Friday, November 11, 2016

Fire Brad Bates

Rough night for BC fans. We lost in embarrassing fashion in football and in embarrassing fashion in basketball. Both programs are well beyond the point where these sorts of games should be happening. Both coaches look very overmatched and ill-equipped to handle their own, hand-picked rosters. You can't fire either coach yet, but you can fire the guy who hired them, Brad Bates.

Bates is practically gone, so firing him now might seem unnecessary. But I think you do it for one reason: send a message to the fans that BC cares and things will change. Firing someone to send a message might seem antiquated or not in BC's style, but who cares? Bates is and has been well paid for that type of risk.

As for the specifics of the football game, BC played ultra conservatively and not well and when things went bad there were no adjustments.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.

Post-game Periscope

It wasn't a great night for BC Sports, but some of us commiserated on Periscope. I appreciate the interactions from you all. The more interactive the better. Thanks for the support.


JERZeagle said...

Today an ACC basketball program hosted nicholls state. And on their home court never had a lead. Big reveal: IT WAS BOSTON COLLEGE.


also in other news, addazio nailed it for us tonight. longest gain from scrimmage was a play where our RB ran into the back of our right guard and created a series of events that resembled the mark sanchez butt fumble. the confusion created by such an embarrassing display stunned the FSU linemen. Due to the disruption, our RB was able to scamper for 40 yards.


JERZeagle said...


doorknocker for 3 said...

Theo Epstein are you looking for a new project? We have a real fixer upper for you.

mod34b said...

ATL, the notion that BC should not fire Daz until a new AD is in place is silly. Stop giving the BOT more excuses for inaction

Just look st Michigan. 2 years ago, they fired first the AD, brought in an interim AD.

That interim AD fired Hoke after 4 years and hired Harbaugh.

A year or so later they hired a permanent AD.

Does holding onto to Daz do anything? No. he is already last in recruiting in ACC. For the second year in a row.

BC does not have the luxury of time. We need a competent coach to start rebuilding NOW. Not next year.

As for hoops , if bozo is not performing, can him mid-season to and appoint an interim coach.

All of these big personnel decisions need to be managed now - not put off for some other day. Today was a disgrace at FSU. And Thatv was not good defense either - in giving up 45 points. Looked like high schoolers out there uncompetitive and embarrassing

FakeShalomTfree said...

If BC students are looking for something to protest they should start with the athletic dept.

Smitty said...

BC paid Nichols st $90k to have them come into Conte and win!

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Not sure if this student body really has a major interest anyway. BC has been pathetic for years now - anyone attracted to BC for intercollegiate sports would have gone elsewhere. If you look at the Heights there seems to be very little passion over the situation - perhaps resignation. I think the type of kid at BC these days - generally speaking - is very different from prior years. Of course there is a core group of kids who are interested - but I think its pretty small.

I really believe Leahy has to be thinking its all beyond him and the school - and we need to be looking at alternatives to the ACC. I bet the vast majority of the BOT doesn't give a hoot.

Pearl Washington said...

It has to start at the top and that means Leahy. Like the Red Sox had not won in 86 years and then Henry came in and look, same thing with Kraft. That being said I live in South Florida and although detached I have had 3 recent personal experiences with BC Sports that tell me unless Leahy goes it definitely stays the same no matter who you bring in as AD

1) Took my 8 year old to BC hoops camp this summer. Some of the hoops ops people would sit in Conte and watch and got to know a few of them. They know they have no chance, act like it and essentially know their hands are tied by the guys at the top. They were asking me questions about Miami and the Gators facilities because I know people in both programs. They just shooked their heads

2) One of the dad's on my kids travel soccer team use to be the Captain of G Barber's boat. Watched games from the field, etc. Saw me with a BC shirt last week and when I asked him why GB had left he told me he believed he was sick of the "higher ups".

