Sunday, November 27, 2016

Second viewing thoughts and grades: Wake Forest

It was nice to see many of you in person at the game. Thank you to those who took the time to say hello. As for seeing the game in person, two things stood out to me. First, I am going to sound like Addazio, but there were so many plays that were close to being big. There were holes that closed at just the last minute or guys who were in good position but ignored by Towles. Some of that is dumb luck, some is coaching. The second thing that really stood out is how much Addazio relies on Pasqualoni. When Wake ran into the kicker on the final drive, the refs came over to Addazio to find out if he wanted to kick again or decline the penalty. Daz called Pasqualoni over from 30 yards away to go through it with him. It actually makes me feel better. I didn't like their decision to decline it, but at least Addazio is using  trusted sounding board to try to improve game management.

Offense: C

Towles was not sharp. His old habits came back -- waiting too long to get rid of it, off target. He did have a few nice runs. His passing improved in the second half.

Willis' TD was a great run. I wish we had used him more on the edges all year. Rouse had a nice run. Jones and Hilliman had more trouble finding space.

Smith was sloppy with the ball and didn't get much going in the Wildcat stuff. Sweeney made some nice grabs. Callinan had a nice catch that kept things alive. Walker wasn't targeted much.

The OLine wasn't great. They broke down on pass protection and also had some issues creating holes in the running game. The interior guys were better than the tackles.

The Offensive play calling was the usual mixed bag. The now predictable Wildcat. Way too much running between the tackles and problems with execution. Yet there were a few moments that had promise. We spread them out well with running to the edges. We were able to get some intermediate passing going on the final scoring drive. The Bowl game will hopefully improve all the execution issues and tighten the playbook to things BC does well.

Defense: A-

The DEs were really game changers. Both Landry and Kavalec looked good and created all sorts of problems. Allen played well. Merritt and Gutapfel played well. Ray was okay in his limited snaps.

Before the game I said the LBs would have to play well. They were just okay. Their coverage was iffy. They were the ones who let Wolford break off his big runs. They didn't make tons of big plays. They still had their moments, but as a group, they weren't great.

I was happy for Denis. He was picked on earlier in the season yet made the INT to close out the win. I thought Moore played well. Yiadom got away with a few calls, but also played well. Johnson got a pick also.

BC didn't try to do too much unique stuff. We were in man for most of the game and didn't blitz much. If that is all it takes, then so be it. I hope Reid brings out some new stuff for the bowl game.

Special Teams: B

Rouse's first return was great until the fumble. Willis made a key play on punt coverage forcing the fumble.

Knoll's kickoffs were great. His punts were good.

Overall: B-

There were the typical Addazio problems in this game, but they didn't cost us the game. That doesn't excuse them. We had confusion on 4th downs. We had ultra-conservative play calling that gave away possessions. We wasted timeouts. We had Offensive gimmicks that didn't work. If Wake's kicked doesn't miss those kicks, this is a different game.

But Addazio does deserve credit for the team not stopping and having an actual comeback. I got some heat on Twitter for sharing that some player parents were vocal in their frustration. I would be too. But it was also clear from the team reaction on the field and in the lockerroom, that Addazio still has the players behind him. That is a tribute to him. We've seen more successful teams check out on their coach. Despite all the struggles, Addazio's team has not.

Now BC gets one more game and Addazio gets a chance to end an up and down season on a high note.


Smitty said...

Leahy steps down in May...Bates is fired, Addazio gets one more year as new AD recruits new coach next fall. It's going to happen.

Geezer eagle said...

I believe you are right. One more year of misery with Dazhole. We are in deep do-do if the team has another Dazasterous recruiting year.

mod34b said...

Holes open then close. BC misses by Inches. Yes. That is Daz.
You could say the season - Daz's tenure at BC - is one big miss by inches (ok. Really misses by yards and yards!)

But that is football. Losers complain about what might have been (e.g. Harbaugh on Saturday), Winners' get ready for the next win

"Football is a game of inches and inches make the champion"
Vince Lombardi Jr., The Essential Vince Lombardi

mod34b said...

