team until Butch Jones coached his way into infamy.

He was Saban's recruiting coordinator at LSU, and obviously has great ties to fertile SE states, Florida, Louisiana (La Tech HC and AD) and Texas. He's also a devout Catholic who would love another opportunity in a less hyper, over-the-top environment such as Vol nation, but in a Power 5 conference he knows well (he not only played in it, but his Uncle was a highly successful coach in the ACC, at UNC, Wake and Va Tech).


Knucklehead said...

Typical. Nothing to contribute except criticism.

I don't know who to hire. The guy in the article seems good. I will throw his name in there.

Plus I didn't read the CBS article, you spent time researching, so there is no logical argument to question my reading comprehension.

Don Brown is obviously the best coach for Boston College. Salty, aggressive and successful. He got some gangsters to sign on with BC defensively. Along with Al Washington our recruiting will improve overnight.

TGS said...

Score one for Mod over Khead.
However, sometimes choosing between these two is like choosing between Hillary and Liz Warren, both make you gag.
Khead eats, drinks and sleeps BC sports, to the detriment of his already sparse sex life.
While knowledgeable at times, he appears to get lost in the minutia and fails to see the big picture. As proof, witness his overbearing loyalty to the Daz.
Mod is a crowd following fool whose next original thought will be his first.
That said, score the last two rounds of this epic battle for Mod.

Geezer eagle said...

Khead? Do you mean the knuckle? Mod usually has the more cogent argument backed up by facts and statistics.
But the Knuckle is no dummy, either. It's a delight watching these two go at it.

mod34b said...

TGS - still trying so hard to be "the dick" - i think you are close to succeeding.

Thank you GE, i very much enjoy your points and your sage wisdom.

TGS is in attention-seeking mode or has a personality disorder.... any way will do for him... cue the obnoxious reply...

CT said...

GE is Mod's blog agent. Or multiple personality. Scary.

Knuckle efforts to be a pompous ahole. His tireless dedication to that trait is an example for all. Were only our nat'l leaders so full of vim and vigor to demostrate their moral superiority over common folk like us. But he is nit a Daz apologist. Just because he offered an alternative explanation for gakking away the GTech game (admittedly, Daz's preference to put the defense on the field is emblematic of his curious offensive philisophy).

Mod's Den Mother status is another admirable quality. His obsessiveness about Daz, posting essentially the same thought for more than a year now, demostrates a commitment to focus unparalleled in blog history. Any blog. Anywhere. Any history. His belief that quantity trumps (sorry, my more liberal safe space-seeking alumni, for such a pejorative) quality is a testament to his unwavering belief that the louder one yells, the more convincing one sounds. It is certainly not better to keep one's mouth shut and have people think you a fool than to...nonsense. Clearly nonsense. Whoever said that never researched statistics, which tell the whole story, duh, on Wikipedia. In fact, Mod is our very own Wikileaks. And for that reason we should consider submitting his Modness for a special Alumni Achievement award. I would like to present.

As to the original post, might Venables be out of reach? Sanford at ND. Both young. Good recruiters. I do believe Schiano and Kiffin, for example, are beyond reach, but ATL's original point is worth noting. Less competition after this year is a good development, but is contingent on BC actually making the move to pay a man not to coach. Anyway, BC is a great school with football potential. We deserve more. We are not NW in sports.

Off to the bar. Let the snideness commence. In Jesus' name we pray...amen.

TGS said...

CT, excellent post. The Den Mother moniker for Mod is spot on. And pompous ass to describe Khead is perfect.
I may make you my Defense Secretary as I continue my takeover of this once sleepy little blog.

TGS, aka El Presidente

Geezer eagle said...

Too many psychology major/Dr. Freud wanna- bees on here. Put another way, pedantic, pretentious, aholes.

Bravesbill said...

Am I living in an alternate universe now? Sadly this is more entertaining that BC sports.

Geezer eagle said...

Lol. It is. I agree. Too many pompous egomaniacs on here.

mod34b said...

TGS, enjoy your new friendship with CT.

CT -- thanks Bitch.

As to knucklehead, I like the guy. I've been razzing him a bit lately for his bombing me, but he often has something interesting to say about BC football.

GE -- could not agree more. For some, it is Not enough to just talk BC football, many like CT have to try to get into who is posting what and trying desperately to send out some message of superiority (most laughably CT tries to sell 'I live in Atlanta so I know more than you about NCAAF'), when just the opposite is projected..

aside from a periodic 'vent', who gives a crap about these terds that actually come on blog to make a enemy.... sad sacks

so it goes.... back to BC football

Geezer eagle said...

I wish there was a BC football team to talk about lol

CT said...

But. Mod. I do.

CT said...

You actually don't. Look it up.

CT said...

Seriously though. Mod. I do root for you. You are so lacking in self-awareness. Go Mod go.

STL_eagle said...

Circle November 27th on the calendar. While a lot of cynical comments are posted on this board if you spend any time here, deep down you want to see BC succeed. I am sure the BOT and administration feel the same although they do not have the luxury of speaking their mind until it is time to act. That time is approaching as the season comes to an end.

JERZeagle said...



knucklehead said...

UConn +9, Over 36

BC 20-17

Weather is good today. Towles played well in the one game against a comparable opponent in good weather, NC State. Rain GT, Syracuse.

CT said...

I think Mod runs Trump's Twitter account. Rude! Apologize!

Edward Taylor said...

PJ Fleck - Make it happen!