3) I took my wife and kids to the Clemson game. My wife is a sorority sue from the place with The Grove and my kids have been there several times. This game was the first at BC. I have read the comments from others. But I agree it is disgusting how the fans are treated there by the police, the ushers, almost everyone involved. If Leahy was engaged I would think he would not treat people that way. I would not pay to go to games there .

Not sure it changes

NEDofSavinHill said...

Against FSU, Clemson, Louisville and VT in 2015, with Don Brown, BC gave up 23 points per game.This year with Pasqueloni, against those same four teams they are giving up 51. The only thing BC's coaching is attracting is flies. Hit the road Daz.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Some facts about Nicholls State:

School is in Thibodaux Louisiana

They belong to the weak Southland conference

2015-2016 record; 11-23 overall and 6-12 in conference

Fired coach after last season

Home arena seats 3,800

Hasn't been to NCAA tournament since 1998

Last year's first game was against Florida State - lost by 48

Other highlights from last year included 44 point loss to SMU, 37 point loss to San Diego State, 36 point loss to Memphis and 35 point loss to that basketball powerhouse Stephen F Austin.

Here is the scary part - of the 15 kids on this year's Nicholls roster - 13 are juniors or seniors. The two leading scorers last night are seniors. So they beat BC last night with the same team that suffered all those blowouts last year and had to fire the coach.


Unknown said...

Unknown said...

It's starting hope all BC alumi see this, it's not good.

BCballer said...
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BCballer said...

Christopher Walsh - Nice find. I'll summarize:

"BC Sucks":DeCock

eagle1331 said...

Addazio should not be given the opportunity to "save his job" and coach against UConn and Wake. He should be fired no later than Monday and Al should be elevated to HC for those games. Let someone who is passionate about BC and BC Football steer the ship for a change. He has excelled at every random position coach spot they have forced him in to (RBs with Andre, Special Teams this year, etc.). Fire Bates. Fire Daz. Fire Leahy. Clean house of the BOT January 1st. Fire Christian halfway through the season...

EL MIZ said...

i don't get what the point of just stopping at Bates is.

Fire Bates - appoint some BC lifer as interim AD.

Fire Addazio - appoint Al Washington as the interim HC and say "the program is under review."

i guarantee we'll get some good effort from the players and might even go bowling if we put Washington at the top. he's a BC guy, allegedly our best recruiter, young - take a chance on him. there is no point in keeping Addazio here to mope around on the sideline looking at his feet mumbling to himself - the guy is cooked.

basketball i had a good chuckle last night when i realized we gave Christian an extension last year AFTER GOING 0-18 IN CONFERENCE! truly shocking incompetence. i don't know what to do there (i actually like the freshman guard Graves, of course he didn't start but looked like our best player) - i think i'd let Jimbo finish the season and let the new AD assess.

no point in holding back - Bates is toast and so is Daz - get them both off our campus and out of our lives!

BC Eagle for Life said...

I will not attend a BC sporting event or contribute any money to BC until Bates, Adazzio and Christian are gone.

Can they also please cancel the Matt Ryan ceremony on Nov. 19. I don't think it is right to "honor" him with an empty Alumni Stadium. What a disgrace.

Big Jack Krack said...

At this point, if BC does nothing, it's all we need to know.

My school deserves zero fan support and zero financial aid. ZERO!

Boycott the last home game (I apologize team, but this must be done) if Addazio and Bates have not been fired.

To think that Bates gave Addazio and Christian unearned extensions is the hallmark of his incompetence. Bates should be escorted off campus right now. To allow him to stay around as a "Dead Man Walking" will be shocking and hasten everyone's boycott.

This is unbelievable and unacceptable. If the administration does not act, the fans must act.

Do not enter the stadium, but show up for a parade to Leahy's residence, or something.

Have tailgates during the game and force BC "5-0" to try to do something about it.

Precisely at kickoff time, storm Upper Brighton and proceed to throw a huge tailgate rally to show Leahy exactly how we all feel. Organize the protest through social media and invite the news media.

