Monday, November 21, 2016

Second viewing thoughts and grades: UConn

While Addazio keeps bemoaning the fact that he had to play Clemson, Florida State, and Louisville, getting UConn at this point in the season was a godsend. Aside from keeping the bowl hopes alive, the game served as sort of a palate cleanser. Things looked better. Some confidence is restored. I don't know if it is fair to say a team like this is "peaking," but UConn was their best game.

One note related to the broadcast, but not BC's performance: TOB was very good as a color guy. He got a little technical at times with coaching jargon (which I don't mind), but other than that was really good. He showed more inflection in his voice than he ever did in prior interviews. He was well prepared with regards to both rosters. I felt he talked more about Diaco than Addazio, but provided good insight on the game and on the big picture for both programs. Maybe he will have a job with the ACC Network. That is not something I ever would have expected.

Offense: B

This was easily Towles best game. He made better decisions. He had a few nice runs. His deep ball to Smith was his best pass since the UMass game. He also completed passes to seven different players -- which shows he worked progressions more than he had all year. I have no idea why we didn't see extended time for Wade. The game conditions called for it. Maybe there are bigger issues at play.

Hilliman is not the guy who should be getting the most touches. Once again he lacked power and the ability to find an opening. Jones looked good and showed good power and burst in the redzone. I was glad they used Willis, especially in the passing game. Better late than never.

Using Smith in the Wildcat frustrates me, but I am glad he is getting multiple touches. He did a better job of pulling in all the passes thrown his way. He also looked good running the ball. Sweeney had some nice catches, especially with guys drapped on him. I am glad they threw to Idrizi. For all of Addazio's talk of not using redshirts, playing him seemed questionable. But if he can catch some balls, it makes it easier to rationalize.

The Line remained the weakest part of the offense, but they weren't terrible. The pass protection was better. But there were still a few breakdowns on the run blocking. Baker was solid. Johnson looked good. Montiero was okay. Better in run blocking than pass blocking. Lowery had some rough spots.

Loeffler deserves credit. When everyone has time and everyone catches a ball, the offense looked functional and the play calling made sense. My gripes are that we still stalled in the redzone. And even with some gimmicks like the Wildcat, the playcalling is still too predictable.

Defense: A

Kavalec had really good, active day. Landry got extra attention and still managed to make some plays. The young guys like Merritt, Allen and Ray all played well.

Milano played much better. Aside from the INT, he was good in coverage. Strachan was very active. Schwab played well.

The DBs finally looked like the guys we saw last year. Moore was really active. Yiadom made some great plays. Even the backups like El Attrach and Torres made plays.

BC was relatively conservative. That makes sense. UConn had a mobile and inexperienced QB. They contained him for the most part and didn't beat themselves. What's unfortunate, is that the success of keeping it simple might encourage them to move further away from the approach Brown used to take.

Special Teams: B

Rouse's best run was called back. Because UConn didn't score, we didn't see much in the kick return game.

The punting and place kicking was fine. We only really allowed one long kick return.

Overall: B+

Other than the misuse of the timeouts, Addazio handled the game management well. Even as BC struggled to score early in the game, the team stayed composed. My biggest complaint was not playing Wade when BC was up significantly late in the game. I assume that is Addazio's decision.

Last week during his radio corrected Meter when he referred to what was remaining as a "two week season." Addazio said it is a "one week season." He won the game. No he has one more "one week season." He needs to put this game behind him, and regroup.


Frankie said...

The team is not suddenly playing better, the opposition is worse.

Unknown said...

Just an aside, but is not Knoll one of the brighter spots and better stories of the season? No criticism of any coverage is implied in the observation, specifically yours which has been spot on and insightful for several seasons, but Knoll stepping up has helped keep a horrible season (and a huge team weaknss) from being a focal point.

JBQ said...

@del olio: Knoll looks good. Also remember the holder who is Flutie. Murphy started the problem because he couldn't rotate the laces and the coaches couldn't see that as the problem and blamed the kicker. Hopefully, the nightmare will soon be over. The best reason for making a change is that this is a "buyer's market". There are few coaches who will be replaced and there are a number of ambitious ones out there who would want to coach in the ACC.

mod34b said...