Actually, to say a team lost by inches is to at least say they competed

They fought valiantly for the extra inch but came up short. To borrow from TR: they were in the Arena.

But with BC's 4 "elite" beat downs, BC was not competing. They were not trying for that extra inch. they could not compete.

They were not fighting in that ACC Arena

And that is all on Daz and why he needs to be fired today.

BC BOT the only people you are fooling by keeping Daz is yourselves. Act now

John said...

The most predictable offense in college football or close to it.

The last 2 possessions were especially so bad, it would have been better for the QB to simply take a knee 6 times.

We won the game on a missed 40 yard FG. We'll take it, but this offense is tough to watch. Something like 58 yards in the first half and 100 yards in the second half. Woof!

Not very inspiring.

Extra practices will be nice to hone the up the middle belly series.

John said...

The Wake Forest defense could call out their signals before BC broke the huddle and lined up. Maybe they'd have to change up now and then, but generally everyone knew what to expect and what was coming.

It's a tribute to the BC players that they can score a few points under those conditions.

The offensive scheme is pitiful.

Bravesbill said...

The fact that Daz can't figure out whether to accept or decline a simple penalty is a sign of incompetence. It doesn't make me feel better at all.

Danny Boy said...

I agree Bravesbill. There was a certain time on the broadcast where you could see Addazzio basically getting an explanation from Pasqualoni. It was like he heard the refs make a call, and then needed Pasqualoni to explain the ramifications for him.

It raises the question, if our defensive line coach is making all the important decisions, why are we paying for a head coach? And beyond that, we know what Pasqualoni is like as a head coach. Why are we ok with him as the man behind the curtain?

mod34b said...

DB and BB - you can't be surprised that Daz is a low IQ guy, right?

Recall Marcus Grant's comment of a few weeks ago on Daz: "man's IQ about the same as my nut sack"

a nut sack can't make the call on whether to take a penalty or not. right. Nut Sack's can't do that.

Danny Boy said...

No, not surprised. I've seen enough Daz management blunders (different from his play calling blunders, philosophy blunders, and attribution blunders) to know that he isn't up to the challenge.

It just seems odd to me that management is ok with this. Surely, if someone were hired to drive a school bus, and they had to bring someone else in to tell them when to use the brake pedal, they wouldn't last long in that job.

Its mind boggling to me that he has essentially told his boss that he isn't good at one key part of his job, and his boss says, "thats cool, no biggie."

knucklehead said...

The management knows he is not a good coach. That is why they agreed to spend relatively big bucks on Pasqualoni and Loeffler(Not great coaches but people with experience at Power 5 level). I think they view Dazzler as a rah rah lead the kids onto the field guy but not an X's O's coach. The problem is rah rah coaches are typically good at recruiting and his recruiting has been bad. He hasn't recruited a QB that can play at BC in 4 years. God awful track record.

He has signed 4 good players: Landry, the noseguard from SD, Davon Jones and Sweeney. Jeff Smith is inconsistent. None of the other 100 players he has signed have done anything.

Max said...

BC football sucks and will continue until Daz is fired. He is a clown that does not deserve to represent my college or lead young men in same. Fire him now. He does nothing well other than say how great he is, or how no one knows football but him; or if the naysayers would just shut the f up he could beat Sisters Mary School for the Blind. He is an ass and the players should call their mommies to ask them if ok to play for someone else.

Unknown said...

The only thing I disagree with is the offensive grade, I'd give them a D+. In my opinion it was the defense that put BC in the best position to win. Towles has to be one of the worst BC quarterbacks I've ever seen, he has no field vision what so ever. The entire year I was yelling, STEP UP IN THE EFFING POCKET!! STOP ROLLING INTO THE DEFENSIVE END!! I thought BC's offensive coordinator was supposed to be some type of "Quarterback Whisperer", if so why wasn't he telling Towles to step up in the pocket rather then rolling out to the outside? So many times Towles rolled out and got sacked when he could've stepped up and either run up the middle or taken a a sack for less yards. Am I the only guy who saw Towles rolling out into the defensive end instead of stepping up?

Unknown said...

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