We fans must act because apparently the administration will not. These coaches and AD have not fulfilled their responsibilities and should be fired "for cause".

We will not donate to the Flynn Fund and we will not attend games until these bums are fired. That's how bad this is. It's well beyond discussion and debate.

If our school won't do it, we will boycott.


Won Jae Hudson said...

So sorry Al Skinner... we have sinned! Please come back. Can't do this another year!

eagle1331 said...

Can we promote Al and bring back Kiwi?

mod34b said...

Chris. Interesting article you link by a southern bigot about "temple-ing" BC

2 points

1. The authors name, and this is actually important, is Luke DeCock. I think his middle name is "At" and his sister is "Suke" Hilarious. This guy probably is as tortured as Anthony Weiner.

2. The Cock admits that with grant of rights provisions BC is good to go in ACC at least for a generation. So his article is not worth Dick.

Big Jack Krack said...

Too funny.

CT said...

But the article is right.

CT said...

Anyone you disagree with, pointing out EXACTLY what every poster on here has said repeatedly for a year now, deserves your high praise in name calling? And just to be clear, he's a southern bigot? Wanted to make sure I get the innuendo there. Bravo. Guess by your lofty standards I am, too. Because he's right. The only excuse now is administrative apathy.

By the way, to anyone, who is the "most generous booster" who is estranged from the program? Could use some buyout money right about now. Get the Suffolk construction guy to sell a crane or something.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hey Fr. Leahy - how do you like being mocked in an article published by a major newspaper written under the name Luke At DeCock and his sister, Duke DeCock? It is appropriate, because your motto is

Ever to Suck.

Thanks Fr. Leahy - you're a gem.

Unknown said...

I think addazio and Christian will be here another season, here is why. If you fire them now, then Bates is able to pick their successors. Bates has to go first, then let the new AD pick his coaches.

janebc said...

First of all, I really enjoy the Periscopes. They are somehow consoling after witnessing these debacles. As for the Charlotte Observer article, it is hard to argue with. I speak only for myself when I say that I have been troubled for sometime over BC's tired and smug "academic standards" excuse for neglect and poor performance coupled with the willingness to cash the check earned by other schools pulling their weight in the conference.

janebc said...

PS: This is the second time in a year that BC revenue athletics have been the subject of press criticism. Recall the front page feature in the Globe last March. If that did not embarrass the administration, I fear that an article in a North Carolina newspaper will have little impact, however valid the point.

TGS said...

Mod is such a fraud. Everything in that article from true. But in true liberal jerk off fashion, Mod hears the truth and wants to shoot the messenger. To quote:

"The Eagles lost 12 straight ACC games in football before beating N.C. State and have lost 19 straight in basketball. Boston College has one lonely ACC championship, in men’s soccer in 2007. Louisville has as many titles in two seasons in the conference as Boston College has in 12. Miami and Virginia Tech, which arrived from the Big East a year before BC, have combined for 27.
Boston College’s baseball team made the NCAA tournament this spring, but plays, literally, in a parking lot. Its best program, hockey, isn’t even an ACC sport. Football is in disarray. The Eagles’ most generous booster for many years is estranged from the program."

Ever to Excel.


mod34b said...

oh TGS, still trying so hard....

almost everything is true in Cock's article but the thesis: BC must be dumped by ACC -- or in other words "Templed".

Yes, it is obvious that BC BB and FB massively suck, are non competitive in the ACC, and not close to ACC middle-schmiddle, let alone elites.

so, TGS my complaint with deCock is his thesis. Bogus and not possible given the grant of rights biz.

Knucklehead said...

The author clearly states that the chances of removing BC are minimal if at all possible especially in the near term. He says that explicitly.

You need to work on reading comprehension

mod34b said...

Yes knuckle. I made this point 6 hours ago

See 11:45am post.