ATL. I know you prefer the rosy review, but how about mentioning the team looked good vs one of the worst FBS teams around?

mod34b said...

Daz quote in presser about bowl eligibility

COACH ADDAZIO: Well, you know, I think this: I think it speaks to the fact that we took over a program that when I came here we knew this would be up to a five-year rebuild. If we can do that [go bowling], that sets a marker for getting there, you know, three out of four years. So that's important.

So he thinks 2016 was a big success?? Guy is so full of it.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bowl comparison examples:

We went 9 and 2 in 1971, and didn't get an invitation to any bowl, because there were only 12 of them.

Sun Bowl
Pasadena Bowl
Liberty Bowl
Fiesta Bowl
Tangerine Bowl
Peach Bowl
Gator Bowl
Bluebonnet Bowl
Orange Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Cotton Bowl
Rose Bowl

In 1974 we went 8 and 3, with 6 straight dominant wins to end the season (talk about a hot team) and didn't get an invite to a bowl, because there were only 11 of them.

Cotton Bowl
Orange Bowl
Rose Bowl
Sugar Bowl
Gator Bowl
Fiesta Bowl
Peach Bowl
Sun Bowl
Bluebonnet Bowl
Tangerine Bowl
Liberty Bowl

This is a different time, for sure - but HC Addazio is hoping we are naive or something.

We were blown out Virginia Tech, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville - and not competitive at all. Those games were over very early in year 4 of Steve Addazio. Syracuse moved the ball at will, just about. That's 5 terrible losses, and Dublin should have been a win, but your strategy helped to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The "up to 5 year rebuild" is not going well, coach. If you are still here next year, you will have absolutely no excuses, except to blame those of us sitting around in our boxer shorts criticizing you. And if you are still here, I hope you turn it around and improve and become competitive. But somehow I just don't see it with your entire approach to the game.

Meanwhile, I'd like to see a win on Saturday for the players sake.

Go BC players - beat Wake Forest in a quiet stadium on Thanksgiving Weekend.

Sunny and 60 degrees, cooling off to chilly/cold in the second half. Our kind of weather - let's go!!!!

Geezer eagle said...

Well put, Jack.

mod34b said...

bring your brown bag jack!

Big Jack Krack said...

Thank you very much, Atl, for your Second Viewing.

"The Line remained the weakest part of the offense, but they weren't terrible............"

"When everyone has time and everyone catches a ball, the offense looked functional and the play calling made sense. My gripes are that we still stalled in the redzone. And even with some gimmicks like the Wildcat, the playcalling is still too predictable."

For these reasons and others, our game against Wake Forest will be quite different. Will receivers get open? Will Towles have time? Will we be all too predictable, as usual?


The 1982–83 Bowl Season featured 16 games starting early in December and ending on January 1, 1983. The Aloha Bowl was introduced that year, and it was BC's first bowl in 40 years - the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando against Bo Jackson and Auburn. Teams led by Flutie and Jackson = pretty cool bowl game.

1 Independence Bowl
2 Holiday Bowl
3 Tangerine Bowl
4 California Bowl
5 Sun Bowl
6 Aloha Bowl
7 Liberty Bowl
8 Gator Bowl
9 Hall of Fame Classic
10 Bluebonnet Bowl
11 Peach Bowl
12 Fiesta Bowl
13 Orange Bowl
14 Sugar Bowl
15 Rose Bowl
16 Cotton Bowl

Maybe this year we can go to Detroit to play Army in the 40th bowl game?

With all due respect to Army and Detroit - you have got to be kidding me, HC Addazio. This is your progress? Boy, what doofuses are we!

Geezer eagle said...

Reduce the number of bowls to twenty with a winning record a prerequisite. But greed tops common sense.

Hario said...

Jeez Daz is such a joke. Beating Wagner, Umass, Buffalo and Uconn on the way to a 5-7 bowl game is not successful year.

Bravesbill said...