What a knucklehead . Lol.

(flustered knuckle to start F-bombing in 10..9....8...7....6.....)

baldysheehan said...

Maybe you all don't get it. BC is not interested in being known as a sports school. Years ago the University if Chicago had a top team in football. The new head of the school came in and slowly destroyed it's program. He didn't think sports and studies should mix.

Fr Leahy is of that mind. The students of late also lack interest. What you see in the sports department is what you will get. Run out the string in the ACC and begin the downgrade.

In retrospect it will be obvious this is happening. Things happen for a reason. If Leahy cared a little bit Addazio would have been gone last year as would Christian.

Big Jack Krack said...

Watching GT v VT and hating Addazio even more.

Hope you are wrong, Baldy, but unfortunately you might well be right.

Big Jack Krack said...

PITT at Clemson. You suck, Addazio and we are over your act.

Big Jack Krack said...

How did PITT win over #2 Clemson at Death Valley? How did GT beat VT at Lane Stadium?

One reason is that their coaching staffs don't suck like Addazio and his.

BC should be doing the same thing

Just leave, you sorry roach.

Big Jack Krack said...

And to add to it, Wake is leading Louisville 12 to 3 at the half.

How come we are lower than whale sh&t in Addazio's 4th year, when other teams like us are competing and winning?

Bates and Addazio - stop stealing! You are both Peter Principle dudes.


Knucklehead said...

Are you still living in the Mods? I assume you made it to Senior year.

You have a problem with the thesis? Then this makes no sense . . . it sounds like you are saying the thesis is bogus. Which would be typical blather from you once you get called out.

"Bogus and not possible given the grant of rights biz."

His thesis is that BC should be reviewed for what it can/should contribute to the ACC and that they should be removed based on recent contributions. He clearly says that "rules" will preclude that.

Knucklehead said...

Pitt is a balance, solid, tough team. Clemson barely beat LVILL, NC State, and GT played them tough as well. Also, FSU would have beat them if the refs didn't make the phantom call that sent Jimbo into orbit.

It was about time they lost this season.

Their QB has his mind on the NFL this season and they aren't getting from him what they should be.

1661_Comm said...

Pitt and Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech competitiveness against top ACC teams serve as a reminder of what BC program used to be and can be. Often a difficult team to play, tough, and got the most out of their talent. Same with the hoops program....players like Jared Dudley were not highly recruited but became ACC stars. BC had the types of programs in hoops and football that an alum could be proud of, and were respected by opponents. Not even close to that now.

A new coach can get them back to respectable in a couple years, which is the first goal. Coughlin turned things around in a couple years with essentially the same talent. Harbaugh has turned things around even quicker at Michigan with a lot of the same players, Michigan was average for many years before he arrived. Not saying we are getting that level coach, but we have a poor coach now and an average coach would be an upgrade.

Agree that a football coaching change is needed now, before end of season, to make a statement. It's more than just making a statement about athletics, it has gotten to the point where this is reflecting on the University as a whole. It conveys that BC's motto is a sham, and worse, that it is acceptable to not put forth an effort to be competitive, and not take action to improve. Complacency, and worse, borderline theft of ACC revenues.

If finances is a concern, hire an up and coming AD, hire up and coming coaches, and acknowledge up front that BC is a stepping stone program for the best coaches and AD's they will hire. Figure out what will that you can do it at BC with limited resources and then move on to something bigger. It's OK, things worked out OK with Jim O'Brien and Al Skinner and Tom Coughlin. I'd take coaches like that for 3 years. Who knows, maybe we get lucky and find a hoops version of Jerry York.

1661_Comm said...

I just read someone's post on this site about coaches complaining about our facilities.


If you give a player an excuse for why they can't win, they'll take it. THAT IS COACHING 101 !!!!!! Is that what Christian is saying ? It's clear Addazio thinks it, he has outright said it in interviews.