I will admit it is sheer genius on the part of Daz. His ultimate goal and the goal of the BOT was to get to a bowl game. Beat 4 cream puffs and 1 ACC opponent and they're in! Job saved!

CT said...

Daz should work in D.C.

A "marker" is making lower-tier bowls three out of four years? I guess we should be so lucky.

Enough with the 5 year re-build excuse, Coach. I guess you do better with other recruits, not your own?

Does anybody with a press pass ask a challenging question?

A "marker" at this point is being competitive, young or not, against serious competition. The things he says strain credulity. He's like the boy who cried wolf, subbing in youth and re-build instead. Okay, Coach. Guess the re-build is almost complete. What specific result would lead anyone to believe we're 80% of the way there? Why did you lose another recruit last week? If we assume you're coming back one more year to prove the doubters wrong, what will success look like next season? A bowl? Losing by less? What will the keyword be when youth is no longer applicable?

Big Jack Krack said...

Plus this is an important game for WF and its bowl aspirations.

The Deacs will be well prepared for your act, Daziani.

mod34b said...

next year we have no FCS patsy, but still a soft OOC block. Ranks are based on current Sagarin ratings

1. N. Ill (#90)
2. ND (#39)
3. Cent Mich (#99)
4. UConn (#125)
5. UVA (#85)
6. Wake (#70)
7. Syr (#88)
8. Lville (#6)
9. Clem (#4)
10. FSU (#14)
11 NCSU (#52)
12. VT (#23)

guessing about 2017 is unreliable now, but looks like BC would be favored in only 3 games (NIll, CMich, UConn). a push is 4 (UVA, Wake, Syr, NCSU) and likely loss in 5 (ND, LV, CLEM, FSU, VT)

So 5-7 or 6-6 is a likely result from another year of Daz-a-topia. BAH!!

knucklehead said...

Things change. There are more bowls.

If you get invited you go.

If you don't go to a bowl you may as well shut the program down. Who the fuck is going to want to coach, play or manage a program that penalizes its people by withholding a bowl trip.

Guido said...

Mod34b- we may not technically have an FCS patsy , but UCONN will be equal to a weak FCS opponent. We "Crushed" them this year and they will probably be weaker next year with a terrible incoming recruiting class for 2017. College football coaches can underperform grossly and be rewarded by the institution. Diaco at UConn 2-10 (2014) 6-7 (2015)- currently 3-8 this year (2016) and he was given a two year extension. Will make salaries of $1.8 , $1.9 ,$2.0 and $2.1 million for the years 2017 thru 2020 respectively. They(coaches) live in a "Fantasy World". And reading the comments by Addazio in today's Boston Globe - "For a program bouncing back from a 2-10 season a year ago, returning to a bowl game would be a tangible sign of progress." OMG - He is one sick "Dude" to use his macho phrases !!!!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm okay with going to a bowl at 6 and 6 if we win Saturday.

Just don't try to tell me this is some kind of big deal in year 4.

8 and 4 (4 and 4 ACC) would be progress, with reversal of the GT and Syracuse games, and a win over Wake Forest.

Beating GT, Syracuse, NC State and WF was doable this year.

Also, playing the 4 elites tough this year would have been nice, and something BC should be able to do, with an occasional win.

Go BC - beat WF.

Coach, don't make me bring out the Brown Grocery Bag on Saturday!!!

I don't want to - so give the players a plan and a chance to win!!!

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Another article, this time defending BC.

knucklehead said...

Sorry Krack. There is nothing in what Addazio said that makes getting a bowl bid this season a big deal. Mod is warping his words.

The coach is not good. He should be let go. He is also not aggrandizing a bowl bid but he is saying it is a positive thing for the program. Is it not? If so I recommend you reevaluate your thought process. The fact that he says it is a 5 year turnaround indicates to me that he is feeling pressure and knows that this season has not met expectations.

Big Jack Krack said...

Fair enough.

mod34b said...

knuckle doing what knuckle does: apologizing and protecting Daz

my quote is pulled directly from the transcript on BCI... unaltered unedited pure Daz

Unknown said...

@JBQ. Thanks for that added info. I did not know that story. Laces out!

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