But that's not enough. He needs to show progress this year, at least 4 ACC wins, or HE NEEDS TO GO also. And tell him that to his face BEFORE the season. Not sure he is going to make it, his defensive chops are questionable, which is a problem with a talent gap, but something tells me not to give up yet.

bceagle93 said...

You CAN fire both Bates & Daz now:

TC for AD and HC in 2017

1661_Comm said...

Where is Jim Mora when you need him ?

Bowl game ? Are we talking about a bowl game ???!!!

If we win the last two and are bowl eligible, then we should go to a bowl game?????!!!!! NO WAY, BC NEEDS TO DECLINE IF THEY HAVE ANY PRIDE. Four of the wins would have come against the juggernaut programs from UMASS, UCONN, Wagner, Buffalo. And offset just a teeny bit by 3 of the top 10 losses in BC history this past season.

Doubt it will happen, first because we are going to lose to Wake Forest. Second, even though there are ninety seven bowl games now that no one cares about, they will won't select us becuase no one will show up, except parents and friends of players. Bowls only care about money.

Have some pride and say that we won't go because the season doesn't live up to BC's standards. We still have those, don't we ?

Why am I bothering to even think about this ??!!

Bravesbill said...

As bad as the football team is, the basketball team has all the makings of being an even bigger dumpster fire this season. If you can't beat Nicholls St at home, who can you beat? Outside of Graves, the entire team looked lost for vast stretches yesterday. They can't guard and make some of the dumbest decisions on offense.

CT said...

Stop with the CAPITAL letters. THANKS.

Deacon Drake said...

Not sure even getting to a bowl game helps at this point. Sure, bowl payouts are sweet and all, but the damage that another 50 point blowout would cause offsets it.

Root for 2 wins regardless... root for a wounded animal opponent like ourselves... pray that the house is cleaned and AW and a bunch of coordinators are on the field. Expect 4-8 and the administration intact because of "improvement shown on the field."

Edward Taylor said...
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Edward Taylor said...

Brad Bates is a good man; a man of integrity and decency. I like him alot. I felt like he was the right man at the right time. But unfortunately, his two big hires have been unmitigated disasters. How can it be justified that our football team has been outscored 202-24 against VT, Clemson, Louisville and FSU this year? That's an average score of 50-6! He must and will pay the price with his job. The word around campus is that other big changes are coming - very big changes.

Stay tuned.

bceagle91 said...

Drake, bowl payouts are sweet for the bigger games, but for the minor bowls, we lose money. We have to buy a large block of tickets to the game and can usually only sell a fraction of them. We also share the revenue with the conference.

With Clemson's loss yesterday, the ACC might get shut out of the playoff, which would reduce our payment from the conference. That would be a shame. Addazio is signed for 4 more years, or about $10 million. Christian has 3 more years after this debacle-in-waiting worth about $4 million. Before they go, Bates has to go. We can't afford to let him choose their successors.

knucklehead said...

Like I said for three months. if Dazzler loses to Syracuse, Wake and UCONN he is done. He has two games left and needs two wins. He is not getting fired if we go to a bowl. It will be a tough decision if Bates is gone to fire Dazzler without an AD.

We may see Al Washington as the interim HC to start next season. Similar to the Ohio State scenario the year before they got Urban Meyer.

Shabby1011 said...

Edward Taylor...good post, I agree thought he was good hire at time though didn't love the Mid major affiliation but he has been at Mich & Vandy

Also for all those saying we owe Daz 10M we don't...HC salaries have a base then a ton of built incentives that counts as part of overall package..Under Armour, radio show BC is on the hook for no more than 4 or 5M total so money is not a factor

sjudad said...

ET, can you shed some light on some of the "big changes" that might be forthcoming

Paz said...

You say that its not BC's style to make what could perceived as a rash decision but it would be good to show the fan base that the administration cares. The problem is I, and assume many of my fellow Eagles strongly question if they actually do care or not.